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U.S. “fuming” over Egyptian – UAE airstrikes against Qatari-Turkish backed terrorists in Libya

The Arab world is pushing back on the U.S. policy of destabilization in the Middle East. Egypt and the United Arab Emirates launched air strikes in Libya against Islamist militias, the rebels the U.S. backed in its war to topple Gaddafi.   It’s not hard to see why. The U.S. sold advanced weapons systems to Qatar … Continue reading

Mohamed ElBaradei: The International Crisis Group’s ‘moderate bait’
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Mohamed ElBaradei: The International Crisis Group’s ‘moderate bait’

Mohamed ElBaradei is being promoted as a ‘moderate’ reformer and a member of the opposition in Egypt. But is he?  His membership in the International Crisis Group suggests otherwise. Excerpt:  Sheiks Gone Wild   Part 10 The Obama administration, like the Bush administration before it, has been promoting the Muslim Brotherhood in a big way: Euphemistically … Continue reading