Fascism / Leftist betrayal

“FUCK YOU! SHUT YOUR MOUTH!” | Students seek to silence and prevent others from hearing Professor Jordan Peterson at McMaster University (Videos)

Peterson - shitstain poster

“You deserve to be silenced by people who don’t want ignorant & harmful ideas spread in their communities. We often don’t bother to debate these ideas, because, like the ideas of all fearmongering & hateful people, they can’t be debated.”

— excerpt from “Shitstain Peterson?!?” poster reportedly circulated around McMaster University

“Go to the library! Read great people!

Write! So that you learn to think.

Talk!  So that you learn how to speak.

It will make you unbelievably powerful!  That’s what university is for…

Nothing’s more powerful than articulate speech!


— Professor Jordan Peterson

Whatever your views on Jordan Peterson, this, what took place at this event at McMaster University is terrifying.

“Today a university is the one place outside of religion where you’re guaranteed to find people with rigid, unexamined ideas, deaf to argument, and blind to evidence.

— Pat Condell