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Part 4 – “Revolutionary” Iran, “The Arab Spring”, ISIS and Bosnia : THE REICH WAY


Otto Remer is perhaps best remembered for having crushed the 1945 coup attempt against Adolf Hitler. As the highly decorated Commander of the Panzer Scout Division in the Third Reich, he reported to Hitler personally and had come to be known as Hitler’s bodyguard. After the war, the German officer spent decades in the Middle East serving the governments of Egypt and Syria, as well as providing training to Yasser Arafat and his terrorist militia in their quest to destroy the nascent Hebrew nation—a mission he could not but fervently support.

In 1993—just months after President Clinton’s historic first meetings with German Chancellor Helmet Kohl and Bosnian President Alija Izetbegovic, Remer gave a lengthy interview to Ahmed Rami at Al-Shaab, an Arab language newspaper in Cairo. In it, he singled out Iran’s post-Shah, “Revolutionary” Islamic government for exceptional praise, stating:

The Islamic system of Persia [Iran] is the only legitimate form of government of the muslim world…

It was but one of many remarkable accolades and observations the esteemed officer of Nazi Germany dispensed as he addressed an admiring Muslim world that summer in 1993, elaborating at length on the nature of the seismic shifts he saw taking place in the Middle East and urging, as its salvation, the restoration of an overarching transnational Islamic government, which – in light of the political aftermath of the recent “Arab Spring” seems almost prophetic—an uncanny overview of the processes now underway in Muslim world today:

The regimes that are in power in the Arab and Islamic world are like dead bodies.

They perished because of their weakness. The future belongs to the forces of Islam…This is what takes place in your countries today: your leaders are politically finished. Instead of stepping down in honor, they cling bitterly to power and try to drag their peoples along into the precipice. […] What is new again is the movement of Islamic rebirth and the continuous decay of the strength of the colonial government bodies directed from afar by Israel in many Islamic countries. […]

I see no way out of the serious current circumstances other than the setting up of a true Islamic society and of an Islamic state in every muslim country, and the implementation of the political and economic unity of the Islamic states. The setting up of a large, strong state on the foundation of a cultural and social Islamic revolution is a prerequisite, if you wish to be able to efficiently meet the challenges that face you.

There is an urgent need for the setting up of a training institute for Islamic journalists, where our epoch, the geopolitical map of the West and today’s problems, should be taught more thoroughly rather than the 6th century.

The circumstances of the Islamic nation are tightly knit with those of Egypt. The latter’s progress and regress are mirrored in the entire muslim world…
after Nasser’s death and Saddat’s capitulation, capitalism has spread over the entire Islamic world. Nowadays, the Islamic movements raises the torch of the resistance. That torch burns brightest in Iran and Sudan. Egypt will soon occupy the place she deserves in the Islamic world – in the struggle for freedom, dignity and justice.”

The German Fascist expounded proudly on the failure of Communism, particularly in Afghanistan, in the face of the Islam’s “spiritual strength” from which Germany had benefited so handsomely:

…the Islamic revolution of Afghanistan, sprung exclusively from spiritual roots, dealt a heavy blow to the communist regime in the former Soviet Union. In face of that revolution, the red Soviet empire had to concede that it is incapable, in spite of its military superiority, to defeat the Mujaheddin, whose main weapons were their right and their spiritual strength. […]The triumph of Islamic might in Afghanistan gave hopes to the peoples who lived under Soviet dominion.

That was seen in the emergence of revolutionary independence movements, and it led to the complete collapse of the red empire, to the reunification of Germany and to the independence of Islamic republics that lie south of the former Soviet Union. […]

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics collapsed like a rotten shed, whereas the vitality of the German people has been preserved in the seed and could lead us Germans to fresh progress […]

Significantly, the German people and the Muslims, argued Remer, were bound by a common legacy of persecution, tragic dispossession, and victimhood,

The German people sees from his life story and from his tragedy that he has something in common with the fate of the Palestinians and the muslims. As a result of World War I and World War II, millions of Germans were chased away from their homeland and their country. The rest of Germany was torn apart.

In the new Islamic “epoch” the concerned citizens of the world would at last ‘recognize’, as the Nazis had, the true malevolent forces at work on the world stage. By curious coincidence, they were the very peoples the Nazis had sought to exterminate in World War II: the Serbs and the Jews. Only this time the international community would be persuaded to show them, not sympathy, but scorn, and the promise of unchecked persecution, terror, and violence, now sanctioned – even championed— by the latest crop of self-proclaimed ‘custodians’ of morality — human rights activists, Leftists, academics, even church groups advocating righteous retribution against Jews, and Serbs for their alleged repression of Muslims.

This time around, the Nazis would get it right – and perhaps be hailed for their efforts, if initially through muslim proxy.

The old Nazi spelled it out so that even the most simpleminded of Arabs would grasp the significance. In Bosnia, and in Palestine, he explained, “only muslims are slaughtered” adding that “95 percent of the arms smuggled to the Serbians come from Israeli sources…”

The tactical advantage this narrative provided was significant. The victims of Nazi genocide, tiny, remnant populations of Serbs and Jews, would henceforth be recast as militaristic perpetrators of ethnic cleansing against Muslims. Once established, Serbs and Jews could do no right, irrespective of the deadly peril they faced. Each and every military response they took in defense of their national security and civilian populations would be branded as fascist aggression and condemned. Henceforth, each and every attack upon them—no matter how heinous and horrific— was not just discounted, but excused, even commended as justified retaliation.

Henceforth, as Hitler’s loyal bodyguard announced, “only muslims are slaughtered.”  

And, at last, as the Time magazine made clear on its cover, the Serbs would be brought “TO HEEL” –
a feat the Germans had failed to accomplish in two world wars.

“This Reuters photo appeared in The Independent, 11 December 1995, and as far as we can determine, never again. The caption, reads, “Faith in action: A Muslim brigade of the Bosnian Army marching in a military parade in Zenica, central Bosnia.”
Note that the headbands have Arabic writing. Bosnian Muslims speak Serbo-Croatian, as do Serbs and Croats, not Arabic. By 1995 the Bosnian army, so-called, was largely Islamized by the Mujahideen brought in by Iran and Saudi Arabia in a program coordinated by the Pentagon.”

Source: Jared Israel, http://emperors-clothes.com/analysis/deja.htm

Germans, for their part, could not but welcome such easy redemption, the wholesale diminishment in the public arena of the magnitude and scale of their monstrous atrocities, largely through the strategic transference of the stigma of Nazism onto their victims, by condemning Jews and Serbs for committing that for which they themselves were guilty. It was a Holocaust denial homerun—and it worked like a charm, on Liberal and Leftist Jews in particular.

For Germany, it was a propaganda coup of incalculable measure, as it sought to regain its political stature, moral authority, and economic preeminence in Europe, especially now, on the heels of its reunification and international resurgence. General Remer’s 1993 Islamic ‘revelations’ hint at the global implications of the Clinton – Izetbegovic—Iranian axis.

The gravity of this moral obscenity, however, can best be understood in context of history, in the experience of American G.I.’s who served in Europe, fought on the frontlines, and were personally witness to the liberation of the German death camps and the unspeakable horrors they concealed.

That’s because many American veterans understood—knew firsthand—that the Serbs were not only victims of Nazi genocide, but were among America’s fiercest and most courageous anti-fascists allies in World War II.

Many American G.I.s knew that the Serbian people paid with their lives for having revolted against the signing of the Axis Tripartite Pact by the Serbian Regent, enduring, as a result, brutal German occupation during which the Nazis executed 100 Serbs for each German life lost in the resistance.

Many veterans felt profound gratitude to the Serbian people who, at extraordinary risk, rescued great numbers of American pilots shot down over the Serbian countryside during perilous bombing runs to take out Romania oil fields, sheltering the American and other Allied servicemen from discovery by German occupying forces until their rescue

“I get a little emotional sometimes, when I talk about them. But they slept on the floor, while our American boys slept in their beds. They fed them food that they needed for their own family so our boys would be fed. I want to emphasize that we as a nation owe the Serbian people.” ~ Art Jibilian, O.S.S. Agent, “Operation Halyard”

MUST WATCH “We as a nation owe the Serbian people” —- American WW II Airmen Condemn Betrayal of Serbian Allies, Reveal Amazing Rescue ||| Operation Halyard and the Forgotten 500 (Video)

Fortunately for the White House, and Tehran, most of these G.I.’s were now too few and too old to matter.

Later generations of Americans were learning history long scrubbed of Serbian heroics and sacrifice in the fight against fascism. By the 1990s, one was hard pressed to find a young American who knew Yugoslavia (much less Serbia) was even in Europe, if they’d heard of it at all.

The White House had their cause, and their man. So too had the Iranians.

For both, in Bosnia, they were one and the same.

Not surprisingly, “their man” Izetbegovic had clearly—and quite openly—established himself as a poster boy for Islamic extremism, the kind of extremism so enthusiastically hailed by the old German general, the kind many ordinary Bosnian Muslims with distinctly “secularized” traditions and attitudes abhorred, rejected and long abandoned, but would, in years to come, have increasingly imposed on their lives nonetheless in the wake of Yugoslavia’s violent destruction.

Even so, Izetbegovic’s views did have its domestic adherents, views that could hardly have been clearer in his writings:

There can be neither peace nor coexistence between the Islamic faith and non-Islamic social and political institutionsThe Islamic movement must and can, take over political power as soon as it is morally and numerically so strong that it can not only destroy the existing non-Islamic power, but also to build up a new Islamic one.

Indeed, just three months before his visit to the Holocaust Museum in Washington President Izetbegovic’s own political party proudly displayed hallowed allegiance to the late Ayatollah Khomeini, according to Professor Schindler who writes:

One of the most notorious incidents came in early June 1993 when SDA representatives gathered at the Zagreb mosque [in Croatia], which was closely linked to Izetbegovic, for a fête to honor the Ayatollah Khomeini. The mosque was adorned with numerous posters of the late Iranian leader, including an oversized one with his saying, “Who is with almighty Allah has no fear of anyone but Allah.” … Salim Sabic, SDA vice president and Izetbegovic’s personal representative at the event, stated, “Bosnian Muslims are the best example of the imam’s prophetic words, that if they are not united, Muslims worldwide will be suffering under American and Zionist regimes.”

It was a curious statement coming from the close aid of a man who, in a couple of months, would again be meeting the President of the United States in Washington D.C, and visiting the memorial to the millions Jews murdered in Europe by the Germans.

Of course none of this was new, or even news for that matter. During World War II, the young Izetbegovic, like most in the Muslim world, even as far off as in the Caucasus, showed a strong affinity for the National Socialism, particularly those who were embittered with British colonialism. Adolf Hitler was widely revered across the Middle East as evidenced by the popularity of the slogan “Bala misyu bala mister, fi s-sama’Allah al-‘ard Hitler” (God in heaven, Hitler on earth) .

In the Balkans there had been two Muslim elite SS divisions: one Bosnian, the other Albanian. They had been raised through the efforts of “Grand Mufti of Jerusalem” Hajj Amin Al-Husseini at Hitler’s behest.

Hitler had enthusiastically welcomed the Arab Palestinian to Berlin after he had successfully incited murderous pogroms against ancient Jewish communities in the Muslim world, communities whose continuous existence across the region predated the Roman conquest, the birth of Christ and the rise of Islam. As Otto Remer clearly recalled for Arab readers of Al-Shaab in 1993,

… Hitler recognized the interests and problems that he had in common with the Arab peoples, during World War II he proposed to the Mufti of Jerusalem, Mohammed Aman Husseini, to relocate to Berlin. The mufti was received in Germany like a head of state.

And, indeed, he was.

In fact, the Arab Palestinian cleric lived in luxurious exile in Berlin during the war where he received “a budget of 750,000 Reichmark per month to foment Jihad in Palestine” from the Third Reich. In Bosnia, Izetbegovic is said to have aided the Arab Mufti’s recruitment drive in establishing a Muslim SS division.

Inside Germany, the Grand Mufti helped Himmler establish an SS school in Dresden in 1944 for training Nazi Muslim clerics to fight the Soviets, helping to forge a lasting, lethal convergence of German Fascism with a fundamentalist interpretation of Islamic theology that would find its fullest expression in the Muslim Brotherhood as well as in the Iranian Islamic “Revolution”.

It was a theocratic-ideological melding that would pave the way for conversion of many notorious Nazis to Islam during and after the war.

Inside the “Third World” religion, many Nazi war criminals ironically enjoyed an invaluable rebirth as persons “of color” with names like Omar Amin a.k.a. Johann von Leers)Albert Ahmed Huber
(a.k.a. Albert Huber),
and Tarek Farid Hussein (a.k.a. “Dr. Death – Aribert Heim), quietly disappearing into the ranks of the oppressed “victims” of racism and capitalist ” imperialism”, assuming positions of influence in Arab governments particularly in Egypt and Syria and a role in the Non-aligned movement, financing the PLO and other terrorists, and embedding themselves in Leftist liberation movements, their fascist, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel activities now ennobled as indigenous expressions of anti-colonial, anti-American resistance — transformed into pious observances that found explicit scriptural sanction in the prophet Mohammed’s ancient hostilities towards the Hebrew tribes of Arabia whom he and his followers famously exterminated in the sixth century— beheading several hundred Jewish men, raping their wives, taking as slaves the surviving Jewish women and children— erasing from existence the once Jewish community of Medina.

Such ritualized murder of the “children of Israel”—as Jews are in fact acknowledged to be in the Koran—could not but thrill and find favor amongst the Nazis seeking safe sanctuary after the fall of Germany. The Muslims not only had a god who reviled the Jewish people, they had a god who condemned them and prescribed their annihilation as a religious obligation in the defense of the faith.

So central is contempt for the Jews in Islamic doctrine, it is embedded in daily prays where it is solemnly uttered five times a day, each and every day, as an expression of profound, unyielding piety.

The Nazis did not need to persuade Muslims the Jews should be reviled; their prophet had done that for them already.

Many German war criminals would find in Islam not only an agreeably vehement loathing of the Hebrew people marked by 1,400 years of religiously prescribed subjugation, segregation, and humiliation, (interspersed with gruesome episodes of violence and indiscriminant mass murder), but refuge, welcome, and employment in countries like Egypt and Syria, where their military, intelligence, and propaganda skills were highly coveted and quickly put in the service of Arab governments enlisted by both U.S. and Soviet intelligence, most notably in Egypt for Nasser.

Given his sympathies, after the war’s end it didn’t take long for Alija Izetbegovic to run afoul the socialist government of Yugoslavia, a country whose Partisans fighters had played a decisive role in defeating Germany including its Muslim SS divisions who had likewise participated in the mammoth, transnational slaughter of Roms (Gypsies), Jews, and hundreds of thousands of Christian Orthodox Serbs in Ustasha death camps.

The charges raised against Izetbegovic and his “radical Muslim” cohorts in 1946 sound almost as if the Yugoslav authorities were suffering from a bad bout of early onset “Islamophobia”:

Izetbegovic went to jail for the first time in Marshal Tito’s Yugoslavia in 1946, when he and a group of Bosnian Muslim intellectuals organized a Muslim antithesis to Tito’s secular Marxist program and named it “Young Muslims.” The end result was that he and 12 other radical Muslims were arrested and charged with associating for the purpose of hostile activity and jeopardizing the constitutional order” and for “acting from the standpoint of Islamic fundamentalism and Muslim nationalism.” Although tried and sentenced to three years of imprisonment, he was soon released as a first offender.

The second brush with the law was more serious and came as a result of his authorship of The Islamic Declaration: A Programme for the Islamization of Muslims and the Muslim Peoples
(1970, reprinted 1990). The work recalls nostalgically the greatness of the Ottoman Empire and urges Muslims to return to life as prescribed by the Koran. […] Not only did Izetbegovic condemn the modernist reformers in several Islamic countries, he virtually declared war on everything non-Islamic when he asserted the incompatibility of Islam with non-Islamic religions. […]

The fledgling Islamic nation created through the violent dismemberment of the once thriving socialist state in Europe, must have been seen not only as a priceless strategic asset, but a perfect addition to Iran’s burgeoning stable of murderous international proxies. Indeed, the extraordinary frequency with which the most senior members of the Bosnian Muslim leadership traveled to Iran suggest that they were not so much political leaders as mere members of the Mullahs’ loyal minions, serving as indispensable go-betweens with the Clinton White House in a campaign to take down the prosperous, proudly pluralist, secular state of south Slavs:

From 1991 to 1994 one of the Bosnian Muslims’ big-three—President Izetbegovic, Vice President Ganic, or Prime Minister Silajdzic—visited Iran at least once every month.

Emblematic of this illicit three-way, Bosnian Vice President Ejup Ganic, who studied at Boston’s Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, and was appreciated for his “western” ways, orchestrated a bloody attack on a withdrawing Yugoslav Army column that had been guaranteed safe passage out of the city in 1992 in exchange for peacefully abandoning the Yugoslav Army garrison in Sarajevo to the U.S.- Iranian backed Islamic secessionists.

The attack was a symbolic assault on the most powerful, more revered expression of Yugoslavia’s anti-fascist identity, multiethnic unity, and might: it’s military—the third largest in Europe.

On Ganic’s order, Muslim militias opened fire in broad daylight on the unarmed soldiers of the Yugoslav People’s Army as they were attempting to exit the city.

42 soldiers were murdered in cold blood on Dobrovoljaka street that day. Over 50 were wounded. 200 were taken
prisoner by the Muslim militants. Most of the victims were young conscripts of all backgrounds who happened to have been stationed in Sarajevo as a part of their compulsory military service for the state; fresh out of high school, and only having just begun their basic training, the young soldiers, many of whom were still in their teens, never stood a chance.

The massacre was broadcast live on prime time television in Yugoslavia.

It is inconceivable that any of this could have escaped the notice of the Clinton White House who had a thorough knowledge of Iran’s activities, and the kinds of terrorist groups and activities it supported. A point clearly made in the congressional report:

As the Administration has itself repeatedly stated, Iran sponsors radical political groups and terrorists around the world. These included Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad on the West Bank and Gaza Strip in Israel, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Rafah Party which won a plurality in Turkey legislature in December 1995, as well as fundamentalist parties and guerillas operation in Algeria and Egypt. […]

Despite this, the cooperation between the U.S. and Iran continued—a cooperation that went well beyond hundreds of illicit weapons transports to Bosnia’s Islamic forces:

As Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Arlen Specter stated, “There was no secret that the shipments were taking place. The secret was the U.S. involvement, the secret conduct that was different from the open policy.”


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