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US Companies manage returning ISIS terrorists in Kosovo for future deployment

According to this report, private paramilitary companies run by former US army officers are managing the return of ISIS terrorists to Kosovo from Syria for covert redeployment.  Some of the jihadists will be shipped to South America.  Others are expected to launch terrorist attacks against Christian Orthodox Serbs in support of the annexation of the Serbian province of Kosovo by neighboring Albania.

Set for shifts and liquidation: America through private companies manages jihadists (video)

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Natasa Milosavljevic

The return of dangerous warriors from Syria to Kosovo and Metohija and security risks in the region before the upcoming holidays were the central topics of our week-long show “world with Sputnik”.

With the destruction of the Caliphate that was created in parts of Syria and Iraq, the weight of the DAES [ISIS] ‘ actions that was broken in the area was changed, but far from being defeated, the chairman of the parliamentary committee for KiM Milovan Drecun said.

He claims that he is currently in part of the territorial diversification of their actions — One direction the Far East, the other Africa, and the third, which should also be dominant, is Europe.

“A few days ago on Kosmet was returned a part of the Daes [ISIS] fighters with the families, but the plan for the operation to continue and that the returnees would be around 260. Of that number, one part will go to Libya, where the fight is expected to continue, as well as to Latin America, in Colombia, so that the US will train them to act against Venezuela. A number will naturally lay low in Europe and will wait for the activation of certain Western intelligence services, “Drecun said.

When the action is prepared against the United States, as in the basket, they pressure the police to suppress them, but Drecun also cited the example of El Mujhedin unit. He argues that it is true that officials of the Turkish and US embassies went to recruit them 1996. For coming to KiM.

For the interest in the fight against terrorism in the region, only Serbia is advocated, and we have very good bilateral co-operation with the Russian Federation, our co-speaker noted.

“The Great Western countries mostly want to know everything we know, and that we are less exchanging information with us. They also know how to use the Jihadiste in the region as needed. Why are they returning them now and should we be afraid they will use them for terrorist actions in Serbia? Specifically, with the jihadists they do some private firms such as Empieraja (MCPRI). So, the US government is forming a private firm where former US army officers are, and whenever the United States government does not want to fry hands in some parts of the world, due to the demolition of the regime or liquidation, it engages MPRI. They were just preparing jihadis from the El Mujahedin squad in BiH, so they recruited them for the arrival of the Kosmet, “Drecun said.

He says that the Ramush Haradinaj criminal clan cannot be separated from the actions of radical Islamists in Kosmet [Kosovo and Methohija]. “The United Nations Special Intelligence Unit identified the entire Al-Qaeda network, which is linked to Haradinaj and Selman Selimi, called the Sultan, and those links are not interrupted. The question is: Why was nothing taken? Just because they need them for Syria and Libya. Everyone now wonders where 500 jihadist with KiM and a thousand from BiH. This proves that Western special services misuse the Jihadis and that there is no consistent fight against terrorism, “Drecun said.

Slobodan Andjelkovic says the KLA [Albanian terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army] is basically a ethnoseparatist organisation, because their goal was to secede part of our territory and create a state.

They flirated with many centres of power, through which they received assistance and got to the jihadist organisations, the conflict in BiH and Kosovo was declared a jihad and therefore a large number of their fighters came to the Balkans and 1998. and 1999. Fought on the side of the KLA.

On Kosmet, according to Drecun, they are working international organisations such as “Kaliri and Miresis” on the city of Strpce, financed by the Arab countries, and identified by Western intelligence services from the United Nations.

The NGO, according to Drecuna, was an orphanage where children from 6 years of age were brought up. They also learned to shoot from automatic rifles, and our accomplice testifies that he found the shells.

There, he said, found out that there were many young people who were educated, and now the lawyers, doctors, professors and are waiting for their signal to activate.

“The Problem is that indoctrination is not cut in the root. They created a system of funding and recruitment, and the struggle of Western intelligence services is closely tied to their interests, “Drecun said.

Serbian citizens should not fear too much from the upcoming Easter holidays, but should be very careful, he warns Slobodan Andjelkovic.

He stresses that against the environment is fear of terrorism, because that is the goal of extremists — to create fear and exert pressure on decision makers in the country, in order to change the course of State policy. Hypothetically, according to our spokesman, terrorism would disappear when fear of it would not be.

The attack on Sri Lanka is indicating that any Christian community can be targeted by terrorists, including ours, and the return of the Daes fighters can further worry.

“They were radicalised enough to go to war, and after several years of warfare, they could only become more radical. It is symptomatic that they are returned to KiM only four fighters, and a total of hundreds of women and children. May have returned the women and children, and that men return to other, unofficial channels, which is more dangerous, because they will not be under observation. They can become promoters of radical ideas, and they are very dangerous, “Andjelkovic said.

The chairman of the parliamentary security committee says there is a capacity to carry out terrorist shares in the region and should be wary.