‘Re-imagining’ genocide, Outsourcing the Holocaust to ‘Palestinian’ Arabs
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‘Re-imagining’ genocide, Outsourcing the Holocaust to ‘Palestinian’ Arabs

After World War II death camps fell out of favor; the method was necessarily retired. A new means was devised. Exiled German Nazis recognized it immediately: exploiting Islam’s ancient animus towards the Jews. As the world was rebuilding from the war, these German “Patriots”, as they called themselves, and their sympathizers were regrouping, reorganizing, never losing sight of their objectives, and how they could achieve them.

The Holocaust–the Nazi Final Solution– was outsourced, revamped and repackaged. Today the extermination of the Jewish people is carried out under the guise of a Third World “resistance”, under the banner of the Nazi contrived “Palestinian” movement.

Gas chambers have given away to Arab girls and boys with knives, joined by men and women with axes, automobiles and suicide belts.

True. The number of victims, the kill ratio, fell off dramatically after the war (in fairness, one would be hard pressed to compete with the efficiency of Germany’s industrial scale death mills).

But, the extermination of Jews continued.
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