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Denmark police say Islamic extremists recruiting gang members to enforce Sharia Law (Video)

More threats. More violence. More intimidation.

The ‘grooming’ of Europe continues.

The world is witnessing the rise of modern day brown shirts in medieval garb, groomed to violently suppress dissent and critical thought in any form: artistic, religious, political,…Hindu, Christian, Buddhist—and yes, Marxist, even as it is the Left in the West that is actively facilitating this effort.

With Obama’s second term in office, this effort is likely to gain greater momentum. The burgeoning coffers of Qatar and Saudi Arabia among others, aided by the White House, are financing the conscription of armies of unwitting foot soldiers, transnational executioners of global political repression, fanatically subscribing to an authoritarian, sadistic, stateless doctrine, that mandates absolute and unquestioning obedience and the relinquishment of all civil liberties.

Activists and scholars in the States, Canada and Western Europe continue to turn a deaf ear to the urgent cries of their counterparts in the Muslim world in the face of this onslaught, colluding instead with prominent Muslim representatives almost exclusively tied to the Muslim Brotherhood or Iran, supposing an alliance that is at best a mirage, perpetuating a manufactured narrative of Muslim victimhood, while vilifying those seeking to deconstruct and expose its artifice. Wittingly or otherwise, they are intellectually disarming activists, liberals, progressives and students, actively stifling critical analysis, engaging in stupefying disinformation, silencing not just dissent, but discussion. They have rendered the Left blind, deaf, and dumb—and proud of it.

Whose agenda is the Left actually serving? Certainly not the Marxists and moderates of the Muslim world whose warnings continue to go unheeded. Who in Iran, and elsewhere, have been imprisoned, tortured, and slaughtered — by the thousands.


Why is so little is done to examine how this project, the invasive, militant expression and spread of Islam into the West does, in fact, align with elite interests?

There is a carefully cultivated belief among the Left and Muslims that Western leaders, the “global elite” are hostile to Islamic doctrine, that it is somehow contrary to their aims and objectives, that they – the “1 percenters” – have a vested interest in securing, and maintaining secularism, human rights, the rights of women, unions and labor protections, freedom of expression, the right to bear arms, privacy, assembly, and other civil liberties.

But, why would they, when these provide the means for opposition, dissent, and meaningful resistance?

Wouldn’t their interests be better served by eliminating civil rights – something societies governed by Islamic law do so well?



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