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Bill Clinton’s legacy | Bosnia – Islam influence increases (12 Sep 1996)

Bosnia – Islam influence increases

AP Archive 3.93M subscribers (12 Sep 1996) T/I 11:22:45 Western observers have noted increasing signs of the influence of Islam in Bosnia since the ceasefire. The ruling SDA Party sees its best way forward in Bosnia is to maintain a strong Muslim Party to counter the threat of Croatian and Serbian nationalistic parties which want to partition the country. Islam has also been evident in electioneering. SDA rallies are attended by Muslim clerics and are opened with prayers and appeals for Muslim brotherhood.

Veterans of Bill Clinton’s Bosnian Jihad

New Kosovo Indictment Is a Reminder of Bill Clinton’s War Atrocities Against the Serbs | James Bovard

Clinton-Approved Iranian Arms Transfers Help Turn Bosnia into Militant Islamic Base – Congressional Press Release

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As this 1997 congressional press release documents, Bill Clinton’s policies in the former Yugoslavia led to a massive influx of Jihadi terrorists of virtually every variety into Bosnia. They came in support of Alija Izetbegovic, an Islamic extremist and Nazi sympathizer, on the payroll of Iran who had been installed as President of Bosnia by the United States after failing to win election. Continue reading →

Bill Clinton’s “Greenlight” policy to collude with Iran to covertly arm Jihadists in Bosnia (Video)

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“We saw Iranian planes and American planes come in with arms and military equipment… I saw it myself, the planes.”

Thorvald Stoltenberg. former UN Peace Negotiator Continue reading →

Croatian journalist confirms Soleimani fought with Clinton backed Bosnian Muslims in the Balkans in 1993 and 1994

How Bill Clinton, Alija Izetbegovic, and Iran successfully colluded to establish Muslims as the new Jews of Europe

The Clinton Administration’s ‘Wink and Nod’ to Allow Iran into Bosnia April 26, 1996

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Introduction: Promoting Iranian Influence in Bosnia

Although many details await a truthful accounting from the White House, the main outlines of the Administration’s Iran-Bosnia policy were laid out in The Los Angeles Times’ April 4, 1996 report breaking the story:

“President Clinton secretly gave a green light to covert Iranian arms shipments into Bosnia in 1994 despite a United Nations arms embargo that the United States was pledged to uphold and the Administration’s own policy of isolating Tehran globally as a supporter of terrorism, according to senior Administration officials and other sources. Two top U.S. diplomats, acting on instructions from the White House and the State Department, told Croatian President Franjo Tudjman in early 1994 that the United States would not object to the creation of an arms pipeline that would channel the weapons through Croatia and into Bosnia-Herzegovina….after consultations with National Security Adviser Anthony Lake and Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott….The operation continued until January of this year, even after nearly 20,000 American troops began to be deployed as peacekeepers in Bosnia, Clinton Administration officials said.”

“Clinton’s unauthorized war against Serbia is something no American can be proud of…established a dangerous Muslim foothold in Europe” | Mike Scruggs, former officer USAF

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