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British woman arrested for singing in her backyard​ is the #1 site for news junkies, live 18 hours a day…

UK police invade this family’s home, physically force this woman face down on the floor and handcuff her, as her terrified children scream in horror. What is her crime? Singing in her garden.

The silence of the Royal family is deafening. Little wonder, really, as they are, in reality, German and were openly sympathetic to the Third Reich. Meanwhile, Prince Charles is promoting The Great Reset.

Queen nazi salute

German Gotha bombers carried out the strike – by coincidence, the same name as the royal family.”


In fact, it appears the scheme to force Jews into concentration camps has its origins in the ambitions of German royal family, a family which currently holds the throne in the United Kingdom, its identity obscured by having been successfully rebranded the House of Windsor. This little known name change followed the public relations debacle of World War I during which the British people found themselves being bombed by planes named after the royal family…. 

The decision to adopt Windsor as the family name came amid strong anti-German feeling during the first world war. But the turning point was public anger at air raids over London, and in particular the bombing of a school in the East End.

On 13 June 1917, the Germans began daylight raids on Britain and in one of the first attacks 18 children were killed when a bomb fell directly onto Upper North Street School in Poplar. German Gotha bombers carried out the strike – by coincidence, the same name as the royal family.

News of the proposed name change first appeared in the Manchester Guardian in mid-June 1917.

Germany’s royals may have lost the war, but retained the throne in the United Kingdom.  A name change, was clearly a small price to pay.  Meanwhile, other efforts were afoot that would include the imprisonment of the Jews, and the looting of their property– more than a decade before the start of World War II.

german monarchs on horseback

Wilhelm in the uniform of the Prussian Gardes du Corps. George V (right) in the uniform of Garde-Dragoner-Regiment Königen Viktoria von Großbritanien und Irland Nr. 1.

Later, it would emerge that members of the “House of Windsor” would show an embarrassing affection for Hitler and his Nazi regime.

more strange happenings…

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