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OPERATION HALYARD | “what little I might be able to do would not even pay the interest on my debt to the Serbian people” | John E. Scroogs, First Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Corps

“Those of us who know the real circumstances in Serbia are enraged at the unfair attacks on the Chetniks [Serbians]  and their leaders.  If only someone could open the poor blind eyes of the spoiled American public, a wonderful group of people might receive their due recognition.  Unfortunately those of us who lived with these people are few and far between, but believe you me, never will we forget how the men and women of Serbia unquestioningly risked their very lives for us, clothed us, and gave us shelter when they themselves were ill-clad, cold and hungry… I vowed to myself that if I could ever possibly begin to replay these people for all they had done for me, I wouldn’t hesitate to do so.  Unfortunately, what little I might be able to do would not even pay the interest on my debt to the Serbian people.  I suffer with them in their present plight, and in the injustice rendered to them by the American press as well as the American and British Governments.”

Letter of John E. Scroogs, First Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Corps, Wyandotte St., Kansas City, Mo, cited by David MARTIN, Ally Betrayed, 1946, p. 257.

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“the greatest rescue of American lives from behind enemy lines in history”…How Serbs saved the lives of 500+ American airmen in WWII | Richard L. Felman, Major USAF (Ret), President National Committee of American Airmen


Part 4 – “Revolutionary” Iran, “The Arab Spring”, ISIS and Bosnia : THE REICH WAY


Otto Remer is perhaps best remembered for having crushed the 1945 coup attempt against Adolf Hitler. As the highly decorated Commander of the Panzer Scout Division in the Third Reich, he reported to Hitler personally and had come to be known as Hitler’s bodyguard. After the war, the German officer spent decades in the Middle East serving the governments of Egypt and Syria, as well as providing training to Yasser Arafat and his terrorist militia in their quest to destroy the nascent Hebrew nation—a mission he could not but fervently support.

In 1993—just months after President Clinton’s historic first meetings with German Chancellor Helmet Kohl and Bosnian President Alija Izetbegovic, Remer gave a lengthy interview to Ahmed Rami at Al-Shaab, an Arab language newspaper in Cairo. In it, he singled out Iran’s post-Shah, “Revolutionary” Islamic government for exceptional praise, stating:

The Islamic system of Persia [Iran] is the only legitimate form of government of the muslim world…

It was but one of many remarkable accolades and observations the esteemed officer of Nazi Germany dispensed as he addressed an admiring Muslim world that summer in 1993, elaborating at length on the nature of the seismic shifts he saw taking place in the Middle East and urging, as its salvation, the restoration of an overarching transnational Islamic government, which – in light of the political aftermath of the recent “Arab Spring” seems almost prophetic—an uncanny overview of the processes now underway in Muslim world today:

The regimes that are in power in the Arab and Islamic world are like dead bodies.

They perished because of their weakness. The future belongs to the forces of Islam […]

[T]he German people and the Muslims, argued [Otto Ernst] Remer, were bound by a common legacy of persecution, tragic dispossession, and victimhood,

The German people sees from his life story and from his tragedy that he has something in common with the fate of the Palestinians and the muslims. As a result of World War I and World War II, millions of Germans were chased away from their homeland and their country. The rest of Germany was torn apart.

In the new Islamic “epoch” the concerned citizens of the world would at last ‘recognize’, as the Nazis had, the true malevolent forces at work on the world stage. By curious coincidence, they were the very peoples the Nazis had sought to exterminate in World War II: the Serbs and the Jews. Only this time the international community would be persuaded to show them, not sympathy, but scorn, and the promise of unchecked persecution, terror, and violence, now sanctioned – even championed— by the latest crop of self-proclaimed ‘custodians’ of morality — human rights activists, Leftists, academics, even church groups advocating righteous retribution against Jews, and Serbs for their alleged repression of Muslims.

This time around, the Nazis would get it right – and perhaps be hailed for their efforts, if initially through muslim proxy.

The old Nazi spelled it out so that even the most simpleminded of Arabs would grasp the significance. In Bosnia, and in Palestine, he explained, “only muslims are slaughtered” adding that “95 percent of the arms smuggled to the Serbians come from Israeli sources…”

The tactical advantage this narrative provided was significant. The victims of Nazi genocide, tiny, remnant populations of Serbs and Jews, would henceforth be recast as militaristic perpetrators of ethnic cleansing against Muslims. Once established, Serbs and Jews could do no right, irrespective of the deadly peril they faced. Each and every military response they took in defense of their national security and civilian populations would be branded as fascist aggression and condemned. Henceforth, each and every attack upon them—no matter how heinous and horrific— was not just discounted, but excused, even commended as justified retaliation.

Henceforth, as Hitler’s loyal bodyguard announced, “only muslims are slaughtered.” 

And, at last, as the Time magazine made clear on its cover, the Serbs would be brought “TO HEEL” –
a feat the Germans had failed to accomplish in two world wars.

“This Reuters photo appeared in The Independent, 11 December 1995, and as far as we can determine, never again. The caption, reads, “Faith in action: A Muslim brigade of the Bosnian Army marching in a military parade in Zenica, central Bosnia.”
Note that the headbands have Arabic writing. Bosnian Muslims speak Serbo-Croatian, as do Serbs and Croats, not Arabic. By 1995 the Bosnian army, so-called, was largely Islamized by the Mujahideen brought in by Iran and Saudi Arabia in a program coordinated by the Pentagon.”

Source: Jared Israel,

Germans, for their part, could not but welcome such easy redemption, the wholesale diminishment in the public arena of the magnitude and scale of their monstrous atrocities, largely through the strategic transference of the stigma of Nazism onto their victims, by condemning Jews and Serbs for committing that for which they themselves were guilty. It was a Holocaust denial home-run—and it worked like a charm, on Liberal and Leftist Jews in particular.

For Germany, it was a propaganda coup of incalculable measure, as it sought to regain its political stature, moral authority, and economic preeminence in Europe, especially now, on the heels of its reunification and international resurgence. General Remer’s 1993 Islamic ‘revelations’ hint at the global implications of the Clinton – Izetbegovic—Iranian axis.

The gravity of this moral obscenity, however, can best be understood in context of history, in the experience of American G.I.’s who served in Europe, fought on the frontlines, and were personally witness to the liberation of the German death camps and the unspeakable horrors they concealed.

That’s because many American veterans understood—knew firsthand—that the Serbs were not only victims of Nazi genocide, but were among America’s fiercest and most courageous anti-fascists allies in World War II.

Many American G.I.s knew that the Serbian people paid with their lives for having revolted against the signing of the Axis Tripartite Pact by the Serbian Regent, enduring, as a result, brutal German occupation during which the Nazis executed 100 Serbs for each German life lost in the resistance.

Many veterans felt profound gratitude to the Serbian people who, at extraordinary risk, rescued great numbers of American pilots shot down over the Serbian countryside during perilous bombing runs to take out Romania oil fields, sheltering the American and other Allied servicemen from discovery by German occupying forces until their rescue

Fortunately for the White House, and Tehran, most of these G.I.’s were now too few and too old to matter.

Later generations of Americans were learning history long scrubbed of Serbian heroics and sacrifice in the fight against fascism. By the 1990s, one was hard pressed to find a young American who knew Yugoslavia (much less Serbia) was even in Europe, if they’d heard of it at all.

The White House had their cause, and their man. So too had the Iranians.

For both, in Bosnia, they were one and the same.  […]

Part 4 – “Revolutionary” Iran, “The Arab Spring”, ISIS and Bosnia : THE REICH WAY

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