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Using the Munich Massacre to “Push the Palestinian Issue Into the World View” … Exposing “German complicity in the Munich killings”

It is remarkable the extent to which Israel have been forced into silence again, and again, and again.  Through the years, interim survival necessitated the truth be suppressed .  Today, the legacy of that silence is costing the Israelis and Jews everywhere dearly.  Jews are being targeted. Lives are being lost. And more will.

While Israel is put under a microscope, is continually demonized in the media and by so many on the Left (apparently pathologically incapable of critical thought when it comes to Jews), Germany has been free to act, and act it has with little to no meaningful scrutiny — and near absolute impunity.

Munich 1972 – Further Disclosures (excerpt)

…Despite the still-vivid images of masked terrorists on the balconies of the Olympic Village and a burned-out helicopter on the tarmac at the NATO airbase at Fürstenfeldbruck, there was already active but secret diplomatic communication between Germans and Palestinians.

West German representatives were talking to men like Abu Youssef, Ali Salameh and Amin al-Hindi, all of them masterminds of the Munich murders. Even the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), which is obligated to prosecute criminals, was involved in meetings, according to documents in the Political Archives of the German Foreign Ministry and the Federal Archive in the western city of Koblenz.

Although the Munich attack involved multiple murders, the language in the files oddly downplays what happened there. Then-Chancellor Brandt is quoted as saying that the Olympic massacre was a “crazy incident,” while Paul Frank, a state secretary in the Foreign Ministry, refers to it simply as the “events in Munich.” Diplomats and senior Interior Ministry officials upgraded the status of Black September by calling it a “resistance group” — as if its acts of terror had been directed against Hitler and not Israeli civilians.

At the Foreign Ministry, in particular, some officials were apparently very sympathetic to the Palestinians. Walter Nowak, the German ambassador to Lebanon, once told Abu Youssef that the Germans were a people “with a substantial number of refugees,” because of the fact that ethnic Germans had been expelled from parts of Central and Eastern Europe after World War II. (Nowak himself was born in Silesia, which is now part of Poland, back when it belonged to Germany.) This, he added, made them more understanding of the Palestinian situation than other nations.

This didn’t change when the French police arrested one of the main culprits in 1977. Abu Daoud, a teacher from Jerusalem, had coordinated the Black September operation in Munich and left the country on the morning of the attack. When the German Justice Ministry received an inquiry from Paris as to whether there was any interest in an extradition, it referred the request to the relevant authorities in Bavaria.

What happened after that remains one of the secrets of the former West Germany. It is clear that the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) cooperated with the PLO, as evidenced by a telex from the embassy in Beirut reporting on a meeting between Terrorist Hindi and a BKA official on June 14, 1980. According to the message, Hindi complained that the press had gotten wind of the connections between the PLO and the BKA. He also claimed that the leak was on the German side. An indiscretion like this could jeopardize cooperation, Hindi threatened, telling the BKA official that either the two organizations “continue working together in secret, or not at all.”

Anyone with the ability for critical thought, should have always been able to smell a rat regarding Jewish athletes being killed in a German city. It is fairly obvious just how excited that action would have made certain older Germans at the time, including many ‘former’ Nazis still working in German intelligence. The neo-Nazi who has confirmed his involvement with Black September, has said he was requested to drive the Islamic extremists around Germany in order to gain them false documents (an intelligence specialism). […]

Black September were useless, inexperienced and uneducated, chaotic, and incapable of even the basic task of booking a hotel in Munich. Hence, the Nazi support for booking the hotel and arranging fake documents. In fact, a running joke in Israeli and British forces during the 1960s and 1970s was that most of the Islamic terrorists at the time were so thick, uneducated, illiterate and badly trained, that they would frequently throw grenades at British troops in Aden or Suez, or Israeli troops at home, without removing the pin.

Another element in the disclosure which supports the above theory, is the inherent difficulty of achieving what Black September achieved in Munich.

The site where the Israeli athletes were staying was essentially part of the Munich Olympic Village. Teams from all over the world were staying at the same site, yet Black September not only managed to stroll past security and enter the building, but the they entered the correct building, and found the correct rooms where the Israelis were staying.

The disclosure revealed that the Munich Criminal Police explicitly stated in their report that Black September had “not conducted any precise reconnaissance before the attack.”

This was hidden from the public for 40 years, and would make the above very difficult to achieve indeed – without local help. The fact that the Munich Public Prosecutor at the time had launched an investigation against the head of Police, Manfred Schreiber and his team leader, for “suspected negligent manslaughter” has also been hidden until now.

Once you consider German complicity in the Munich killings, all the other details fall together; from the release of various terrorists from German custody, to seemingly staged hijackings of German aircraft.

Why? Because these Islamic terrorist were working for German intelligence in the first place. They were useful idiots.

Germany was pushing the Palestine issue into the world view via the Olympic murders, by blaming Israel.

Germany was also showing her solidarity with Islamic terror, to keep her covert relationships with nazi-derived and trained terror groups functioning.

Many nazis still in German intelligence at the time of Munich would have been sickened by the idea of Jewish Israelis competing in Munich. To them, this would have been the ultimate insult.