"Kosovars" / Albania / Bill Clinton / Clinton Crimes / Fascism / Greater Albania / KLA / Serbia / War Criminals

Biden vows US troops will “shoot and kill” in defense of Albanian Narco-Terrorists “until job is finished”


00:00 i will continue 00:03 with every fiber in my being 00:07 to keep america involved 00:10 with troops that can shoot and kill 00:14 to protect the rights of the albanians 00:19 wherever they reside in the balkans 00:23 we should stay till the job is finished 00:26 let me define what that is 00:28 the definition of the job being finished 00:33 is that there be a genuine growth of 00:36 democratic institutions 00:39 and the region including kosova 00:43 in macedonia in albania 00:46 a free and fair elected albania 00:50 that they are on the road 00:54 there on the road to nato membership 00:58 and they’re on the road to becoming part 01:00 of the european union because

Kosovo ‘President’ Thaçi, a.k.a. Snake has been indicted for WAR CRIMES… said Kosovo and Canada share the same “principles and values’

U.S. Albanian allies targeted Serb, Roma, and other minorities in “ready-made plan” to ethnically cleanse them from Kosovo admit UN, EU, NATO| HRW Report

What they don’t want you to know: The US – EU – NATO backed Kosovo Albanian regime links to al Qaeda and heroin trafficking | The Washington Times

NATO-backed Albanian Commanders in Kosovo trained in secret Al Qaeda camps in Albania, Afghanistan, and Bosnia say intelligence reports – financed by Bin Laden and heroin

Bosnian Jihad – Europe’s future? [Video 3 min.]

Kosovo Albanian Jihadist Kills Two U.S. Airmen in Frankfurt – SERBS RESCUED MORE THAN 500!

Biden, Clintons, Soros, and Kosovo: Destabilizing Greece by Supporting Albanian Narco – Terrorist Networks

‘Look, unless you pass the quota of five thousand deaths you’ll never have anybody permanently present in Kosovo from foreign diplomacy’,” Dug Gorani, an Albanian Kosovar negotiator | War Crimes Indictments Against Clinton – Biden Sponsored Albanian Terrorists

It Began with a Lie | “Es begann mit einer Lüge” | [German Documentary on Kosovo with English Subtitles]

Serbian Orthodox Christian Patriarch visits with families of Murdered Victims of Human Organ Harvesting from Kosovo and Methohija [Video 3 min.]

Ramush Haradinaj, U.S. backed Kosovo Albanian PM aquitted of war crimes after 9 witnesses are murdered — How many more will die before there is justice? (Video)

U.S. knew Albanian “allies” were murdering hundreds of captive Kosovo Serbs and harvesting their organs (Video)

Just a Witness – In Kosovo “the Albanians, of course, wanted to get rid of all minorities — especially the gypsies” (Video)

New Kosovo Indictment Is a Reminder of Bill Clinton’s War Atrocities Against the Serbs | James Bovard

Albanian ‘historic’ Claims to Kosovo DEBUNKED by discovery of 15th Century Turkish Census Document – More Irrefutable EVIDENCE Serbs are the indigenous people of Kosovo, and, like other Christians, are being targeted for genocide

Kosovo in the 1980s: Murders, Rapes, and Expulsions

Czech President Milos Zeman: Kosovo is run by criminals and has no place among democratic nations

Serbia WARNED by Former U.S. Ambassador: Kosovo Negotiation “is a SHAM.”

Shocking admission by former UN judge in Kosovo- US government was training and protecting Albanian terrorists

NATO versus Christianity — Former US – NATO Commander Ben Hodges attacks Christians in Kosovo — says Serbian Orthodox Church preventing Belgrade submission to Albanian Narco – Terrorists

ASSASSINATED: Potential Hague Witness Against Outgoing Albanian Kosovo PM – KLA Terrorist Ramush Haradinaj

Testimony of Albanian terrorists in Kosovo revealed (1998): “Krasniqi took the girls to the side and raped them one by one. Everybody from KLA, except those who were on guard, raped Serbian little girls, girls and women – he added.”

“I am proud of my likeness to the Fuhrer because, like him, I fought against the Serbs – my enemies.” | Hitler lookalike pays tribute to Albanian Fascist past in Kosovo

Kosovo’s ISIS recruits | Leaked ISIS documents reveal Abanian “Mujahid data”

“Their goal was erase every trace of the Serbian presence in Kosovo” | MAURO DEL VECCHIO, FORMER GENERAL OF ITALIAN ARMY IN KOSOVO FOR NATO

Cashing in on NATO’s Kosovo carnage | Madeline Albright, Wesley Clark among America’s shameless war profiteers

THE CRUCIFIXION OF KOSOVO | James Bissett former Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia

“Kosovo and Metohija is an integral and inalienable part of the Republic of Serbia” | Colonel Jacques Hogard’s Statement before the European Parliament

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