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Swedish Judge appointed to Kosovo reveals Americans hid Albanian War Crimes in new book: JUDGE IN THE COUNTRY OF LAWLESSNESS

Albanian atrocities Kosovo“I was dealing with grave criminal cases in Kosovo. Quickly I realized that the Serbs did not have any chance of getting justice in the courts there. The Albanians who committed serious crimes against Serbs were being released, while many Serbs were sentenced without a fair trial.”

– Cristar Karphamar, first UN judge appointed to Kosovo after the US-led NATO bombing of 1999

AMERICANS HID CRIMES OF ALBANIANS ON KIM! The book of world renown Swedish judge exposes all LIES about KOSOVO!

The first international judge in Kosovo and Metohija Cristar Karphamar said the Americans had influenced the Albanians ‘ crimes on KiM’s hide

Karphamar, a Swedish judge who was appointed as the first foreign divisor of justice in the southern Serbian province at the end of 1999. In Sweden, he recently published a book “Judge in the country of lawlessness”, in which he wrote about his career at KiM of 1999. Until 2011. Year.

His service on KiM in the judicial sense is, as he says, “was made up of a series of smaller and larger disasters”.

In the most large cases of attempts to prosecute Albanians for atrocities, it was a rule “the main players on KiM – Americans who have influenced the crimes to be hidden and murderers released,” Karphamar said in an interview with “Vecernje Novosti”.

Karphamar explored the case of the attack on the NIS-Express bus in Podujevo, February 2001, when 12 and injured 43 Serbs were killed. The main suspect in the attack, Fljor Ejupi, was immediately arrested by police Unmika and based on a DNA trail.
The man that the command was hearing

-But for me unknown reasons, instead of waiting for an investigation in UN custody, US Kfor took him to ‘ Bondsteel ‘ where they allegedly fled. I don’t know how he got away, I heard that he was trained by the CLA, and the latest information about him I got 2012, to live peacefully in Podujevo–said the first Judge Unmika on KiM.

Karphamar also told how the high-ranking British officers of the Kfora came to seek advice after their patrol near the central Serbia administrative line in Podujevo, bumped into a group of KLA members armed Machines and bombs that went into attack on Serbian homes.

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They stopped them, and when they tried to disarm the bandits, US soldiers showed up who ordered them to release them. These people carried out attacks on Serbian houses, and frustrated Englishmen asked what to do… There was nothing I could do, there was a competent Kfor, and they dealt with it after Unmik-he cited Karphamar.

According to him, at the time of Bernard Kouchner, the former head of the UN civilian mission to KiM, who appointed him the post of foreign judge in the province, his deputy, the American Jack CSEs, was asked.

-He was the one whom the Kfor command listened to, and without NATO soldiers, Unmik policemen were powerless–he cited Karphamar.

Carla Del Ponte was not interested in the organ trafficking

Karphamar also said that it was about the organ trafficking of abducted Serbs, which he heard from Dr Zorana Stankovic when the mass grave was exhumed in Dinarac, he immediately notified Carla Del Ponte, the UN tribunal’s then chief prosecutor, but that she was not interested.

As for the Dick Marty report and the UN War Crimes tribunal in The Hague, Karphamar is a pessimist.

-It’s been 10 years since Marty’s report and 20 years since these crimes occurred. It is not realistic to expect that Albanians will be judged–according to Karphamar.

On the occasion of the NATO bombing, Karphamar said the top US seniors heard that the bombing of Serbia was prepared by their intelligence agencies, aiming to separate Kosovo from Central Serbia and to establish a military base of their forces there.

Karphamar said he admired the Serbs who remained in Kosovo.

-Those of 1999. They did not get the chance to live as a normal world, although some units of the Kfor did a lot to protect them. I personally believe that many international actors who have found themselves in the Unmik and Kfor missions today are ashamed when you remember those days-said Karphamar.