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NATO Exercise Scandal | Croats and Albanians sing NAZI – USTASHA songs celebrating slaughter of Serbs to commemorate Croatia’s 10-year NATO membership



Croatian soldiers joined by Albanian paramilitaries from Kosovo were united in their celebration of “Ustasha and Nazi ideology under the NATO flag” during a military exercise in Croatia. Together they sang songs in tribute to the genocide of hundreds of thousands of Serbs slaughtered by Croatian and Albanian Fascist forces allied with the Nazis during World War II in a military exercise commemorating Croatia’s 10-year NATO membership. This NATO event was called: Immediate Response.

Unlike the Germans, who rejected the symbol of the swastika after the war, the Croatians continue to proudly display their Fascist flag with the notorious checker board Ustasha insignia–with the apparent sanction of NATO.

During World War II,  the Croatians were enthusiastic participants in genocide. The atrocities they committed against Serbs, Jews and Roma were unspeakably gruesome and horrific.  Half of the concentration camps Croatia operated were run by Catholic priests with the knowledge and sanction of the Vatican.

 “The Ustasha [Croatian Fascist] operations were carried out with incredible acts of sadism and torture. In some cases entire villages were axed to death, in others men and women were hanged, crucified, burned to death or buried alive, body parts mutilated, decapitated, infants impaled or hammered.



In the Orthodox church at Glina hundreds of Serbs were lured inside only to be slaughtered. Nazi Wehrmacht units attached to the Ustasha [Croat] military were so impressed by the Ustashi’s methods for carrying out genocide that they established a commission to study the killings at Bjelovar, exhume the bodies, take photographs and write a report, later published under the title “Ustachenwerk bei Bjelovar.”(37) However, the top Nazi and Italian military authorities were concerned that they were dealing with out of control psychopaths who would destabilize their own regime, and thus Axis control of the Balkans.”    Also see:

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Unlike the Croats, Albanians, and Muslims in Bosnia, the Serbian people fought against the Germans on the side of the United States and England.  They endured Nazi occupation, during which they rescued over 500 American airmen.  Richard Felman was one of those airmen.  He had this to say:

“Ours was the greatest rescue of American lives from behind enemy lines in history…

If there was one bed or one blanket, it went to us while the Serb slept on the bare ground. No risk of sacrifice was too great to insure our safety and well being. One experience which is forever seared in my memory is the time a village with 200 women and children was burned to the ground by the Germans because the Serbs would not tell them where they were hiding us. To this day, I can smell the terrible stench of their burning flesh. One does not forget such things…

Could our career diplomats sacrifice former friends and reward former enemies in the name of political expediency? Could it be because in the world community there are over one billion Muslims and only 9 million Serbian Orthodox Christians with the same proportionate power in the global economy? Could it be because the Serbs have no oil wells and no unlimited oil money? […]

Could these be the reasons the State Department has covered up the truth of our rescue all these years and opposed our petition to express gratitude for saving over 500 American lives (a petition which is supported by the 8 million veterans of the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Air Force Association and which has been approved by the United States Senate.)?

Could it be these are the reasons the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee has also denied our petition…?

– Richard L. Felman, Major USAF (Ret), President National Committee of American Airmen

The sacrifice and courage of the Serbian people has been enormous.  Their treatment by the United States and other Western powers in the years that followed given all that they have endured is beyond shameful. It’s obscene.


The Croats, under the influence of Alcohol, released the song from the dark era of the NDH [Nazi Croat State]

During a military exercise in Croatia to commemorate the ten-year anniversary of Croatia’s NATO membership, Croatian soldiers were singing the Ustasha songs of the Serbs ‘ slaughter, the Vecernje Novosti, with members of the so-called Kosovo army, citing unofficial sources.

A scandalous performance by Croatian and Albanian soldiers from Kosovo occurred late on 5 Saturday. “Eugen quaternik ” in Slunju.


Croatians, under the influence of Alcohol, released a song from the black epoch of the NDH, which joined the two dozen armed forces so called. Kosovo.
Photo: Beta/Mario Strmotić

All of this, as specified by “News “, happened in the presence of BiH armed Forces members who did not participate in Ustasha “The Intersingance “. One of BiH’s Serb-nationality officers recorded the event with a mobile phone, but a Croatian security officer made him erase the footage.

Later, however, the only relevant armed forces of BiH Serb nationality on the whole event compiled the report, the further news.


Defence Minister Alexander Vulin told the event that it is unacceptable for Serbia to have any appearance of paramilitary in Kosovo.

How to add “News “, except for the celebration of the Ustasha and Nazi ideology under the NATO flag, is the question of who authorised the BiH army to participate in a military exercise in the same machine as the so-called armed forces. Of Kosovo that officially does not recognise Sarajevo.

The exercise “Immediate Response ” in the territory of Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary, which Croatia marked the ten-year annivery