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PLO Lawyer Opines For Murder of Jews: “The current low-tech, knives-and-screwdrivers violence… may be most effective and lowest-cost form of violence”

stabbing attacks cctvPLO attorney John V Whitbeck argues that random, murderous attacks against Jewish Israelis is the most cost-effective means of expelling them.  He’s arguing for ethnic cleansing through terror.

Imagine if this were being proposed to Europeans seeking to rid Europe of the deluge of Arabs arriving by the tens of thousands each day.

Imagine a lawyer of international law openly suggesting that the best way to stave off the wave of  Arabs flooding their homelands, overwhelming their cities, villages and towns in Austria, Italy, France, Germany and Greece, would be through perpetrating random acts of violence against men, women, and childrenstabbing attacks cctv 2 —  say by running them down with their cars and trucks, as the Arabs in Israel do to the Jews.

What if an attorney wrote op-eds telling the local Greeks, Germans, and Austrians, that the best, most cost effective way they could get the thousands of foreign nationals to leave their lands, would through teaching their youth to stab them if they see them waiting for a bus or a train?

Imagine the condemnation.

Israeli Jews, of course, aren’t foreign nationals.  They are, in fact, the indigenous people of the region.  The Arabs are not; they came to the ancient lands of the Jewish people as conquerors, just as they did in North Africa, Spain, Iran, and present day Iraq: And now all of Europe.

Nevertheless, when it comes to attacks on the Jews such violence is deemed acceptable.  Few express horror and outrage.  The world has been conditioned to accept it.  And any cause, no matter how trivial, contrived, fabricated, or imagined, is justification enough.

What I see is that tolerance for killing Jews is soaring to levels not seen since World War II, finding validation, and approval, and even encouragement from so many progressive, liberal minded “activists” all too ready—in a perverse demonstration of their heightened commitment to “social justice”—to empathize with a depraved killer of tiny preschoolers even as he carefully captured their last terrified moments of life with a video camera strapped to his chest so that countless others might also know the thrill of hunting down and killing Jewish children at point blank range in this 21st Century revival of Cinéma Vérité.

The rationale is always the same: were it not for Israel, it wouldn’t have happened. The existence of a Jewish homeland, according to “progressives”, now serves, as a blanket amnesty for virtually every kind of unspeakable atrocity committed against Jewish civilians, anywhere, by anyone—if their killers can be deemed Muslim. .

To quote one Jewish commentator: “Europeans don’t kill Jews with their own hands now, but with other people’s…” Muslims have become the ideal surrogate for European anti-Semitism—the righteous executioners of the Jews.


Thus Whitbeck’s open call to literally butcher Jewish men, women and children  with knives, and axes is met with silence.

This is an explicit call to genocide.  Yawn…

PLO lawyer says Pals have no choice but to murder Israelis – to get much-needed attention

John V. Whitbeck is a lawyer who has advised the PLO. He is openly anti-Zionist, and is on the record as believing that 9/11 was an “inside job.” He also has said that Jews in Israel should be encouraged to move to other countries so Arabs can take over.

Naturally, Arab media outlets love an American-born supposed international law expert. (So does France24, where he is a frequent guest.)

He writes for Ma’an:

This comfortable situation for Jewish Israelis, with the occupation being essentially free of costs and even inconvenience, must change. It could change either through nonviolent economic and political pressure sustained by the Western world or through violent insecurity sustained by the occupied Palestinian people.

European states could apply meaningful and intensifying economic sanctions to Israel until it complies with international law and relevant UN resolutions and withdraws fully from occupied Palestine. Simultaneously, European states could apply strict visa regulations to all Israelis, requiring those seeking to visit Europe to provide clear documentary evidence that they neither live nor work in occupied Palestine.

In light of the years that the European Union has spent agonizing over even properly labeling the produce of illegal settlements sold in Europe, there can be scant optimism that European politicians will soon see it as in their personal interests to play such a principled and constructive nonviolent role.

Unfortunately, that leaves only violent insecurity. While one cannot advocate violence against civilians, one can nevertheless hope that such violence as does occur is limited in nature and produces constructive results. The current low-tech, knives-and-screwdrivers violence, producing a great deal of fear and anxiety but relatively few Jewish Israeli fatalities, may be the most effective and lowest-cost form of violence capable of producing the essential change in Jewish Israeli perceptions of their own interests.

If seemingly random and unpredictable attacks on Jewish Israelis were to continue for a significant period of time, they just might cause a critical mass of Jewish Israelis to conclude that perpetual occupation and oppression are not, in fact, the best of all possible worlds for them and that the quality of their lives would be enhanced by ending the occupation and permitting the Palestinian people to enjoy the same freedom and human dignity – whether in two states or in one – that Jewish Israelis demand for themselves. Yes, this international lawyer has just written his official justification for terrorism. But only the type of terrorism that he approves, that gets the proper results.

You have to break a few eggs, or kill a few Jews, to make a really delicious omelet.

Whitbeck doesn’t think it is worth mentioning that many of the attacks are happening within the Green Line. He doesn’t seem to think that perhaps the wave of attacks is forcing Israelis to re-evaluate whether Palestinian Arabs could ever be a peace partner, and is pushing them to the right.

Which means, in Whitbeck’s bizarre worldview, if Israelis are too stubborn to give in to terror as he demands, then the terror will have to be ratcheted up, and up again, until they realize that they must do the right thing that the murderers want them to do. Because “occupation” is a far worse evil than murdering lots and lots of Jews.

Whitbeck is a truly disgusting person.