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The Dossier of Eliot Engel: How the main Kosovo Mafia lobbyist in America made a huge profit in New York Real Estate with the help of Albanians

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Albanian blood money pays big dividends for American politicians and lobbyists on both sides of the aisle in the United States. 

There are five ISIS training camps in Kosovo, but that doesn’t bother U.S. Congressman Eliot Engel.  Hacim Thaci, the current ‘president’ of the fake-state of Kosovo, has been identified by NATO and the Council of Europe as the Albanian mafia kingpin of a human organ harvesting, terrorist gun running, and heroin trafficking crime syndicate. He’s also a leader in the brutal sex slave trade of young women and girls who are routinely lured into Kosovo with promises of work, and then beaten, raped, burned with cigarettes, and doped up with narotics until they submit to their exploitation by several men a day. Congressman Engel supports him anyway.  And why not? There’s money to be made, and he’s been personally profiting big-time — just like Madeline Albright and Wesley Clark.



As the Democratic Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs in the U.S. Congress, Eliot Engel holds considerable power, particularly with respect to U.S. foreign policy.  He’s taken large compaign contributions from wealthy Albanians in New York City.  But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. More concerning is the mingling of his real estate investments with his wealthy Albanian donors.  Little wonder, his lobbying efforts on behalf of the Albanian Narco-Terrorists running Kosovo is so agressive. 

These activities likely constitute serious campaign financing violations in the United States. Will he ever be investigated?  Don’t bet on it.

The Dossier of ELIOT Engels

How the main Kosovo lobbyist in America made a huge profit with the help of Albanians and received a ticket to a MILLION-dollar BUSINESS

An Albanian mole in Congress, Eliot Engel, is the way to head the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and the money he received from the Albanians there. And not only that, he was investing in building buildings, and they credited him with buying a condo in New York.

Elliot Angel’s at 116. Congress, the legislative body of the federal Government of the United States, the main bearer of the pro-Albanian agenda.

For 30 years he has been lobbying for Kosovo, and his lobbying has reached the peak of 29. In April, when the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives, as its president, organised public hearing in which the testimonies of the alleged Albanian rape during the Kosovo conflict were organised by the former Kosovo President Atticus Jahjaga.

According to data available, for the last elections 2018. Year, he collected 1.5 million dollars and spent 2.1 million. It spends more than it collects, which is not surprised because it provides financial security to the Albanian donors, and the main among them is the renowned Albanian businessman and lobbyist Hari Bajraktari. His wife is Liza Milicaj, the first American Albanian origin elected to a public, councilor function in New York.

-As the fifth donor of the angel figure company “Arbani Management ” From Brooklyn, owned by Avni Gecaj, who gave him 12,750 dollars. However, the more important role is Bajraktari, with which Angel has long-term co-operation. Bajraktari is the owner of the bronze real estate company in the Bronx, owns dozens of buildings in the Bronx, Manhattan and Yonkers, and is the founder of the National Albanian American Council in Washington and the journals “Illyria “. From 2005. To date, Bajraktari officially gave Angel a donation of 70,000 dollars, but the question is what happens behind the scenes-Specifies the source “Blica “.

That he has jobs that he does not report, and that Angel with Bajraktari has invested in building an exclusive location in the Bronx, but has not reported it. However, he had to formalise his ownership two years later, when the media, quite incidentally, discovered him.

-The building was purchased through the company “E&E Realty Group LLC “, founded by Bajraktari for 430,000 dollars. Angel invested 30,000 dollars and became the owner of 24% of the building. This data has become available thanks to media writing about an undeclared apartment in the basement of a building that is published beyond regulations. According to the latest findings, it was recently put up for sale. Also, Bajraktari is 2011. I had Angelo help buy an apartment, gave him credit for a two-room apartment in New York on Riverdale. It is mentioned to be a significant amount, which goes up to 250,000 dollars–according to our source.

All of this has certainly influenced the overwhelming heart that Angel expresses in the struggle for Albanian rights and the view of resolving the issue of relations between Belgrade and Pristina.

-He is close to Kosovo President Hashim Thaci, but has not shown clear support for the possibility of territorial adjustments. The impression is that independently of a personal relationship with Albanian politicians, his understanding of the compromise framework is about recognising independence with respect for the Serb minority’s rights–reveals the diplomatic source “Blica “.

Apart from the recent hyring, he was among the first to request that Kosovo be given an army but also insists on resolving the Bytyqi case. He was just, together with Congressman Li Zedin, as Sweeters, behind the US Senate decision to adopt a resolution criticising the treatment of our country in this case, and insists it will remain one of the main factors in building further relations between Serbia and America.

Successor and new Kosovo player-Jason Steinbaum

Angel will be busy with a wide range of issues at the Congress’s current position, and his closest associate and newly appointed staff chief, Jason Steinbaum, are expected to have a more pronounced role in KiM.
Photo: Profimedia

Steinbaum, according to the knowledge of “Blic “, was behind the scenes as the main contact person with the Albanian side. In Pristina, it has always been accepted at the highest level, and has avoided contacts with Serbian officials. Those who know it predict that he will also make trouble for Serbia, since he is not inclined to delegate the question to KiM because it is what he can say, “his Baby “.

DOSIJE ELIOT EJNDŽEL Kako je glavni kosovski lobista u Americi debelo zaradio uz pomoć Albanaca i dobio ulaznicu u MILIONSKI BIZNIS