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Islamic Hitler-Jugend? | “Adolf Hitler = greatest man in history” | Muslim Labour Counciller in UK: Aysegul Gurbuz, 20

Aysegul Gurbuz RTV Islamic Hitler - Jugend

Islamic Hitler-Jugend?

This young Muslim Labour Counciller’s  adoring tweets posted to her profile about Adolf Hitler and the cheerful prospect of Iran obliterating Israel with nuclear bomb are being condemned as “racist” and “anti-Semitic”, but they’re more than that.

They’re genocidal:  Openly. Ecstatically. Genocidal.

Consider this one:


Is 20 year old Aysegul Gurbuz gleefully supporting, hoping for the mass annihilation — the mass murder– of Jewish men, women and children?   According to tweets on her profile, Hitler is a hero: The “greatest man in history”.

These views towards the Jewish people are line with another young Muslim woman whose equally telling Facebook comments  recently came to light: Amira Jumaa from Kuwait.

amira jumaa 1

While studying at Science Po in France, the delightful Amira was reportedly expelled from the school for posting this hate filled, genocidal rant to an Israeli university student: “You don’t belong anywhere in this world — that’s why you guys are scum and rats and discriminated against wherever you are…” 

Another post threatens, “I am from Kuwait so my country can buy you and your parents and put you in ovens.”

Any guesses as to whether she adores Hitler too?

Just how representative are Aysegul Gurbuz  and Amira Jumaas’ views among the hundreds of thousands of Muslim youth and young adults descending on Europe en mass  at the invitation of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel?

Take a look at the kind of stuff that is broadcast regularly and widely across the Islamic world, and beyond.  Notice how many are Islamic religious leaders and ‘scholars’… inciting violence. Hate. Genocide.

Notice how many demand, per Islamic religious doctrine, the annihilation of Jewish people whether they leave “Palestine” or not.  The “occupation of Palestine” is nothing more than a pretext — an invaluable means to garner support for the project beyond the Muslim world. The “Liberation” they claim they seek is clearly code for genocide.


Just how representative are such views among those born and raised in Europe and the UK?

Here’s a clue.

Back in 2007, a government backed study in the UK found that a number of British schools stopped teaching the history of the Holocaust to avoid “offending” Muslim students. The report found that,

“…some teachers are reluctant to cover the atrocity for fear of upsetting students whose beliefs include Holocaust denial.”  

British teachers, the report explained, were afraid of, “confronting ‘anti-Semitic sentiment… among some Muslim pupils’.

How did so many  Muslim children in the UK come to fervently hold  attitudes generally associated with the far Right, Neo-Nazis and the Klu Klux Klan with an apparent militancy that so intimidated history teachers, Holocaust denial  has effectively been allowed to flourish unchecked and unchallenged among Muslim children in Britain for years?

How many of these British Muslim children, from the time this study was conducted, have now come of age in the U.K and are now participating in the political process– well  steeped in hatred towards the Jews?   Was Aysegul Gurbuz such a child?  Were her teachers too afraid to teach her about the Holocaust?angela-merkel-gleeful

To what extent is Germany — the European Union: Itself a Nazi creation  — willfully flooding Europe with Nazi sympathizers– bolstering the numbers of domestic Islamic Hitler Jugend– against whom  scrutiny and criticism is conveniently deflected and dismissed as racist and “Islamophobic”?

Surely, this was not intended to be as it is beginning to appear:  A clever end-run around the otherwise strict laws against the Holocaust denial, and support for Nazism and Antisemitism?

Perish the thought.

Labour councillor, 20, suspended over claims she called Hitler ‘the greatest man in history’ in latest anti-Semitic scandal to hit Corbyn’s party

  • A number of Anti-Semitic tweets were posted on Aysegul Gurbuz’s profile between 2011 and 2014
  • One of the tweets from her account in 2013 said ‘the Jews are so powerful in the US it’s disgusting’ 
  • Vile posts were found by the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism 
  • Luton councillor denied tweets and said her sister may have posted them
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Luton's youngest councillor Aysegul Gurbuz's has been suspended after anti-Semitic tweets were found on her Twitter account 

Luton’s youngest councillor Aysegul Gurbuz’s has been suspended after anti-Semitic tweets were found on her Twitter account

A Labour councillor has been suspended for shockingly offensive anti-Semitic tweets, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

The discovery of Aysegul Gurbuz’s vile comments is the latest in a series of anti-Semitic scandals to hit the Labour Party.

The 20-year-old student is alleged to have called Adolf Hitler the ‘greatest man in history’ and said she hoped Iran would use a nuclear weapon to ‘wipe Israel off the map’.

Miss Gurbuz, who is Muslim, became Luton’s youngest councillor when she was elected to the High Town ward last year.

But last night Miss Gurbuz was suspended after the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism found a series of disturbing posts on her Twitter account from 2011 to 2014.

One tweet, written in January 2013, said: ‘The Jews are so powerful in the US it’s disgusting.’

Another post, in October 2012, said: ‘Ed Miliband is Jewish. He will never become prime minister of Britain.’ And Adolf Hitler was praised as the ‘greatest man in history’ in a tweet in October 2011.

Miss Gurbuz last night denied she had written the tweets and claimed her sister may have posted them.

A Labour spokesman said: ‘Councillor Gurbuz has been suspended from the Labour Party pending an investigation.’

The suspension is the latest anti-Semitism probe within Labour ranks. Labour peer Baroness Royall is already leading an inquiry after Oxford University Labour Club’s co-chairman resigned, claiming a ‘large proportion’ of its members had ‘some kind of problem with Jews’.

In the past weeks, Labour has twice suspended the deputy chairman of its Woking branch, Vicki Byrne, for posting anti-Semitic tweets, and suspended councillor Khadim Hussain, former Lord Mayor of Bradford, for sharing a Facebook post that said: ‘Your school education system only tells you about Anne Frank and the six million Zionists that were killed by Hitler.’

Louise Ellman, one of Labour’s most senior Jewish MPs, claimed last week there had not been enough done to tackle the party’s anti-Semitism problem.

Labour’s London mayoral candidate, Sadiq Khan, said anti-Semitism was a ‘badge of shame’ in a speech on Wednesday and urged Mr Corbyn to act.

The Labour leader responded that he would immediately investigate ‘any form of anti-Semitism’ and it would be ‘cracked down upon’.

Miss Gurbuz is in her final year at Warwick University, where she is also events organiser for the student union’s Friends of Palestine society.

She told the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism: ‘It was a joint account I had with my sister so I don’t know if she’s gone out and tweeted that, but I’m absolutely appalled right now.

‘Where I live we’ve got very good cohesion with the Jewish community… I’m absolutely shocked.’

Miss Gurbuz did not respond to our calls for comment last night. Jonathan Sacerdoti, from the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, said: ‘These tweets are anti-Semitic. They appear on Aysegul Gurbuz’s personal account and there is no defence for that.

‘Anti-Semitism is rising in Europe and the UK, and the regular anti-Semitic tweets and opinions emanating from the Labour Party have failed to elicit any meaningful response from Jeremy Corbyn. How many more cases must we see before Labour take action?’

Trevor Holden, chief executive of Luton Borough Council, said: ‘This will be referred as a matter of urgency to the council’s independent standards committee to allow a full investigation to take place.

‘The council expects the highest standards of councillors and will not accept any behaviour which could undermine community cohesion.’

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