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Criminalizing opposition to the ruling class elites – Glenn Greenwald speaks to Tucker Carlson


“…the country’s intelligence establishment seems to be salivating at the thought of treating fellow Americans like ISIS” — Tucker Carlson

“they’re talking about it as a second war on terror and that first war on terror, no matter what your views were originally, at the beginning of 9-11 ended up eroding not civil liberties just elsewhere, but here at home as well. One that is born by name of being a domestic war and terror designed to essentially criminalize any oppositional ideology to the ruling class.

There is literally nothing that could be more dangerous…..” — Glenn Greenwald


0:00 [Music] 00:03 not a lot of actual 00:04 policies talked about at the 00:06 inauguration today but the new president 00:08 joe biden did declare 00:09 a brand new war on domestic terrorism 00:12 which does seem like the headline 00:14 we’ve been waiting for this for a little 00:15 while the country’s intelligence 00:17 establishment 00:17 seems to be salivating at the thought of 00:20 treating fellow americans like isis 00:24 no looking forward that the members of 00:26 the the biden team 00:28 who have been nominated or have been 00:30 appointed 00:31 are now moving in laser-like fashion to 00:34 try to uncover as much they can 00:36 about what looks very similar to 00:38 insurgency movements that we’ve seen 00:40 overseas 00:41 where they germinate in different parts 00:43 of a country and they gain strength and 00:45 it brings together an 00:46 unholy alliance frequently of religious 00:49 religious extremists authoritarians 00:52 fascists bigots 00:54 racists nativists even libertarians 00:57 and unfortunately i think there has been 00:58 this momentum that has been generated as 01:00 a result of 01:01 unfortunately the demagogue rhetoric of 01:03 people that’s just 01:04 departed government but also those who 01:06 continue in the halls of congress 01:09 oh an unholy alliance if you will 01:11 because i am stupid i speak exclusively 01:13 in cliches but i was still able somehow 01:15 to run the cia 01:17 which ought to tell you something a lot 01:18 really about the rottenness 01:21 of our system but the headline here is 01:23 insurgents 01:24 what you’re hearing is the people who 01:25 disagree with me or may criticize me are 01:27 in fact insurgents and of course 01:28 politicians love the idea of this brad 01:30 schneider for example is a congressman 01:32 from illinois 01:33 he’s introduced something called the 01:34 domestic terrorism prevention act 01:36 to make it a lot easier to spy on the 01:39 americans who are paying for the spy 01:40 agencies 01:41 watch would you like to see more 01:44 monitoring of radical domestic 01:45 movements well the short answer is yes 01:49 that’s the purpose of this bill 01:52 yeah short answers yes purpose of this 01:54 bill glenn greenwald 01:55 is the most independent of independent 01:57 journalists he writes on sub stack where 01:59 we hope you support him 02:00 he joins us tonight glenn i 02:03 this is starting to make me a little bit 02:05 nervous do the rest of us 02:07 have cause to be concerned about this 02:08 trend 02:12 absolutely a lot of times if you warn of 02:14 a danger you have to 02:16 piece things together in order to 02:17 demonstrate that it’s actually coming in 02:19 this case you don’t have to 02:21 they’re explicitly saying precisely what 02:23 they want to do the thing that struck me 02:25 so much about that john brennan 02:28 video is it would be one thing if they 02:29 were saying look there’s a band of 02:31 people 02:32 20 here 50 over here who wear swastika 02:34 armbands who still are in the kkk 02:37 there’s maybe two thousand we need to 02:39 that’s not what they’re saying what he’s 02:40 saying is the exact opposite every group 02:42 he lifted 02:43 even libertarians it’s essentially he’s 02:45 defining the insurgency 02:47 as anyone who has an ideology other than 02:51 neo-liberalism in other words other than 02:53 the ruling class of you that is about to 02:56 congeal and merge with the power of the 02:59 state and what they’re talking about 03:00 explicitly tucker is using the tools 03:03 that they used 03:04 to take isis off the internet the tools 03:06 that they use to destroy al qaeda 03:08 they’re talking about it 03:09 as a second war on terror and that first 03:12 war on terror no matter what your views 03:14 were 03:14 originally at the beginning of 9 11 03:17 ended up eroding not civil liberties 03:19 just 03:20 elsewhere but here at home as well one 03:22 that is born 03:23 by name of being a domestic war and 03:26 terror designed 03:27 to essentially criminalize any 03:29 oppositional ideology 03:31 to the ruling class there is literally 03:33 nothing that could be more dangerous and 03:36 it’s not fear-mongering 03:37 or alarmism to say it there are bills 03:40 pending by adam schiff as well 03:42 that would simply take the existing war 03:44 on terror legislation always aimed at 03:46 foreign 03:47 governments and foreign actors and 03:49 simply amend it to say we can now do 03:51 that within the united states 03:54 who’s going to stand up in opposition to 03:56 this i don’t see any of the corporate 03:58 republican caucus really even noticing 04:00 i see a lot of people i thought were 04:02 liberal turn out to be not liberal at 04:03 all but more authoritarian 04:05 so how do we prevent this from happening 04:09 any idea well one of the things one of 04:12 the things i’m really hoping for is that 04:14 we can finally get out of enough people 04:17 believing that the way to understand 04:19 washington is democrat versus republican 04:21 and that you side with one team and 04:23 believe they’re on your side and 04:24 defending your interest and the other 04:26 team is your enemy 04:27 it is not true there is a ruling class 04:30 elite that is extremely comfortable with 04:32 the establishment wings of both parties 04:34 they love nancy pelosi and chuck schumer 04:36 every bit as much as they love 04:37 mitch mcconnell and mitt romney and and 04:40 marco rubio and paul ryan 04:42 those are the people who they fund 04:44 equally because those are the people who 04:46 serve their agenda 04:47 then there’s a whole other huge group of 04:49 people at whose expense they rule in 04:52 some of them consider themselves on the 04:53 left and some consider themselves 04:55 on the right and it’s time to break down 04:57 those barriers i was super 04:58 enthused to see a group of eight 05:01 left-wing politicians 05:03 including rashida talib and elian omar 05:06 and others say 05:07 we will not allow a new war on terror 05:09 because we know how dangerous it can be 05:11 let them stand with right-wing members 05:13 to break down 05:14 this artificial false fraudulent prison 05:17 that the way to understand washington is 05:19 thinking that one of the two parties is 05:21 on your side 05:22 neither of them is i feel like a lot of 05:25 people are going to be saving that 05:26 permanently what you just said on their 05:28 dvrs 05:29 and i certainly hope they do because 05:30 you’re right glenn greenwald thank you 05:32 very much about:blank

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