Al Qaeda / Bill Clinton / Bosnia / CIA / Clinton Crimes / Iran / Islam / Serbia / United Nations / US-Iran Alliance / Yugoslavia

Bill Clinton’s “Greenlight” policy to collude with Iran to covertly arm Jihadists in Bosnia (Video)


Key members of the Clinton Administration seek to downplay the role of the Mujahideen in Bosnia.

Peter Galbraith, US Ambassador to Croatia:

“We had some information about the atrocities committed by the Mujahideen but the impression I had then is that there were small numbers of them, there were a small number, you know, as small number of atrocities and that in the scheme of things this was not a big issue.”

Manipulating Jewish public opinion to win support for Anti-Semites and Muslim Extremists in Bosnia, and Croatia | Interview with James Harff, Director of Ruder Finns’s Global Public affairs section

GERMANY’S REVENGE: “Serbian resistance contributed to German defeat… These people were to be punished.” | Retired Brigadier-General Pierre Marie Gallois attended Germany’s secret meetings in the 1970s plotting Yugoslavia’s destruction and Serbia’s annihilation

German – led Invasion of Yugoslavia… Hitler’s personal revenge against the Serbian people – “Führer Directive No. 25” (Führerbefehle)

International Court: Serbs not guilty of ethnic cleansing of Bosnian Muslims – Srebrenica killings not act of systematic genocide

Rare film footage of SARAJEVO 1941 – Bosnia’s Suppressed Nazi Legacy

Karl Marx explains Islamic doctrine of supremacy and “permanent hostility” | New-York Herald Tribune 1854

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