Donald Trump / George Soros / Hillary Clinton / Iran / Iraq / ISIS / ISIL / Islam / Islamic State / Leftist betrayal / Libya / Soros Open Society / Syria

Muslim activist says ‘extreme vetting’ of refugees necessary, exposes Soros link to protests, slams orchestrated subversion of U.S. presidency (Video)


“We have a crisis. We are facing an ideological war of our generation. We need extreme solutions…

The seven countries identified in this ban were identified by the Obama administration. … This is a not a Muslim ban. This is a ban clearly identified to try and make this country’s border’s safer…

What I’ve seen on the Left unfortunately, as a life-long Liberal, is immediately after the election of President Donald Trump, what we have seen is a concentrated, orchestrated effort to try and undermine the presidency  as if we’re living on the set of the “Hunger Games.”  — Asra Q. Nomani


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