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“Serbs did not have any chance of getting justice” – Swedish Judge in Kosovo exposes Albanian ATROCITIES and the US – NATO COMPLICITY and COVERUP

“I was dealing with grave criminal cases in Kosovo. Quickly I realized that the Serbs did not have any chance of getting justice in the courts there. The Albanians who committed serious crimes against Serbs were being released, while many Serbs were sentenced without a fair trial.” – Cristar Karphamar, first UN judge appointed to Kosovo after the US-led NATO bombing of 1999

Swedish Judge appointed to Kosovo reveals Americans hid Albanian War Crimes in new book: JUDGE IN THE COUNTRY OF LAWLESSNESS

Shocking admission by former UN judge in Kosovo- US government was training and protecting Albanian terrorists


EXPOSED: US demanded Albanians “pass the quota of 5000 deaths” for US intervention in Kosovo ——- British documentary substantiates US-KLA collusion in provoking war


It Began with a Lie | “Es begann mit einer Lüge” | [German Documentary on Kosovo with English Subtitles]

U.S. knew Albanian “allies” were murdering hundreds of captive Kosovo Serbs and harvesting their organs (Video)

Italian Secret Services Warn of Islamist Infiltration in the Balkans, especially Kosovo – Officials Warn Against EU Membership

Just a Witness – In Kosovo “the Albanians, of course, wanted to get rid of all minorities — especially the gypsies” (Video)

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NATO – backed Kosovo Albanian Warlord ‘President’ Hashim Thaçi indicted on war crimes

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U.S. Albanian allies targeted Serb, Roma, and other minorities in “ready-made plan” to ethnically cleanse them from Kosovo admit UN, EU, NATO| HRW Report

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Albanian ‘historic’ Claims to Kosovo DEBUNKED by discovery of 15th Century Turkish Census Document – More Irrefutable EVIDENCE Serbs are the indigenous people of Kosovo, and, like other Christians, are being targeted for genocide