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“The future belongs to the forces of Islam” Major Otto Earnest Remer 1993


German Major Otto Ernst Remer and Ahmed Rami, Radio Islam

“The regimes that are in power in the Arab and Islamic world are like dead bodies.  They perished because of their weakness.

The future belongs to the forces of Islam…

I see no way out of the serious current circumstances other than the setting up of true Islamic society and of an Islamic state in every muslim country, and the implementation of the political and economic unity of the Islamic states.”

— Nazi Major General Otto Earnest Remer, excerpt from his interview with Al Shaab published in 1993


And who is Otto Remer?  A hero to Neo-Nazis everywhere as evidenced by this short documentary (see below) glorifying his role in rescuing Adolf Hitler from an assassination plot, and his military service to the Reich.

This is how Otto Earnest Remer and his interview are presented on Radio Islam. Notice how warmly he and his views are received:

“Retired Major General Otto Ernst Remer was interviewed by Ahmed Rami, who is the correspondent in Europe of the greatest Islamic newspaper, AL-SHAAB (The People). The interview was published on July 20 and 23, 1993, as a memento of Nasser’s revolution of l952. AL-SHAAB´s editorial office is in Cairo, in Egypt, and its readers live all over the Arab countries and in the Islamic centers of Europe…

The reaction among the people of Egypt and other Arab populations to the publication of this interview peaked in a powerful and unanimous acceptance of Remer’s arguments. Never before have masses of the people embraced a political thesis in such a manner as it happened with General Remer’s statements. ”   —Yasser Kamal (Hg.)

How soon after Germany’s defeat in World War II did the surviving fascist Germans declare their objectives in the Arab – Islamic world?  Here’s a clue from 1953:

“The creation of a strong Arab army,” wrote [Otto] Remer in the Nazi publication Der Weg in June, 1953, “is of immediate and direct concern to Germany’s patriotic forces which are prepared to offer the services of its best men.”  (

As Adara Press has reported:

…Nazis provided terrorist training, legal defense, arms, and generous financial support for Arab – Islamic terrorists. This involvement was effectively obscured through the liberal, persuasive use of  Marxist, “anti-imperialist,” -anti-racist” ‘liberation’ rhetoric and iconography that provided the necessary cover for their criminal and terrorist activities.

In short, in the aftermath of WWII these terrorist organizations continued to function as ‘stateless’ proxy militias and death squads for post-war Nazis.

According to some of his admirers, “Remer played a leading role in the formation of the postwar ‘Socialist Reich Party,” which, after winning 16 seats in the state parliament, was banned in 1952.  Remer then lived in exile for several years in Egypt and Syria.”

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update – The revision of history continues, and with it the removal videos on YouTube.  For now, these videos have been posted in its place.

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