Islam / Leftist betrayal / جماعة الاخوان المسلمين

“THIS IS WAR” – Tarek Fatah | The Left’s Betrayal of the Left in the Muslim World | جماعة الاخوان المسلمين

THIS IS WAR. Mine and your lives and our children’s lives depend on it…Thank god the present intelligentsia was not there to run the West when we were at war with Hitler.” –Tarek Fatah


The world is witnessing the rise of modern day brown shirts in medieval garb, groomed to violently suppress dissent and critical thought in any form: artistic, religious, political,…Hindu, Christian, Buddhist—and yes, Marxist, even as it is the Left in the West that is actively facilitating this effort.

With Obama’s second term in office, this effort is likely to gain greater momentum. The burgeoning coffers of Qatar and Saudi Arabia among others, aided by the White House, are financing the conscription of armies of unwitting foot soldiers, transnational executioners of global political repression, fanatically subscribing to an authoritarian, sadistic, stateless doctrine, that mandates absolute and unquestioning obedience and the relinquishment of all civil liberties.

Activists and scholars in the States, Canada and Western Europe continue to turn a deaf ear to the urgent cries of their counterparts in the Muslim world in the face of this onslaught, colluding instead with prominent Muslim representatives almost exclusively tied to the Muslim Brotherhood or Iran, supposing an alliance that is at best a mirage, perpetuating a manufactured narrative of Muslim victimhood, while vilifying those seeking to deconstruct and expose its artifice. Wittingly or otherwise, they are intellectually disarming activists, liberals, progressives and students, actively stifling critical analysis, engaging in stupefying disinformation, silencing not just dissent, but discussion. They have rendered the Left blind, deaf, and dumb—and proud of it.

Whose agenda is the Left actually serving? Certainly not the Marxists and moderates of the Muslim world whose warnings continue to go unheeded. Who in Iran, and elsewhere, have been imprisoned, tortured, and slaughtered — by the thousands.

Why are the voices of Rifat Al Said, Karima Kamal, Fekry Abdul Mutaleb, and Al Qimeny Sayed being shut out by the Left in the West?

Tarek Fatah, a Marxist Muslim of Pakistani origins and prominent Canadian author and radio host recently voiced his frustration at the pervasive, reckless, unwitting complicity of Western intelligentsia, the Left, and Liberal Jewish leaders in promoting an ideology that is at its core fascist, violently repressive, and has already cost the lives of many thousands of Muslims the world over:

Islamism’s and Islamofascism’s main victims are Muslims.

If you have 10,000 North Americans, or 5,000 North Americans who have died in the last ten years, there are 50,000 Pakistanis who’ve died.

There are countless, tens of thousands Somalis who have been butchered by the Al Shaab. It goes on and on.

Every day, Iran hangs at least one Muslim.

The Kurdish right to self-determination is crushed by four Muslim countries: Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria.

Western Sahara, which is 100% Muslim occupied by Morocco.

Aceh—which is a full 500 year old Muslim civilization is occupied by Indonesia. This goes on and on.

Mecca and Medina, Islam’s holiest cities is occupied. The country is known as Hijaz, is occupied by the Saudi family.

So we are paying the price. This message is just come to you. And I’ll tell you where you can play a role.

Who do you think supported sharia in law [Islamic Law] in Canada? The Canadian Jewish Congress. Who do you think today is supporting a mosque in a public school in Dunvalley West? The Jewish organizations. Who do you think in New York City is supporting the mosque at ground zero, which is a big middle finger to all of America? I’ll give you a list of rabbis who come forward and say: You are Islamophobes. […]

I’m telling you, the crisis is that western liberalism and intelligentsia had destroyed the will of Muslims to rise up and get their own reformation […]we are not thinking of this as war. We’re thinking this is entertainment.

THIS IS WAR. Mine and your lives and our children’s lives depend on it. […]

Thank god the present intelligentsia was not there to run the West when we were at war with Hitler.

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