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  1. Clinton’s war on Serbia makes ashamed to be an American. How could the idiots in NATO and our State Dept take the side of the most corrupt people in Europe, against their Christian brothers?

    • How could an American feel any shame when every election year the same type of sinister and corrupt characters are elected.

  2. My persistant tangentiality, which manifests itself in both speech and (online) behaviour, is usually fiercely dreaded by me (I can only assume how it’s perceived by those poor people around me). But every now and again it does lead me to stumble upon an unexpected little ‘treasure’, as is the case here, with this blog. 😊
    I do believe I have a WordPress account (somewhere), but I think it’s best to just bookmark this one (which is VERY impressive indeed, kudos!) to keep track and/or immerse myself in…

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