'Grand Mufti of Jerusalem' Haj Amin Al-Husseini / German Anti-Semitism / جماعة الاخوان المسلمين

Inside the “Third World” religion, many Nazi war criminals ironically enjoyed an invaluable rebirth as persons “of color”

A number of leading Nazis found refuge in the Mideast after World War II. Some converted to Islam…

Excerpt from:  “Revolutionary Iran” and the “Arab Spring” – the Reich Way

“As [Nazi General] Otto Remer clearly recalled for Arab readers of [Cairo newspaper] Al-Shaab in 1993,

Hitler recognized the interests and problems that he had in common with the Arab peoples, during World War II he proposed to the Mufti of Jerusalem, Mohammed Aman Husseini, to relocate to Berlin. The mufti was received in Germany like a head of state.

And, indeed, he was.

In fact, the Arab Palestinian cleric lived in luxurious exile in Berlin during the war where he received “a budget of 750,000 Reichmark per month to foment Jihad in Palestine” from the Third Reich. In Bosnia, Izetbegovic is said to have aided the Arab Mufti’s recruitment drive in establishing a Muslim SS division.

Inside Germany, the Grand Mufti helped Himmler establish an SS school in Dresden in 1944 for training Nazi Muslim clerics to fight the Soviets, helping to forge a lasting, lethal convergence of German Fascism with a fundamentalist interpretation of Islamic theology that would find its fullest expression in the Muslim Brotherhood as well as in the Iranian Islamic “Revolution”.

It was a theocratic-ideological melding that would pave the way for conversion of many notorious Nazis to Islam during and after the war.

Inside the “Third World” religion, many Nazi war criminals ironically enjoyed an invaluable rebirth as persons “of color” with names like Omar Amin a.k.a. Johann von Leers)Albert Ahmed Huber (a.k.a. Albert Huber), and Tarek Farid Hussein (a.k.a. “Dr. Death – Aribert Heim), quietly disappearing into the ranks of the oppressed “victims” of racism and capitalist ” imperialism”, assuming positions of influence in Arab governments particularly in Egypt and Syria and a role in the Non-aligned movement, financing the PLO and other terrorists, and embedding themselves in Leftist liberation movements, their fascist, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel activities now ennobled as indigenous expressions of anti-colonial, anti-American resistance — transformed into pious observances that found explicit scriptural sanction in the prophet Mohammed’s ancient hostilities towards the Hebrew tribes of Arabia whom he and his followers famously exterminated in the sixth century— beheading several hundred Jewish men, raping their wives, taking as slaves the surviving Jewish women and children— erasing from existence the once Jewish community of Medina.

Such ritualized murder of the “children of Israel”—as Jews are in fact acknowledged to be in the Koran—could not but thrill and find favor amongst the Nazis seeking safe sanctuary after the fall of Germany. The Muslims not only had a god who reviled the Jewish people, they had a god who condemned them and prescribed their annihilation as a religious obligation in the defense of the faith.

So central is contempt for the Jews in Islamic doctrine, it is embedded in daily prays where it is solemnly uttered five times a day, each and every day, as an expression of profound, unyielding piety.

The Nazis did not need to persuade Muslims the Jews should be reviled; their prophet had done that for them already.

Many German war criminals would find in Islam not only an agreeably vehement loathing of the Hebrew people marked by 1,400 years of religiously prescribed subjugation, segregation, and humiliation, (interspersed with gruesome episodes of violence and indiscriminant mass murder), but refuge, welcome, and employment in countries like Egypt and Syria, where their military, intelligence, and propaganda skills were highly coveted and quickly put in the service of Arab governments enlisted by both U.S. and Soviet intelligence, most notably in Egypt for Nasser.