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U.S. knew Albanian “allies” were murdering hundreds of captive Kosovo Serbs and harvesting their organs (Video)

Albanian - Kosovo Map Organ Harvesting Council of Europe

Zora Ristic, wife of Svetozar Ristic, victim of organ harvesting by Albanians describes US complicity:

“It is proved that they were killed in 2000.  They knew where they were!  They knew exactly where the camp was! The camp was in Gnjilane in the boarding school kept by the American soldiers.  My husband was found in the hospital area guarded by American soldiers.  So they took their organs and left them in the hospital area and called us to take the corpses. Who was that?!  They did it personally and made them rich on our account!

He was killed, his head was bashed in,  his organs were taken. That’s how we found him in the hospital area.”