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Why Brexit? The EU | An instrument of German Hegemony (Video)

In this video, Rodney Atkinson examines the coercive and arbitrary power the European Union (EU) wields over the people of Europe.

Leading Nazis responsible for the genesis of the EU are exposed.   Those he presents were stars of the Third Reich — champions of Fascism and active participants in the Nazi persecution of the Jews — permitted, after the war, to move into positions of power in the German government.

Atkinson’s video serves as an extraordinarily informative survey of the Nazi apparatus, and the extent to which it had never been truly dismantled.

He identifies other significant figures outside of Germany who sympathized with German Fascism and promoted the EU cause.  They include George KennanGuiliano Amato, and Kenneth Clarke.

Later, contemporary EU players such as  Joscher Fischer, Former German Foreign 102512_1739_SheiksGoneW9.jpgSecretary, are exposed.  As Atkinson shows, Fischer clearly revealed Germany’s unchanging objective,

“Germany should now, as it has become peaceful and reasonable, get all that Europe and the whole world has refused in two gigantic wars, a sort of smooth hegemony over Europe.”

Is this really so surprising?