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Taking Over Europe, A Plan Long In The Making | Exposing the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD جماعة الاخوان المسلمين

Al Banna - on Jihad


“Europe, you have paid the penalty. Europe, you have sacrificed everything: Your women’s honor, millions of unborn, your uniqueness, your faith.

Europe it’s paid.”


This video, Freedom, Equality, and the Muslim Brotherhood, should be required viewing on all American and European university campuses.

If you care about the Arab people, if you care about the future of Europe, and the United States, watch it. Watch it to the end, and then ask yourself: Why is the U.S. promoting this organization across the Arab world? Why are leading “Leftist” opinion makers in the West aiding this effort. Why are Chomsky, Chossodovsky, DemocracyNow, and CodePink giving a platform to Muslim Brotherhood front groups–in concert  with Madeline Albright, Grover Norquist, and the International Crisis Group (ICG)? Why are they supporting Hamas, one of its wings?

The real Leftists of the Islamic world, the activists, scholars, researchers and writers who understand—know only too well the violent, authoritarian nature of this repressive organization– are desperately trying to be heard, to alert their counterparts in the West, yet have been shut out almost entirely. Why?

“There is a fundamental disagreement between the Left and the Muslim Brothers. The Left should not support the Muslim Brothers, because Muslim Brothers destroy everything that the Left stands for. How can I support someone who is against me? That’s my opinion.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s identity is control and repression; they make people into objects, they put themselves over others, inferiority, loyalty. They follow the same patterns that created Nazism and Fascism.”  KARIMA KAMAL

The individuals interviewed in this documentary are not Westerners. They’re Arabs who have intimate, firsthand knowledge of the origins, tactics, and aims of this organization.

Not only do they deserve to be heard, they need to be heard.

And we need to be listening.





“And God said to Europe: No more victims. Thanks for the colonies and slavery. For the minorities and I don’t know what. Europe, you have paid the penalty. Europe, you have, you have sacrificed everything, your woman’s honor, millions of unborn, your uniqueness, your faith. Europe it’s paid.”


“Democracy is the most important product that Europe has ever produced.”


“We shall take this country from them by using the democracy they have received from the devil.”


“The dream of the Muslim Brotherhood is to establish United Islamic State.”


Freedom, Equality, and the Muslim Brotherhood


25 years ago I came from Bagdad to Norway. I fled the war between Saddam and Ayatollah Kohmeini. I came with my dreams of making the exile –to a new homeland in Norway. I dreamed of freedom, but not all have the same dream.

A friend called me. Like me, he is a refugee from the Middle East. Communist and oppositional. He says that he has converted and is now praying everyday. He’s become a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. He says he now has a mission in life: To change Europe. “This is our chance.”

“Now or never” he says.

Sheik Yusus Al – Qaradawi called the Muslim Brother’s spiritual leader:

“Defeating Rome, Italy, and Europe means that Islam will come back to Europe. Must this victory necessarily be won by war? No. It’s possible to win by peaceful means. This peaceful victory has it’s source from this religion. Thus, I believe Islam will conquer Europe without using violence.”

This man scares me.

Is Europe, the castle of freedom, subjected to a deliberate religious attack? In order to defeat freedom and replace it with Islamic ideology?

Snow and coldness cannot extinguish the fire that lights in me over the provocative Islamic theology.

I have invited Kamil Al Najar from England. He knows the Muslim Brothers [ Muslim Brotherhood] better than most. He was a member of the organization in his homeland. As a defector, he is threatened with death and cannot reveal his face. He tells about Hassan Al Banna who established the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in 1928.

He transformed Islam from religion to a political ideology. Today, the Muslim Brotherhood are considered the largest Islamic organization in the world. But is started as a social movement.


“It spread very widely, because, as I said, they endeared themselves to the public, opening schools, giving medications to poor people and so on. Almost in every country in the world now they have a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. They’re trying to deceive people, and they have managed to deceive a lot of western politicians into believing them. And their only aim is to control the world with Islam, and establish Islamic government throughout the world.”


Al Najar says that they have an agenda for Europe. A hidden agenda.


“For the West their aim is to infiltrate the west because they know they cannot use force to convert the west. So they use deceit.”


An organization that will take over the West? It sounds incredible.

I have to talk to several Muslims who may know about this.

Paris, the Mother of Freedom, Voltaires homeland. I get goose bumps from this city’s history.

People driven by the philosophy of enlightenment rioted in the streets, fought against religious despotism and loved freedom, equality and fraternity.

That’s this city’s history.

Today’s strangers are making rebellion against Voltaire’s legacy. In his hometown.


“We are protesting in the streets and will do it again. And if we are not heard, we will never accept it, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!


“We want Sarkozy to tell us the truth and give us a job and stuff. Here is nothing. This is why we get crazy sometimes.”


Autumn 2005 Muslim youths set parts of Paris on fire. Riots spread across large parts of the France. What was happening?

I meet Lafif Lakhdar from Tunisia. He was a key ideologue of the Arab left, in the fight against Arab regimes. Today he is an important voice in the debate on Islam and politics.


“About 150,000 vehicles a year are set on fire in the French suburbs. They burn them. Muslim suburban youth who do not have a job. They use drugs, they drink alcohol etc. They light fire, destroy, kill, attack etc.


“Lafif Lakdor shocks me when he tells me about the background of the uprising in the streets of Paris.

Muslim families with many children are unable to raise all to get an education. Young people grow up as unemployed. Then he explains how the Muslim Brotherhood takes control over the Muslim minority and their goal.


“The Muslim Brothers have preachers they send to all the cities and suburbs in France. They visit the blocks knocking on doors and get into Muslim homes. They tell the Muslim youth they may have many more than one woman. Polygamy is prohibited according to French law. Marry one woman publicly and according to French law and you can marry more women in the mosque.


In several districts of Paris there are currently a majority of Muslims. The demographic trends testify about this.


“Because the Muslim Brothers have an illusion. They say in 50 years or maybe just 40 years we will rule France and Europe, because they don’t get as many children as us. Thus we will become a Muslim continent. They are quite convinced of about this. Within 40-50 years, the European countries will be Islamic, because they believe that Europe is morally depraved and that people have abandoned Christianity. So they need a real strong religion like Islam.

They really want to make Europe Islamic. They don’t hide it. But we are against Islamification of Europe. We are in favor of Europfication of Islam. That Islam become European, not that Europe become Islamic.

This is a criminal and impossible goal. It’s an act of war against all European countries, their culture, systems and secularity.


“An Islamic society that will use the baby carriage, democracy, and freedom of religion as weapons? Instead of words and suicide bombs?

Egypt, ancient wonders. The pyramids, center of arts, culture and philosophy. And the world’s first library. Egypt plays a leading role in the Islamic world when it comes to secularization as well as when it comes to Islamism.

It is here that Hassan Al Banna established the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928. That’s why Egyptian writers and intellectuals know this organization better than us. I’ve read books by Sayed Al – Qimeny. He is a renown researcher and debater in the Arab media. I go to meet him in a city outside Cairo. We are met by armed guards, because the Muslim Brotherhood threatens his life.


“The Arabs invited me to hold some lectures in the Netherlands. This happened before the events of 9-11. My friends told me to go to the big Mosque and listen to the Sheik. We went to the Friday prayers, and I met the Sheik.

“Don’t forget that we live in a war country. A land of infidels against whom we must wage war. It’s not a war-situation now, but if the Muslims maintain their birthrate in these countries, we will become a majority within 2021-2022. In that way we will take this country from them. By using democracy that they receive from the devil. They have invented the democracy so devout Muslims can take over the country, and turn it into an Islamic state.”


We in the West avoid talking about Muslim ambitions to conquer Europe because it is regarded as an expression of Islamophobia and prejudice. But in the Arabic media this is conveyed openly.


TV Host: How do you see the muslim community in Europe?

Guest: The most important thing is that there are 25-30 Muslims in Europe. That figure has many implications.

TV Host: Are there 25-30 million Muslims in Europe?

Guest: The Muslims give birth to many children, the Europeans don’t. This means that the Muslims will be a majority in 20 years, which can have a major impact on governments.


One of the most popular preachers in Egypt is a celebrity named: Amru Khaled. He follows the Muslim Brother’s track and supports their ambitions. Who is this man? I ask Fekry Abdul Mutaleb. Mutaleb is a researcher and expert on Wahabi activism, the political Islam that dominates Saudi Arabia and inspires the Muslim Brothers.


“Amru Khaled emerged out of the blue in the nineties. The Wahab activists and the Muslim Brothers followed fashion in music and song and presented this Amru Khaled to infiltrate the youngsters and mold them as Muslim Brothers.


I got the opportunity to meet the supreme leader of the Muslim Brothers, Mahdi Akif. He lives in one of the suburbs of Cairo. The Muslim Brotherhood is prohibited from political activity in Egypt, but under the guise of social work and charity they operate both missionary and political work.

What are their goals?


“Muslim Brother’s dream is to form a total Islamic state.”


Form? Where?

“I don’t know. We Muslims are currently scattered all over. Many countries and different groups. The Project that the Muslim Brothers make plans for in Europe is to introduce this religion to Europe. This is our religion. With all its beauty, purity, and progress. Nothing more than that.


What he answers me makes me makes me uneasy. Unlike like many in the West, I cannot accept everything he tells me. I don’t think it is as he tells me.

In the middle of Cairo lives 90 year old Gamal Al Banna. His apartment is like a library with thousands of sources and books. It’s like Alladin’s cave, full of treasures and knowledge. He meets with “Salam”, the Arabic word for peace. He has written countless books on Islam, and he knows the Muslim Brother’s [Muslim Brotherhood] story from the inside because he is Hassan Al Banna’s youngest brother.


“From the very beginning he was prepared to talk about Islam. My little sister Fawzeya. She was always smarter than me. She is the sister of the martyr Hassan Al Banna. Obviously, Fawzey is my sister.


“From the 1950s the Muslim Brothers have been banned both in Egypt and several other Muslim countries. However, the organization is an important force, and organizes Muslims in more than 70 countries.


“The reason is that the Muslim Brother’s are the only unifying organization. Al Banna was an organizational genius that created a fortress as Lenin created the Communist Party and the Soviet Union fortress.


He thinks Islam is a global religion, but no ideology or political tool. He is a prominent Muslim reformer who shocks the traditional scholars with new interpretations of Islam.


“The Muslim mind is rusty. It has done nothing in the last thousand years. A thousand years ago the innovation ended. What does it mean? It means you act without thinking. Muslims have become like monkeys, imitating others. This has lasted a thousand years. I once said: “Thank god that we walk on two legs. We could have crawled on all fours.” It says in the Qu’ran, “they are like cattle.” No. they are even less aware of the way they live. There are those who are truly mindless.”


Gamal Al Banna means that the debate about Hijab in Europe shows how wrong the Muslims can be.


“If they rather concentrate on research instead of this hijab concerns, the European community would respect them.”


In 2004 France followed Muslim countries like Turkey and Tunsia and banned the hijab in public offices and the public school. Al Qawadari ordered demonstrations around the world on the same day. For the first time the Muslim Brotherhood mobilized the masses in the streets of Europe.

Hassan Al Banna’s own sister did not wear the Hijab. Despite the fact that her father was a theologian and her brother was a Muslim leader. Thus the hijab is a modern phenomenon and no tradition.


“A woman who shows her hair breaks no Muslim rules. Because there is nothing in Islam or the Quran that says that a woman must cover her head. There is a text which says a woman must cover her breasts, but nothing about cover her hear.


Muslims in Europe today utilizes the hijab just to show that we are different. We are different.


“It’s the same, they are stupid. When they live in a specific country, they should abide by its customs and traditions. As long as they are not asked deny their religion or asked to deny the prophet Muhammad, or asked to deny god or refused to pray. As long as they have freedom of religion, they should adapt their practices for the community as best as they can.


These are students at Cairo University in 1959. No women wear hijab. Nor are the female students wearing Hijab in 1978. But then something happens. One third of the women are wearing hijab in 1995. Then we see the result of Muslim Brotherhood missionary work and advance. In 2004, 90% of the women are wearing hijab.

This is a movie cut from the presidential elections in Egypt in 1970.


“Between 1920-1970 women wearing veils were old or they had hair problems. Very few wore it. But most were ordinary women. Egyptian women were just like women in London, Paris, Europe or Australia. Anywhere. They had the same fashion and clothing. All modern.

Why the hijab? It is first and foremost, a way to suppress woman. Putting reins on her you put her under a variety of conservative and rigid attitudes which contradicts her inherited values, like tolerance, openness, ability to include modern, urge to explore. Both hijab and nijab is a way to suppress woman through the way they raise new generations. If you control the way woman dress, you control future generations. ”


Is hijab a deliberate tool to control the child to be new generations of Islamists?


” They just get use to it, so they do the same when they become adults. When children see adults do something they want to emulate them.”


Egyptian women are in a vulnerable position. Few dare to meet me or to speak about the pressure from the Islamists. One of Egypt’s most famous journalists is Karima Kamal. She is the author of several books and a champion of the Egyptian rights. She criticizes both Christian and Muslim authorities when it comes to the oppression of women.


“When women without hijab is portray as obscene, they are stereotyped. For them the woman is a symbol. She wears the hijab, she wears the nijab. The introduction of the hijab. What does it mean? We are talking about a declaration of identity. They want the symbol of identity because it confirms their presence.”


But these Islamist are working for political power. Do they not have the right to stand for a political ideology in a democratic community? Do not we in the West take into account that this is a freedom?

Tarek Heggy is a well know business leader and a liberal philosopher in Egypt. He lectures at several universities in the West, and has written more than 20 books that have attracted considerable attention and debate and lives with death threats. Islamists tried to burn down his office. He comes from a religious Muslim family.


“Both represented for me the type of Muslims we have less and less of today. They were modern people. They were Muslims. They use to pray five times a day, went to haj, but she also taught me to read French literature, European literature and she was not veiled, and for them religion was religions period.

I believe in the right of everybody to do what he wants. The lady who wants to wear Hijab, it’s up to her. But [it] is not as simple as [that]. There are people who are pushing more women to wear the veil because this is the emblem, this is the logo of a certain political wave.

The more, the more veiled women with us, the better we are as a political entity, in Europe. Because this is the Logo. The Hijab is the logo, of, it’s the brand name of Islamisim.”


Many support the use of the hijab in Norway. Because they believe it’s about tolerance and support for multicultural society. Isn’t this an important argument?


If they understood why the woman are veiled, they would see the truth. It’s not just a sign as the Jewish cap. It means: “I am a Muslim woman. I am better than you Western naked woman. You follow Satan while I follow the great Allah since I am covered.”

They want to enhance their own superiority and that they have a higher rank.

Does the West accept ranking of people by religion?


The left wing in Egypt is waging a two front struggle. On one side against those who are in power in the country and on the other front against the growing Islamism and Muslim Brothers.

Where is the office of Rifat Al Said? There.

I’ll meet Rifat Al Said. He is the leader of Al Tadjamma, a leftist democratic party. In fourteen years he was in prison under the political regime in the country. I tell him that many on the Left in the West support the Muslim Brothers because they are in opposition to the regimes in Middle East.


“Political Idiocy.

This idiocy exists here as well. Some people believe that because we are against the present government and says that is corruption that it favors the rich, and that it refuses to introduce social rights, we must ally ourselves with all the others who are against it. Even if we have two different parties, you don’t need to support the other. One can be the opposite of both.

We are against the present government. We are against Islamization. We work for a third alternative. We want to bring together all national, democratic, progressive and liberal forces to create an authentic Egyptian home.


“There is a fundamental disagreement between the Left and the Muslim Brothers. The Left should not support the Muslim Brothers, because Muslim Brothers destroy everything that the Left stands for. How can I support someone who is against me? That’s my opinion.

“The Muslim Brotherhood’s identity is control and repression; they make people into objects, they put themselves over others, inferiority, loyalty. They follow the same patterns that created Nazism and Fascism.”


In Oslo I listen to Tareq Ramadan. His is the grandson of Hassan Al Banna.


“Thank you. Can you hear me. Is that okay?”


He launches his latest book in Norwegian. He is received as a liberal reformer and a spokesman for moderate Muslims.


“Because tolerance is not equality. Tolerance is: I suffer your presence.”


I have repeatedly asked him to speak in this film about his relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood. But he doesn’t answer me.


“Tariq Ramadan to me is a fox. He is very good at deceiving people. He does believe in all the teaching of the Muslim Brotherhood which was established by his grandfather. His father was an active member in it. He grew up in this atmosphere. He adopted the same policies and tactics for the Muslim Brotherhood. But he’s very intelligent man and he uses his intelligence to deceive European politicians.”


The Muslim Brother’s leader says it is not essential that you are a registered member of the organization.


“Those who believe in the Muslim Brothers fundamental idea, is a Muslim Brother. This person should serve the country he lives, and comply with laws and regulations by the Muslim Brother’s principle’s.”


Tariq Ramadan represents the Muslim Brother’s ideology?


“He thinks he is using the Muslim Brother’s perspective and he is convinced of the Muslim Brother’s ideology. But he spreads the word in his own way. We give people the freedom to express their understanding in exactly the ways they want.


“Those who choose one like Tariq Ramadan to be a representative of the moderate “shoot themselves in the foot”. Why? Because you have set the goat to look after the oat sack.


I am fascinated by the Islam I grew up with. I remember my childhood and the sacred celebrations in the mosques. The imam who gave us candy to come back. The stories he told of Moses, Abraham and Jesus. Islam was a religion and a good conscience. I don’t recognize myself in Islam screaming in the streets shouting “Allah u Akhbar” “God is Great” and encouraging hatred, power and invasion. The Islamists have hijacked Islam’s innocence.

The poor are the Muslim Brother’s strongest support. They are popular. They build orphanages and schools and hospitals.


“The greatest danger is the development of the Muslim Brother social power. The Muslim Brother’s self-confidence increases, it does not deteriorate. Unfortunately, this does not apply for the masses, because the masses are too religious and the difficult conditions make them believe that religion is the only way out.


“Nursery schools for Muslims. Islamization of social services. A hospitalization for Muslims inside a mosque and no woman allowed to enter with a veil. Islamic schools. Islamic social institutions. This is the religionization of life.


“I am a Muslim who respects Islam. I respect Islam as a religion. I do not know the Islam they express. And what they express is special cultural status. They say that god reigns. It’s nice words.

Who tells us what is god’s will? They.

We are in the hands of groups that cannot be questioned.


I’m on a journey in Yemen, one of the world’s poorest countries. The people are friendly, generous, and hospitable.

A man contacts me and has something important to say. He shows me letters and pictures that he believes documents that the government violates human rights. He is an idealist. I am drunk with joy to meet such a brave man.

But suddenly I get an impulse. I ask about his political affiliation.


“My political stand? I prefer not to mention my political point of view when it comes to human rights.

Human rights are for all people. The political party is for you, for me, but human rights apply to everyone.”


I ask him again and have my suspicions confirmed.


“If you insist on mentioning my political party, I belong to an Islamic party, Yemenite congregation for reform, one of the largest opposition parties in Yemen.


He belongs to a party of the Muslim Brotherhood. Therefore, I ask him if there is a conflict between Islam and human rights.


“No. Human rights does not collide with Islam. Never!


Then I ask what happens if a person converts from Islam to Christianity.


“In reality we rarely encounter this problem in Yemen. There is no one who converts from Islam to Christianity, this is a rare problem. Because everyone knows that sharia is the law that applies to this.


You are a human rights activist, if a person converts from Islam to Christianity, Judaism or Buddisim, or was an atheist, would you defend him? Or are you saying this clashes with Sharia law?


“I will tell you the truth. Here is Yemen, quite frankly, if someone converts from their religion, because Yemen is ruled by sharia law, he must convert to Islam otherwise he is executed.

To be honest, I know my rights, I am for all these rights. Being religious makes up one percent of that.

It is a good thing to be involved in the 99%, and disagree with the 1%.


So they will divide the human rights and remove individual freedom when it collides with their own understanding of Islam. I ask the Muslim Brother’s leader about this.


“The Islamic Human Rights are much deeper than what we hear about the UN’s human rights. That is a statement with many untruths. The Muslim Brothers and Islam are more advanced than that. This religion that protects a person to such a high degree. There are no other agreements either the UN nor anyone else that is as comprehensive as it. The UN allows adultery and homosexuality, and so on and you are talking to me about human rights?


The Muslim Brothers speak about human rights but these rights do not apply for those who violate Islam’s commandments. How do we solve this paradox? The solution is double speak; to speak in two tongues.


“The Muslim Brother’s disguise themselves as chameleons. They assume any form and color, but they do not change their attitudes. They have an angel’s face, with teary eyes and beautiful words, while they still have venom in their hearts. They talk about the West in a civilized manner while they use Islamic language here.

Poor West does not understand our language. We have expressions that are unknown in the West.


“So they always use double talk. It’s a kind of taquia, hypocrisy. Call it whatever you want to call it, but they all use this tactic.

You can never, you can never get a straight answer from them.


When Islamists are talking about freedom and democracy do they really mean it?


“Not in any way. They do not believe in freedom at all.

There is no Islamic authority that respects freedom, or democracy.


But self-appointed Muslim spokesmen in Europe say they are supporters of democracy.


“They say they are for democracy. ‘We want a state built upon democratic values.’ Just [with] an Islamic twist. What does it mean? They answer: “Implementation of Sharia law”.


“The biggest problem that faces Europe today is the following: Democracy is the most important produce Europe has ever produced. More important than Albert Enstein. More important than scientific achievements. The best achievement that Europe ever produced is democracy. Because all other products were produced in a democratic environment.

This product is threatened.”


Democracy holds the possibility of its own destruction. The Muslim Brotherhood exploits [this].

They are using countless organizations as their tools. Behind it all are the Muslim Brotherhood’s international network.


“They’re using a lot of organizations as a front for the Muslim Brotherhood. They don’t say it’s a Muslim Brotherhood organization. They give them familiar names to confuse the people and they form not just one or two organizations, they form, five – six – seven organizations with the same aim, just different names.


Through these organizations they influence the policy in these western countries. They use democracy as a vehicle to get them where they want to be, and then they’ll ban the parties.”



“There is an international organization. For example, they have people who speak their case in London. This is generally known.


Have the Muslim Brother’s international organization a political goal?


“Of course. They cannot have ideological control in other countries without having political control.


The Muslim Brotherhood’s leader confirms that the organization’s objectives is political control, also in Europe.


“There will be a long way to go before we are able to take control in Europe. Europe is now busy with their own interests. Busy occupying other nations. Busy to impose their own agenda on others. In Europe we present our religion as we understand it, for ordinary people. We will not compete with any. Nor will we share power with any. This is not going to happen. Long time before the Europeans understand that their leaders impose them, attitudes and principles that we do not agree in”


Socialist leader Rafit Al Said knows the head of the Muslim Brothers very well.


“Mahdi Akef and I are friends. How did it happen? We served together in Wahaat Prison. He was 17 years in prison, and I served 14 years.

When he became leader he came to me in an attempt to open communication channels etc.

Once I whispered to him: ” You will never rule this country. Don’t think about it.” 47:40

He answered: “You are naïve. I don’t want to be the leader. But when all the women wear hijab, and all the men wear beards, they will plead with me to lead them.”



I’m back in Norway. We celebrate the constitution, and love Norway and our freedom.

This day is the day of Henrik Wergeland and I glimpsed the shadow of his spirit in a place among the celebratory. This was Wergeland’s dream. This was the Norwegian people’s dream.

Will we defend this freedom?

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