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“Germans will eventually turn their backs on Christianity and embrace Islam”

After World War II, German “patriots”, as the German Nazis called themselves, conceived of their future, their revival through Islam. Thousands found refuge and employment in the Muslim world after the war, where they aided Arab regimes, and trained terrorist groups – groups that functioned as proxy militias and death squads for the exiled German war criminals who no longer had the German army at their command.  See:

The Munich Massacre was one early example of the emerging effectiveness of this strategy for the German Nazis   See:

Eradicating the Jewish presence throughout the Middle East was among their primary objectives, especially in the Holy Land: Israel.  However, the Arab world offered much more than that to the dispossessed Patriotic Germans.  It provided an extremely appealing alternative to Christianity: Islam.  No longer would a Jew–Jesus– be deemed God and the savior of man.  Instead the German faithful would have as their shepherd Muhammad, an Arab revered for slaughtering the Jews in Medina, and whose religion led to the creation of a vast empire of subjugated, and enslaved indigenous peoples reaching as far as China, and India, across Africa, and into Europe through violent conquest, occupation, religiously sanctioned rape, cultural genocide and forced conversion to Islam.

Eichmann smirking

According to Bettina Stangneth in her book Eichmann Before Jerusalem, this is how Adolf Eichmann summed up Islam’s appeal when he was considering the prospect of being tried for war crimes,

‘But you, you 360 million Mohammedans, to whom I have had a strong inner connection since the days of my association with your Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, you, who have a greater truth in the surahs of your Koran, I call upon you to pass judgment on me. 

You children of Allah have known the Jews longer and better than the West has. 

Your noble Muftis and scholars of law may sit in judgement upon me and, at least in a symbolic way, give me your verdict.’

Leading Nazi propagandist, Johann von Leers, went even further, proposing the people of Germany convert to Islam, as he had,

In the fields of political and psychological warfare, vicious anti-Western and anti-Israeli propaganda was unremittingly carried on by the Nasser regime [in Egypt] under the direction of Johann von Leers, one of the former high-ranking Nazi propagandists in the Berlin Foreign Ministry. Von Leers, who was considered a specialist on racial questions, was also the author of a great number of anti-Semitic publications.

Later converting to Islam, he assumed the Arabized name of Oman Amin von Leers. In the May 29, 1953 issue of the neo-Nazi journal, Deutschland-Brief, von Leers violently attacks the Protestant Confessional Church for its opposition to Hitler, and praises the natural affinities between the German and Arab peoples. Advancing the theory that this factor enabled Islam to carry on a successful campaign of conversion johann Von Leersin Germany, he predicts that the Germans will eventually turn their backs on Christianity and embrace Islam.

“This,” he writes, “is no doubt due to the moving humanitarian reception which hundreds, perhaps thousands of German refugees, found after the war among the Muslims of the Middle East. Islam’s simple all-God doctrine which is not tied to Judaism, and its enmity against the Jews, won the allegiance of many of these refugees. The repercussions are gradually being felt in Germany.””

Consider German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s rather curious response to sharp criticism, even within her own party, to her inexplicably stubborn effort to flood Germany with Muslim migrants (an estimated 1.5 million of them), even as many German communities and institutions are overwhelmed and are reportedly nearing collapse.

“Given the circumstances of globalization, I’m calling on us to open up to a certain extent and to become acquainted with different cultural angela merkel toastcharacteristics

Just to what “extent” does Angela Merkel intend the German people to “open up” and become “acquainted” with these “cultural characteristics”?

Is the German Chancellor really so naïve, ignorant, and unwitting?

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