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Neo-Nazis aligned with German-Muslims of Syrian, Lebanese origin v Israel – an old alliance resurfaces

Neo-Nazis aligned with German-Muslims of Syrian, Lebanese origin v Israel

Germany’s parliament declared BDS an antisemitic campaign in 2019. The EU and the US designated Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, a foreign terrorist organization

The interior ministry of Germany’s most populous state of North Rhine-Westphalia, announced  last month that “strange alliances” were formed to launch antisemitic protests against Israel’s self-defense war against Hamas, including a coalition of German neo-Nazis parties and Germans of Syrian, Turkish and Lebanese origin.

The German journalist, Stefan Frank, who reports on contemporary antisemitism in the federal republic, listed last week the alliance of antisemitic organizations and groups on the website of the Swiss news outlet Audiatur.

The antisemitic network involves “Young people from Syria and Lebanon who join forces with right-wing extremists [Turkish] Grey Wolves,” according to the interior ministry.


“Turkish supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood traditionally support Hamas, who conducted a missile war against Israel,” noted the interior ministry, adding “Also the right-wing extremist scene (neo-Nazis, NPD, and The Right) showed solidarity with Palestine.”


The NPD is an abbreviation for the main neo-Nazi party in Germany, The National Democratic Party of Germany. The Right is a small neo-Nazi party. Both the NPD and the Right support the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions campaign against Israel.


Germany’s parliament declared BDS an antisemitic campaign in 2019. The EU and the US designated Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, a foreign terrorist organization.


A North Rhine-Westphalia government  spokeswoman said the alliance between neo-Nazis and German Arabs had “nothing to do with the fact that the right-wing extremists suddenly became friendly to the Arabs. It’s just the expression of a deep hatred of Jews.”


Palestinian-PLO / Neo-NAZI Collusion – A closer look at a long history

Leading Nazi propagandist urged Europe to unite under Islam according to 1957 CIA report | The ‘epiphany’ and conversion of Johann von Leers | وجماعة الإخوان المسلمين

Al Qaeda’s Neo-Nazi Connections | William G

“The future belongs to the forces of Islam” Major Otto Earnest Remer 1993

“Post-war terrorism has German/Nazi fingerprints all over it.” | جماعة الاخوان المسلمين


German war criminals and Nazi financiers were central to the creation of FATAH – PLO and The Muslim Brotherhood– the parent organization of Hamas, as well as other Arab – Islamic terrorist militias.  A notable figure in this effort was Francois Genoud.  Here are but a few highlights of his career:

Francois Genoud, [was] a member of the Swiss Nazi Party during World War II, who assisted Allen Dulles from 1943-45 in negotiations to redeploy Nazi intelligence assets into safe havens for later use.

Among those assets was Amt VI, the “foreign nationalities division” of SS General Walter Schellenberg’s Sicherheitsdienst (SD), consolidating both the Second Division of Admiral Canaris’s Abwehr and foreign nationalities division of the Waffen SS that maintained extensive Mideast networks through an alliance with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

At the age of 21, Genoud joined the National Front of Switzerland (NFS). NFS was a fascist group associated with Georges Oltramaire’s National Union. Oltramaire’ s family comes from a leading Swiss banking family who have sat for generations on the board of directors of the Lombard Odier Bank of Geneva. This bank became famous for its involvement with the Office of Strategic Services during World War II, dating from Allen Dulles’s assignment in Berne, Switzerland

Genoud also set up contacts between the old Nazi networks and the Palestinians. In April 1969, in Barcelona, at the “Europaiische Neue Ordnung,” a special delegation of Al Fatah spoke on the issue of the “Palestinian Revolution.”

Genoud arranged for the training of AI-Fatah troops by former Nazis such as Karl van de Put of Belgium, formerly of the Afrika Corps, and Johann N. Schuller.

In September 1969, Genoud was involved as lawyer for two Palestinian terrorists who were members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). At this point, he was integrated into the “Arab Union of Lawyers,” led by his old Moroccan friend Youssei. Another important link to Palestinian terrorism was Francois Duprat, the French fascist leader assassinated in 1979, who ran the Franco-Palestinian Association and helped set up the Breton liberation movement.

In the 1970s, Genoud expanded his banking operations and financing of the Nazi International. In 1971, his arms smuggling operations into Lebanon expanded as well.”   Post-War Terrorism & Nazi Money

As detailed  in Post-War Terrorism & Nazi Money, Nazis provided terrorist training, legal defense, arms, and generous financial support for Arab – Islamic terrorists. This involvement was effectively obscured through the liberal, persuasive use of  Marxist, “anti-imperialist,” -anti-racist” ‘liberation’ rhetoric and iconography that provided the necessary cover for their criminal and terrorist activities.

In short, in the aftermath of WWII these terrorist organizations continued to function as ‘stateless’ proxy militias and death squads for post-war Nazis.

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