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“Is this not a hostile act of the highest possible extent?” Menachem Begin’s response to German Chancellor’s Shmidt’s demand for the creation of a “Palestinian” state (Video)


German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt

“And from where does he [Helmut Schmidt] come? From the nation who’s responsible for the Holocaust, that killed six million of us, a third of our nation”

“He (Schmidt) never broke his oath to the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler…”

“You have no moral right to tell the prime minister of Israel  to create a Palestinian state and you never will.”   –Menachem Begin 

Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin correctly understood that the demand for the creation of an Arab “Palestinian” state where one had never existed before in history carved out of sacred, ancestral lands of the Jewish people, was in fact a “hostile act of the highest possible extent”.

Why has the Left adopted this project, the origins of which are directly linked to Germany, contrived by leading German Nazis many of whom set up shop in Egypt after the war, where they trained terrorists militias to attack the nascent state of Israel?  Arafat was one of their pupils.

To quote one Jewish commentator: “Europeans don’t kill Jews with their own hands now, but with other people’s…” Muslims have become the ideal surrogate for European anti-Semitism—the righteous executioners of the Jews.


The Palestinian movement, the  supposed campaign for a “Palestinian state”, is a instrument of war against the Jewish people; it is an instrument of genocide, devised and put into motion under the direction of  the multitude of  German war criminals who set up shop in Egypt, Syria and elsewhere in the Arab world in the aftermath of  World War II.

Jews who give credence to this cause, to the pretext of the ”two-state” solution,  are giving credence to a  campaign of extermination.      This is war.

Having rallied the Left, and the Right, having vilified the Jewish people sufficiently,  having isolated Israel politically and otherwise, they can now move in for the kill.  And they are.   “Palestine” is a means to an end.  And that end, is the end of Israel and Jewish people.



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Begin in fresh attack on Helmut Schmidt

May 11, 1981

JERUSALEM — Prime Minister Menachem Begin launched a new attack on Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, saying the West German leader had no right to advocate a Palestinian state and Germany will never purge ‘its guilt’ for the holocaust.

In a thumping, two-hour speech at a Likud coalition convention, Begin said he would not retract ‘a single word’ from his scathing attack last week on Schmidt that was triggered by the chancellor’s statement that Palestinians had a ‘moral right’ to self-determination.

‘You have no moral right to tell the prime minister of Israel to create a Palestinian state and you never will,’ Begin said. ‘To the end of generations, Germany will not be rid of its guilt.’

‘If hundreds or thousands of (German tourists) decide not to visit Israel because of my remarks, let them sit at home,’ Begin said.

Schmidt’s comments of a ‘moral right’ for Palestinian self-determination were made after the West German leader visited Saudi Arabia. He stressed during the trip that West Germany could not sell the Saudis Leopard tanks.

In reaction to Schmidt’s statement, Begin angrily denounced the German leader last Thursday, Israel’s 33rd Independence Day anniversary.

‘He (Schmidt) never broke his oath to the Fuhrer, Adolf HItler,’ Begin said. ‘He fought on the Eastern Front. I don’t know what he did on the East front.’

Schmidt in a restrained response Thurday said, ‘I do not want to add anything because I am ware of the special historical and moral quality of German-Israeli relations.’

He called relations with the two nations ‘good and unusually close.’

Earlier, a West German government spokesman called Begin’s accusations ‘mistaken and insulting.’ West German newspapers called the Israeli leader’s attacks ‘unjustified and inexcusable.’

Begin, speaking Sunday six weeks before the Israeli elections, also issued a warning to neo-Nazis in Germany who have sent threats of violence against Israeli officials.

‘If you raise a hand against even one Jew,it is possible we’ll catch you just like we caught (Adolf) Eichmann,’ Begin said. ‘These are not the 30’s or 40’s.’

Eichmann was captured in Argentina by Israeli agents in 1961 and was brought to trial in Israel, He was found guilty of transporting Jews to Nazi death camps during World War II and hanged in 1962.


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