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Is endemic hatred of the Jews holding the Arab world back? | Bret Stephens


In the sciences and technology, in the rights of women and minorities, and the defense of civil rights and individual freedoms, the Arab – Islamic world lags far behind the West.

There is, however, one thing these Muslim societies have in extraordinary abundance:  Anti-Semitism.

Even so, many are surprised to learn German war criminals sought refuge, and found enthusiastic welcome in the Arab world after World War II.

In fact, many German Nazis converted to Islam, adopted Arabized names.

Inside the “Third World” religion, many Nazi war criminals ironically enjoyed an invaluable rebirth as persons “of color” with names like Omar Amin a.k.a. (Johann von Leers) Albert Ahmed Huber ( a.k.a. Albert Huber), and Tarek Farid Hussein (a.k.a. “Dr. Death – Aribert Heim), quietly disappearing into the ranks of the oppressed “victims” of racism and capitalist ” imperialism”, assuming positions of influence in Arab governments particularly in Egypt and Syria and a role in the Non-aligned movement, financing the PLO and other terrorists, and embedding themselves in Leftist liberation movements, their fascist, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel activities now ennobled as indigenous expressions of anti-colonial, anti-American resistance… https://adarapress.com/2014/09/10/many-german-nazis-enjoyed-invaluble-rebirth-as-persons-of-color-in-the-mideast/

European Nazis also financed, trained, armed, and legally defended Arab – Islamic terrorists in the aftermath of World War II, including the PLO.  PLO leader Jasser Arafat — who was not in fact ‘Palestinian’ but an Egyptian born in Cairo–was trained by German war criminals.

German Major Otto Ernst Remer urged the formation of an Arab army effectively under  Nazi  ‘Patriotic’ command not long after Germany’s defeat.

“The creation of a strong Arab army,” wrote [Otto] Remer in the Nazi publication Der Weg in June, 1953, “is of immediate and direct concern to Germany’s patriotic forces which are prepared to offer the services of its best men.”  (http://germanywatch.blogspot.com/2013/07/germany-protector-of-radical-islam.html)

And who is  Otto Remer? A hero to Neo-Nazis everywhere as evidenced by this short documentary (https://adarapress.com/2014/11/26/the-regimes-that-are-in-power-in-the-arab-and-islamic-world-are-like-dead-bodies/) glorifying his role in rescuing Adolf Hitler from an assassination plot, and his military service to the Reich.

When anti-Semitism is so pervasive, so endemic in the Middle East, and therefore among the refugee and migrant communities being imposed on the West, is it not reasonable to question what impact this virulent bigotry will have on host nations?

In fact,  Western nations have been long aware of the toxic, pernicious implications of transplanting huge numbers of Muslims into their communities.   Here’s but one alarming example from ten years ago– long before the current “migrant” crisis.

Back in 2007, a government backed study in the UK found that a number of British schools stopped teaching the history of the Holocaust to avoid “offending” Muslim students. The report found that,

“…some teachers are reluctant to cover the atrocity for fear of upsetting students whose beliefs include Holocaust denial.”  

British teachers, the report explained, were afraid of, “confronting ‘anti-Semitic sentiment… among some Muslim pupils’.

How did so many  Muslim children in the UK come to fervently hold  attitudes generally associated with the far Right, Neo-Nazis and the Klu Klux Klan with an apparent militancy that so intimidated history teachers, Holocaust denial  has effectively been allowed to flourish unchecked and unchallenged among Muslim children in Britain for years?

How many of these British Muslim children, from the time this study was conducted, have now come of age in the U.K and are now participating in the political process– well  steeped in hatred towards the Jews?  […]angela-merkel-gleeful

To what extent is Germany — the European Union: Itself a Nazi creation  — willfully flooding Europe with Nazi sympathizers– bolstering the numbers of domestic Islamic Hitler Jugend– against whom  scrutiny and criticism is conveniently deflected and dismissed as racist and “Islamophobic”?

Surely, this was not intended to be as it is beginning to appear:  A clever end-run around the otherwise strict laws against the Holocaust denial, and support for Nazism and Antisemitism?


~ Adara Press

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