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Just a Witness – In Kosovo “the Albanians, of course, wanted to get rid of all minorities — especially the gypsies” (Video)


‘Just a Witness’ (2016) – Documentary film by independent journalist and reporter Milenko Srećković. The movie deals with ethnic cleansing committed after the arrival of NATO troops in Kosovo. The interviewee Paul Polansky speaks about his experiences as the UNHCR Advisor on the issue of Roma people. For his work in Kosovo, the German Nobelist Günter Grass nominated Polansky for the City of Weimar Human Rights Award, which he received in 2004.

“the Albanians of course wanted to get rid of all minorities
especially the gypsies and so they were telling as many fibs and lies and
stories to the United Nations as possible so the United Nations wouldn’t
have any sympathy for the gypsies and so they would only deliver water once a
week to the camp the food they brought in was unedible and the Albanians who were still terrorizing the camp at night…
The humanitarian organizations in Germany were shocked that the Albanians were doing exactly what they had accused the Serbs of doing.  All of us Westerners went
to Kosovo Pro Albanian. we’d all read in the press how the Serbs were were ethnically cleansing the Albanians from Kosovo so we all went there very Pro Albanian but as one American soldier told me later he said we all came out here to defend the Albanians but I think we backed the wrong side that the Albanians who are committing genocide
against their minorities…”  ~ Paul Polansky

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