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Another Muslim family caught keeping slaves in U.S. | Texas Judge Orlando Garcia bans Muslim couple from United States – Why not prison?


Hassan al-Homoud and his wife Zainab al-Hosani treated the two women they brought to the United States as domestic help with shocking depravity.  It is clear, they regarded these women as less than human.  They imprisoned and exploited them without pay, forcing them to labor as their personal slaves, their property in the “family home”.   According to  Doha News ,

Each day, the women were taken from their apartment – to which they had no key – to the family home, where they worked as housekeepers.

They were only allowed to eat leftovers, but they limited themselves to what they ate and drank as they were not allowed to use the toilets in the family home, the statement said.

In the claim, the Indonesian helper alleged that Al Hosani beat her with a stick on one occasion when she caught her going through the trash looking for food.

When they were not working, the women said they were told to sit inside the home’s garage in a plastic structure similar to a portable shed. A neighbor reportedly said she heard crying coming from the garage, Express News reported. abusing-household-staff/

Most Americans treat their pets with greater compassion.

From the looks of the wife and mother Zainab, seen dressed so modestly and nun-like in photographs, they were likely a pious family, devout Allah fearing followers of Muhammad.  Yet, the repugnant, sadistic, criminal behavior of Hassan al-Homoud and Zainab al-Hosani towards the two migrant workers working in their home is hardly aberrant. Many scholars, clerics, and Arab dissidents argue their behavior is religiously sanctioned, consistent with Islamic scripture and tradition–and has been proudly, widely, and openly practiced for some 14 centuries in all the lands conquered, raided, and occupied by Muslim armies.

tidiane-ndiayeSpeaking about the Muslim slave trade in Africa,  Tidiane N’Diaye, a FrancoSenegalese anthropologist, economist and writer and author of the book, Veiled Genocide, explains:.

“The Arabs and the North Africans were racists. They despised the Black people. Which is why they didn’t allow them to have any children in their countries.

…this enslavement happened in the name of Allah.  The Koran has never inhibited slavery.  On the contrary, many passages in the Koran encourage the enslavement of non-Muslims.  There has never been a single Arab intellectual who has advocated the cause of Blacks…”

In fact, the brutal, exploitive, inhumane enslavement of migrant domestic workers is pervasive  in the Arab – Islamic world as  Doha News  suggests in a story about this case:

It is likely that such an abuse case would be treated differently in Qatar, where domestic help is not covered by the labor law. Just months ago, officials in Doha and from across the GCC backed away from plans to introduce a common contract for domestic workers in the region.

It had been hoped that this legislation would have addressed the exploitation of women, nannies and cooks in homes in the Gulf.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian government said last month that it would ban its nationals from taking jobs as domestic staff in 21 MENA countries, including Qatar. This was being done to “protect the human values and dignity of the nation,” the manpower minister said.

Judge Orlando GarciaAl-Homoud and his wife al-Hosani  should be in prison.

Instead, they were let off, deported without serving time.

This has been defended as positive move by the Judge Orlando Ortega.  Some bloggers are reporting Judge Ortega justified his ruling by expressing a fear that the Qatari-Emirati couple’s would receive an early release for good behavior.

Why not imprisonment and than deportation?

Any guesses as to whether they will reoffend back in Qatar, considering that their treatment of these women is apparently accepted practice in the Arab world ?

Imagine what their children were witness to day in and day out.   Shouldn’t they have been removed from this home?


Qatar Slaves - Guardian headline

Migrant labor face exploitation and extreme abuse in Qatar and other wealthy Gulf countries.  Conditions are appalling. Workers are dying.

Qatar, incidentally, is also a proud and generous supporter of Hamas which is guilty of using young Arab children to build their tunnels.  Well over a hundred Arab “Palestinian” children have lost their lives this way.

Department of Justice
U.S. Attorney’s Office
Western District of Texas

Friday, December 11, 2015

Qatar Military Official and Wife Plead Guilty to Federal Charges

In San Antonio today, a military official from Qatar pleaded guilty to visa fraud and his wife pleaded guilty to misprision of a felony involving two domestic employees who were also citizens of foreign countries announced United States Attorney Richard L. Durbin, Jr., and Special Agent in Charge Shane Folden, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in San Antonio.

According to court records, 46-year-old Hassan Al-Homoud and his 39–year-old wife, Zainab Al-Hosani, a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, along with their children, currently reside in San Antonio while Al-Homoud is attending military training at Camp Bullis.  In mid-2014, the defendants allegedly brought with them to the U.S. two females–a housemaid and a servant who worked for the family.  The housemaid is a citizen of Indonesia; the servant is a citizen of Bangladesh.  Both were in the U.S. on visas sponsored by Al-Homoud.  By pleading guilty, the defendants admitted that they falsified the documents required to secure the visas for the two women.

The workers’ circumstances were discovered by an officer of the San Antonio Police Department in early April, when he encountered one of the workers in apparent distress along Camp Bullis Rd.  This led law enforcement officers to a nearby apartment occupied by the workers, furnished with only a pallet on the floor for sleeping.

Statutorily, the defendants face up to ten years in federal prison.  However, pursuant to the plea agreement, provided the terms and conditions are satisfied including restitution to each of the victims, Al-Houmoud will be placed on probation for five years, and his wife for three years. Both remain on bond pending sentencing scheduled for February 9, 2016, before United States District Judge Orlando Garcia in San Antonio.  Further, in accordance with the plea agreement, both of them will be immediately removed from the U.S. following sentencing.

This case was investigated by Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in San Antonio.  Assistant United States Attorney Bettina Richardson is prosecuting this case on behalf of the Government.

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