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Bill Clinton, NATO, and Irans’ Jihad against Serbs | Were these Islamic terrorists really the new Jews of Europe?

“While covering the CIA for the Los Angeles Times and later the New York Times, I found that patiently listening to my sources paid off in unexpected ways. During one interview, a source was droning on about a minor bureaucratic battle inside the CIA when he briefly referred to how then-President Bill Clinton had secretly given the green light to Iran to covertly ship arms to Bosnian Muslims during the Balkan wars. The man had already resumed talking about his bureaucratic turf war when I realized what he had just said and interrupted him, demanding that he go back to Iran. That led me to write a series of stories that prompted the House of Representatives to create a special select committee to investigate the covert Iran-Bosnia arms pipeline.

James Risen – The Biggest Secret
The Intercept, 3 September 2018

Serbs sought to defend themselves against a US – British – German- Turkish-Iranian backed Islamic onslaught in the Balkans. For this, for fighting for their families, their homes, their villages, against Islamic extremists they were condemned.  What would you do if you found a whole village raised to the ground, and the families that lived their slaughtered, literally butchered, even the children, and the elderly?


A terrorist recruitment video distributed through British Mosques during the 90’s. 3 “British” Muslims describe how they are enjoying their “Jihad against the Serbs” as a great holiday where they eat ice cream and kebabs amongst the piles of dead bodies they and their fellow Jihadis have left in their wake. They are part of a division called the El Mujahideen (Odred El Mudžahidin), foreign volunteers that operated as part of the Bosnian army. This was a group of up to 6000 foreign Islamic fighters who came from Europe, Africa, Asia and beyond to assist in establishing an Islamic state out of the former Yugoslavia under the command of the Bosnian president Alija Izetbegović. The Jihad was funded through various western and Saudi Islamic “charities”. They committed horrific massacres and war crimes against Serbian civilians in what they considered was a Jihad for Allah. They were given air support, weapons and supplies by NATO forces and were backed up by solders from many western countries.