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Italian Secret Services Warn of Islamist Infiltration in the Balkans, especially Kosovo – Officials Warn Against EU Membership


Islamist infiltration in the Balkans. Dormant EU … [Google Translate]

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Has the European Union realized how widespread and dangerous is the Islamist infiltration in the Balkans, that is, in countries that are close to membership? “: This is what Mr. Borghezio asks himself with a question that takes its cue from “Report on the information policy for security – 2014” of the Italian Secret Services, presented in recent days to the Italian Parliament and produced with the contribution of national intelligence, the Information and External Security Agency (AISE) and the Information Agency and internal safety (AISI).

“From this report it can be seen that the area of ​​the Balkan countries (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, FYROM, Montenegro and Serbia – Sangiaccato area) is confirmed as a key element for Islamic radicalism, by virtue of the activism of individuals and extremist and Salafist-oriented groups, increasingly involved in the recruitment and transfer of jihadists in Syrian and Iraqi territory ”writes Borghezio.

“Especially in Kosovo, beyond the radical approach preached by some imams, the idea of ​​jihad seems to be alluring especially in some southern areas of the country, where the widespread socio-economic unease accentuates the permeability, especially among the younger ‘Salafist proselytizing action ”.

Hon. Borghezio then asks the Commission two questions:

“The European Commission, in its communication on the ‘Enlargement strategy and main challenges for the period 2014-2015’, does not address this issue. Can you explain the reason for these important omissions in your report?

What measures does the Commission intend to take to address the expansion of Islamic radicalism in Europe, given that the countries mentioned above have, according to the Commission, made significant progress towards EU membership? “

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