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Albanian “Kosovo” Ambassdor Seated Next to President Trump at Iftar Dinner at White House


Trump - IFTAR Dinner - Kosovo Ambassor 1

President Trump seated next to the Albanian “Ambassador” of the  illegal fake-state of  “Kosovo” at the Iftar dinner at the White House

Another indication President Trump is continuing the criminal, destablizing policies of Bill and Hillary Clinton in the Serbian province of Kosovo and Methohija on behalf of the Naro-Terrorist, Al Qaeda-linked Albanian regime responsible for heroin smuggling into Europe, human sex trafficking, and organ harvesting of Serbian and other non-Albanian prisoners.

Currently, there are five ISIS training camps in Kosovo and Methohija. One is within a few miles of the large US base Camp Bondsteel.

Albanian separatists have been responsible for the destruction of over 150 Serbian churches, some of which predate Notre Dame. Christian cemeteries,  and other sacred Orthodox sites across Kosovo and Methohijah have been desecrated and plundered.  Over 200,000 Christians and other non-Albanians have been violently expelled from their ancestral homeland. Those that remain, live in small enclaves in dire conditions facing violent persecution at the hands of the Albanian regime and extremist militants in an on going campaign to drive them out of the province.

Serbian Church destroyed petition

Ruins of a Serbian Orthodox Church destroyed in Kosovo and Methohija by Albanian militants

Kosovo Ambassador Citaku seated next to US President Trump during iftar dinner at The White House

Trump - IFTAR Dinner - Kosovo Ambassor 1

Kosovo Ambassador to Washington, Vlora Citaku, took part in The White House Iftar, the traditional Ramadan dinner hosted by the US President Donald Trump. She was seen seated next to President Trump.

Trump - IFTAR Dinner - Kosovo Ambassdor 2

“Pleasure to be seated with President Trump at tonight’s White House iftar dinner. We spoke about many issues that concern Kosovo and discussed necessity for direct US involvement in crucial processes that our young country is undergoing,” Citaku wrote in Twitter. During the iftar dinner in addition to Trump were also present the US vice president, Mike Pence and other senior US officials. /GazetaExpress/


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