DISCOVERY: Biden Regime hiding damning U.S. EVICTION DATA (VIDEO @10:07)
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DISCOVERY: Biden Regime hiding damning U.S. EVICTION DATA (VIDEO @10:07)

“But here’s something that I found very strange everyone. When I went to the National Source on eviction data, a website called EVICTION LAB, I noticed that they haven’t updated their eviction data since August 6 which is very strange, because they were updating each week over the last two years and now over a month there’s been no update.

And so when I dug into this I found out that four days before EVICTION LABs stopped updating their data the WHITE HOUSE held a summit on August 2nd celebrating all the evictions they stopped during the pandemic. And actually the founder of EVICTION LAB [MATTHEW DESMOND] was there at the WHITE HOUSE.

So now I’m asking myself: what’s going on here? Why did the only National source for tracking evictions around America stop updating their eviction data four days after the WHITE HOUSE declared Victory on stopping evictions and three months before midterm elections? Why did they stop tracking that data at the same time that we’re seeing local news articles say that evictions are surging? Let me know in the comments below is that just a coincidence or is there something more going on here?”

~ Reventure Consulting
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