BLACK LIVES MATTER / Haiti / Hillary Clinton / Leftist betrayal

“The Clintons have destroyed Haiti for decades…they are our number-one enemies” | Interview with Haitian American Joseph Mathieu (Video)

Haitian American Activist Joseph Mathieu

“The Clintons pretend to be our friends, but in reality they are destroying Haiti… Haiti have oil, more oil than Venezuela…Haiti have gold, one of the largest gold mines in the Caribbean…

And who do you think is in charge of our gold right now?  Tony Rodham. Hillary Clinton’s brother.   Bill Clinton destroyed our rights so his brother can sell our rights from Arkansas…

The Clintons are the ones who are running Haiti..”  — Haitian American Joseph Mathieu 

Why isn’t Black Lives Matter protesting in support of the Haitian people against the Clintons?

Why are its leaders, instead,  doing photo-ops and  meeting with Hillary Clinton?

Like the Clintons, Black Lives Matters also enjoys extraordinary support from George Soros and the Muslim Brotherhood, the parent organization of Hamas with whom they have partnered.

What, than, is Black Lives Matters real purpose?

Do black lives really matter to Black Lives Matter?  Apparently, not if your Haitian.

Why did Hillary Clinton’s boss President Obama allow the wholesale rape of Haiti and its people  to continue — unabated — throughout his time in office?

This isn’t racist?

This is a must see interview.  Watch.