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Kosovo Kristallnacht | Albanian paramilitary raid stores for Serbian products, burn them in streets, arrest Serbs

Serbian Products burned in Kosovo by albanians

In an Albanian style Kristallnacht against Serbs, Western backed Albanian Narco-terrorist politicians and paramilitary units have been systematically purging stores of all Serbian products and burning them in the streets in Kosovo, Serbia’s Southern province.  Armed Albanian units are seizing Serbian civilians in their homes and taking them into custody.

These events follow weeks of terror, in which Albanians burglarized and torched Serbian homes, while buses carrying Serbian passengers were stoned.  Serbs have also been attacked visiting Serbian cemeteries.

Condemnations from Western officials and the presence of the enormous U.S. base, Camp Bondsteel, have done nothing to stop the Nazi like pogroms against this ancient, indigenous Slavic community, where more than 100 churches, monasteries and other sacred religious sites, many centuries old, have been vandalized, and set ablaze.

Are these the highly prized Western “values”  Bill Clinton sought for Serbia when the U.S, Germany, France, England and other nations bombed it for 78 days on behalf of the Kosovo Liberation Army, a terrorist organization responsible for narcotic, arms, and organ trafficking in Europe.  This Clinton backed Albanian mafia–installed into power in the home of the Serbian Orthodox Church– have also been leaders in the sex slave trade.

Thaci - headline

During World War II, many hundreds of thousands of Serbs were rounded up and murdered along with Jews and Roma in the former Yugoslavia by Albanian, Bosnian Muslim, and Croatian SS forces, fighting on behalf of the German Nazis.

Excerpt from Blic:

Pristina inspectors today continued to remove Serbian goods with all inscriptions not marked by the Republic of Kosovo, and this was confirmed by the municipality of Pristina.

– Opštinski inspektori već treći dan za redom nastavljaju akciju uklanjanja robe koja se uvozi iz Srbije a na kojoj se umesto Republika Kosovo nalaze natpisi “Kosovo i Metohija”, “Kosovo Unmik”, “Kosovo 1244”, “Rezolucija Kosova 1244” – navodi se u saopštenju ove opštine, a prenosi Koha Ditore.

For the third consecutive day, municipal inspectors continue the action of removing goods imported from Serbia, where the inscriptions “Kosovo and Metohija”, “Kosovo Unmik”, “Kosovo 1244”, “Kosovo Resolution 1244” are inscribed instead of the Republic of Kosovo. in a statement of this municipality, and reports from Koha Ditore.


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