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‘Re-imagining’ genocide, Outsourcing the Holocaust to ‘Palestinian’ Arabs


What mother wouldn’t be thrilled at that thought of her 17-year-old son sneaking into a young girl’s bedroom —a young Jewish girl’s bedroom–and stabbing her to death as she lay snug in her bed, peacefully sleeping?

What mother wouldn’t delight in the knowledge that a 13-year-old girl’s last moments of life –a 13-year-old Jewish girl’s last moments of life–were filled with terror and excruciating pain because her son decided to plunge his knife into her young body over, and, over, and over again until her bed was soaked with her blood, and found splattered across the walls and the floor.

What mother wouldn’t proudly hail her son as a national “Palestinian” hero, and urge other “Palestinian” boys to emulate him for slaughtering–not just any girl–but a young Jewish girl.

Wouldn’t you?

It’s almost impossible to conceive of such a ghoulish woman, and the wretched, ugly, twisted soul that resides within her, that reared the depraved human horror that was her son.

One can’t help but hope such a woman– this mother–is a nightmarish anomaly, a rare, if horrifying defect in humanity, more likely coming from the warped imaginings of a Hollywood screenwriter, than real life.

But she isn’t.  She’s real. She’s the mother of Muhammad Taraireh, the 17-year-old boy who murdered 13-year-old Hallel Yaffa Ariel in her bed for being Jewish.

In fact, this woman is the living embodiment of “Palestinian” motherhood, and she is not alone.

Palestinian Mother of Muhammad Taraireh

Guided by their Islamic values, many Arab “Palestinian” mothers are warmly embraced, revered, and handsomely rewarded– most notably by their leaders, religious and political, for having reared a veritable army of rabidly Jew hating killer children.

Too many Arabs in the land of the Jews take delight in hunting their Jewish neighbors, slaying them for acclaim, and profit.  The blood, the gore, the maiming and dismemberment titillate and arouse.

No Arab child is too young to partake in the death and carnage, the evidence of which is found on lavish display everywhere in the fictional country of “Palestine”: In schools and mosques, on television and social media, and around the dinner table. One need look no further than Gaza to see the impact such a ghoulish diet has on the mind of a child, and society.

Palestinian boy with knife

Why else the obscene, orgasmic celebrations in the streets after every successful kill?

Most believe the Holocaust ended with the fall of the Third Reich. In fact, it has been ongoing and continues to this day. It lives on in the “Palestinian” movement. That’s its purpose.

From the cradle to their often early graves, they – the “Palestinians”- are urged to kill the Jewish people. At will. Indiscriminately — utterly confident in the knowledge, Britain, Germany, the United Nations, the EU, and yes, the United States will continue to handsomely reward the killers and their families for the commission of these grisly deeds as well as sponsor the leaders, media, NGOs, and UN agencies that incite them.

Once this is recognized — seen for what it actually is — the otherwise inexplicable behavior of the Arabs make sense.

After World War II death camps fell out of favor; once exposed, the method was necessarily retired. A new means was devised.  Exiled German Nazis recognized it immediately: exploiting Islam’s ancient animus towards the Jews. As the world was rebuilding from the war, these German “Patriots”, as they called themselves, and their sympathizers were regrouping, reorganizing, never losing sight of their objectives, and how they could achieve them.

The Holocaust–the Nazi Final Solution– was outsourced, revamped and repackaged. Today the extermination of the Jewish people is carried out under the guise of a Third World “resistance”, under the banner of the Nazi contrived “Palestinian” movement.

Gas chambers have given way to Arab girls and boys with knives, joined by men and women with axes, automobiles and suicide belts.

Palestinian boys taught to kill with a knife

True. The number of victims, the kill ratio, fell off dramatically after the war (in fairness, one would be hard pressed to compete with the efficiency of Germany’s industrial scale death mills).

But, the extermination of Jews continued.

In fact, Arabs, each and every one, living in the indigenous homeland of the Jews has been duly deputized by their leaders, their god, and their wealthy foreign sponsors to carry out these murders.

The Islamic world provides a vast, self-replenishing army of executioners.  Why bother building death camps and gas chambers?  As the American lawyer for the PLO, John V Whitbeck, astutely noted, this is a far more “cost effective”.

They understand their purpose, the goal: Jewish extermination, and Israel’s annihilation — effectively one and the same.

That’s what they’re getting paid for.

That’s why they, their leaders, have rejected “Palestinian” nationhood time and time again.  That’s why Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders can offer concessions and continually call their bluff.   They know, they all know, that the call for a independent “Palestinian” state is a sham: A pretext.   They, like the donors who finance them, don’t want a state, they want the Holocaust to continue — piecemeal if necessary.

And it is. As it has.

Any attempt to deconstruct this insidious “Palestinian” narrative, to expose it for what it, and its vile Nazi contrived origins are met with howls of outrage and indignation. Censorship of the truth is increasingly enforced with violence, by the latest crop of sanctimonious jackboots, most notably amongst Progressives, activists, liberal minded academics, joined by the Vatican, Liberal Jews, Protestants, the new purveyors of the Final Solution.

While the “international community” expresses faint outrage, they funnel billions more into this deadly cause, always sure to obscure what it is they’re really financing, and how it comingles with that of Iran’s. Killing Jews has wide support, and broad appeal. These days, it unites the Left the Far Right as well as Iran’s Ayatollahs, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Klu Klux Klan, and the Western academic elite.

What could be better?

The truth is out there, yet largely scrubbed from the popular discourse, from corporate and alternative media, removed in lieu of revisionist, wholesale fabrications, and falsehoods all crafted to confuse, mislead, confound, and ultimately conform to a cause that has this chief, overriding objective:

Death to the Jewish people. Death to Jewish history. Death to Jewish culture. Death to Jewish tradition. Death to Jewish beliefs. 

Death to every last Jewish man, woman, and 13-year-old girl asleep in her bed.

Young Hallel Yaffa Ariel may not have died in a gas chamber, but she needs to be recognized for what she is: A victim of the Holocaust.


Ofra Haza | “For all the Holocaust victims: Kaddish”



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