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Islam as an instrument of Globalism | Recognizing the West’s War on Israel and Serbia


I have come late to studying the situation in the Middle East. And I regret it more than I can say. I have come by way of the Balkans. And what I have come to understand horrifies me.

When Serbs reported on the documented atrocities committed against them by U.S. backed Islamic militants in Bosnia; the rapes, the mutilations, torture and decapitations of soldiers and simple peasants, the razing of entire Serbian villages; the grisly market massacre in Sarajevo that (as it was later disclosed) had been staged by the Muslims against Muslims to blame the Serbs; that Al Qaeda operatives were in Bosnia along with thousands of Mujahadeen fighters and members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard fighting on the side of the Bosnia Muslims; that the unelected President of Bosnia, Alija Izetbegovic, was regularly receiving huge transports of weapons, munitions and military personnel from Iran eight times a month over a period of at least two years in direct violation of a U.N. arms embargo as well as enormous transfers of money from the Saudis and other Gulf nations—all with White House approval—they, the Orthodox Christian Serbs, were not believed.

They were not believed because most had come to accept, without question, the official Washington-Muslim version of events: Serbs were branded nationalist, fascists killers, bent on occupying Islamic land in the heart of Europe, falsely accused of ethnic cleansing, the systematic rape of Muslim women, mass murder and conquest—all while Bosnian Republic of Yugoslavia was undergoing a covert, U.S. sanctioned, invasion from the Middle East.

They were not believed even when the New York Times reported on the Bosnian President’s 1992 visit to Iran –that country the Left in the West is so committed to defending today – that:

Senior Iranian officials who have repeatedly denounced Serbian attacks on Muslims as a genocide and “a new Crusade of Christians against Muslims” recently called for “retaliatory measures against the Serbs by Muslims across the world.”

Irrespective of the evidence, irrespective of the documented complicity between the White House, Iran and other wealthy Gulf nations, Serbian assertions were branded shameless, even outlandish invention, and dismissed.

It was near to impossible for the Yugoslav Socialist government and the Serbian people, to get a fair hearing – most notably on the Left, especially among Liberals, Progressives, academics, and human rights activists thanks to the efforts of so many leading lights in the “alternative” world of progressive group-think.

What I see now is that the policies the Left is championing are less oppositional, than aligned with the western elite, if unwittingly, although increasingly I wonder.

What I see is that the accusations, the threats, and the demands made against Israel and the Jews bear an uncanny resemblance to those made against Yugoslavia – before it was destroyed.

What I see is that even when a Frenchman—a Frenchman born and raised—chases down a seven year old girl at her school, grabs her by the hair and fires a bullet into her brain, every possible excuse is made to rationalize it, joined even by an EU High Commissioner, if, that is, the little girl is Jewish.

What I see is that tolerance for Jewish bloodletting is soaring to levels not seen since World War II, finding validation, and approval, and even encouragement from so many progressive, liberal minded “activists” all too ready—in a perverse demonstration of their heightened commitment to “social justice”—to empathize with a depraved killer of tiny preschoolers even as he carefully captured their last terrified moments of life with a video camera strapped to his chest so that countless others might also know the thrill of hunting down and killing Jewish children at point blank range in this 21st Century revival of Cinéma Vérité.

The rationale is always the same: were it not for Israel, it wouldn’t have happened. The existence of a Jewish homeland, according to “progressives”, now serves, as a blanket amnesty for virtually every kind of unspeakable atrocity committed against Jewish civilians, anywhere, by anyone—if their killers can be deemed Muslim. .

To quote one Jewish commentator: “Europeans don’t kill Jews with their own hands now, but with other people’s…” Muslims have become the ideal surrogate for European anti-Semitism—the righteous executioners of the Jews.

This chilling, implicit sanction of incipient genocide was addressed by British MP Louise Bagshawe who had this to say on the BBC reporting of the gruesome slaughter of the Fogel family in a piece she wrote for the Telegraph:

Who is Tamar Fogel? The chances are that you will have no idea. She is a 12-year-old girl who arrived home late on Friday, March 11, to discover her family had been slaughtered. Her parents had been stabbed to death; the throat of her 11-year-old brother, Yoav, had been slit. Her four-year-old brother, Elad, whose throat had also been cut, was still alive, with a faint pulse, but medics were unable to save him. Tamar’s sister, Hadas, three months old, had also been killed. Her head had been sawn off.

I found out about the barbaric attack not on BBC news, but via Twitter on Monday….I was stunned at the BBC’s seeming lack of care. All the most heart-wrenching details were omitted [as well as the] subsequent celebrations in Gaza, and the statement by a Hamas spokesman that “five dead Israelis is not enough to punish anybody.

I am reminded of the chilling rationalizations and reporting one could hear when innocent Serbian civilians were massacred by freshly minted Albanian “Kosovars” in mob riots pillaging and torching Serbian communities and medieval Orthodox Churches throughout the Serbian province of Kosovo in 2004, in a continuing campaign to purge the province of its original inhabits, while thousands of occupying NATO forces did nothing to stem the violence.

I am reminded of how the Serbs were ignored and dismissed when bringing up the decisive role they played in defeating Nazi Germany, or when mentioning the horrors they endured in Nazi death camps in Croatia in which Serbs, Roms and Jews were savagely bludgeoned, mutilated, and dismembered by collaborating Croatian and Islamic Nazi forces with blades, saws and mallets in a frenzied orgy of blood and gore so monstrous, so gruesome even visiting Nazi officers were gripped with revulsion.

I am reminded of the Serbian people’s profound, undeniable ties to Kosovo—historic and cultural–and the brutal, Islamic subjugation and enslavement they endured in their own homeland during five centuries of Ottoman-Turkish occupation and rule.

I am reminded of the Serbian people’s courageous resistance, their desperate efforts to defend their homeland from imperialist conquest and occupation—Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, and German—only to be cynically ridiculed for recalling that history—the centuries of violent persecution and oppression they have endured as a people— when they were forced to act again in self-defense, to defend their communities from invasion and occupation, to exercise their sovereign, legal right to preserve the territorial integrity of their country in the face of this neo U.S.-German-Islamic imperialist onslaught.

No doubt, if the day should come that the indigenous Serbs return to Kosovo to reclaim and resettle the cradle of their civilization, to restore their sacred, medieval sites of worship and culture, now desecrated and plundered in a sweeping, unchecked program of cultural and linguistic genocide in the wake of U.S. – German – NATO occupation, they too, like the Jews, will be branded foreign “occupiers” and “settlers” in their own homeland, accused of engaging in “Racist” territorial conquest, their rites and rituals, sufferings and sorrows likewise denigrated, usurped, maligned and denied.

I am struck by the wholesale, uncritical adoption of a narrative that so plainly, so chillingly has its origins, virtually verbatim, in Nazi “anti-imperialist” “liberation” propaganda of World War II revived by the slew of Nazi war criminals who found lucrative employment, refuge, and welcome in the Arab world after the war thanks to their recruitment by U.S, British, and Soviet intelligence.

I am struck by the jaw dropping indifference to the public incitements beamed by satellite around the world to 1.5 billion Muslims routinely—openly—praising the German genocide against the Jews, and calling for the mass killing–the extermination–not just of Israelis, but Jews—all Jews—by Muslim clerics and leaders that speak to their aims in explicitly genocidal terms, as clearly inscribed in the profoundly reactionary Hamas Charter— itself inspired by 1,400-year-old imperialist doctrine that takes its authority from the divine, immutable scripture to which all Muslims are mandated to adhere:

The day of Judgment will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees say O Muslims, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.

Meanwhile those remaining Serbs clinging to life in Kosovo are being routinely arrested by the U.S. backed Albanian “Kosovars” for possessing publications deemed unacceptable to the newly installed U.S. backed “Kosovar’ Albanian authorities, and for advancing political views contrary to the interests of the illegally spawned “Kosovar” entity.

Serbian homes continue to be set ablaze under the watchful eye of American and German “peacekeepers” among others.

In one town, the entire Serbian community, expelled from their homes, is now forced to live inside shipping containers donated by the Russians.

Others have been murdered for daring to speak their indigenous tongue in public.

And now the telephone country code of the province was changed from Serbia to that of neighboring Albania in yet another step towards the illegal annexation of the Serbian province by Albania—courtesy of the U.S.-German-Islamic Alliance.

What goes by the name of the “Left” remains pathology consumed with Israel and the Jews, sending lavishly financed and highly publicized, anti-Israel armadas to Hamas controlled Gaza to break a largely nonexistent blockade; organizing expensive “flytillas” into Tel Aviv ferrying well-heeled, i-phone toting “activists” enjoying a racist holiday “Jew baiting” on the Mediterranean; marching on Jerusalem to protest the “Judenization” of the ancient capital of the Jewish civilization; barring Jewish scholars and activists from speaking on campuses across the U.S. and Europe; preventing the participation of Israeli athletes, scientists, doctors, and artists at international events and forums; engaging in harassment, intimidation, stalking, and physical assault of Jewish college students on and off campuses in Europe, the U.K, and across North America; leading tiny Spanish kindergarteners costumed in Arab garb in a mock invasion of the only Jewish state cheered on by ecstatic parents and clowns, and organizing international boycotts and divestment –not of those countries responsible for the theft and illegal occupation of the Serbian province and the violent dispossession of the Serbian people– but one of the few countries that has quietly supported the Serbian people’s desperate efforts to survive.

For the persecuted Serbs of Kosovo, there are no annual “aid” flotillas to break the U.S. backed blockade of the Serbian enclave.

There is no campaign by Western activists and aging rock stars for the “right of return” of the Serbian refugees expelled from their homes and ancestral land.

Code-Pink has yet to find the time to hand deliver letters to President Obama on behalf of the truly the impoverished and violently besieged Serbian community as its wealthy, socialite founder and Democratic party operative Jodie Evans did for Muslim Brotherhood Hamas terrorists after her visit to Gaza—when she wasn’t occupied, that is, holding Hollywood fundraisers as a top Democratic “bundler” for Barack Obama, meeting with Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, or “leading ‘citizen delegations’ of Progressives to Iran – a country that continues to slaughter its own people by the hundreds each year?

Similarly, Presidential Advisor, and now U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power has likewise refrained from demanding military action against the US-German-Turkish backed Albanian– “Kosovar” government to prevent the ethnic cleansing of the last remaining Serbs under the “Responsibility To Protect” doctrine she—with the financial backing of George Soros—devised in collaboration with the one of Yasser Arafat’s influential deputies Hanan Ashrawi who—as a senior member of the PLO—famously decried the Holocaust as a “deceitful myth”.

Samantha Power did, however, demand the U.S. attack the Serbs in Bosnia, championing the cause of the U.S.-backed, Iranian-armed Bosnian Muslims as a journalist- activist-scholar, whose extreme hostility to Israel, and close association with Obama landed her a coveted seat at the table with Amy Goodman on DemocracyNow, another pinnacle of progressive group-think that likewise shared in the vilification of the Serbian people, helpfully fueling support for an illegal war it ostensibly opposed.

But than, Samantha Power has also called for US military action against the State of Israel. A call virtually no one on the “Left” questions, much less condemns, even when former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brezinski, the architect of the Afghan war against the Soviets and godfather of the Taliban, has advocated the same.

Some call Power “Obama’s brain.” As “Obama’s brain” she was one of the key proponents of Obama’s military campaign to oust Gaddafi initiated under the “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine, a war that ushered into power the U.S. backed, Qatar financed and Hamas endorsed Islamic extremists who continue to engage in the arrest, torture, and mass killings of African immigrants, Christians and secular Libyans struggling to resist the Western backed bloody Islamic inquisition now underway.

President Obama also appointed Samantha Power to chair the Atrocities Prevention Board, an ideal perch from which to paint future targets for military action.

Progressives can take heart in the fact that Iran’s murderous clerical junta, whom Power publicly endorsed in 2008 as an indispensable asset to U.S. in governing Iraq, will not be on her kill list.

The Serbs and the Jews, however, are almost certain to be.

To speak the truth on the Left today is to expose oneself to almost certain shunning, political exile, and professional suicide, particularly when it comes to Israel. Few dare to take a closer look, to risk losing one’s place in the progressive community, where Jews are afforded inclusion so long as they renounce the Jewish state, denigrate their history and traditions, disavow the tiny sliver of land by which they have been defined as a people for millennia, and, above all, join in equating the defensive actions of Jews in Israel with those who slaughtered their kind across Europe in the millions—to engage, in fact, in Holocaust denial.

Wittingly or not, Israeli “activists” have shown themselves to be little more than the OTPOR of Israel, with much of their funding and training coming from the very same foreign sources—including, of course, George Soros who is perhaps even more hostile to Israel’s continued existence than he was to the former Yugoslavia.

If Yugoslavia is any guide, once these “activists” have served their purpose in both demonizing and destabilizing the only Jewish state, they will no doubt suffer the same, untimely fate of so many of their disillusioned Serbian, ‘opposition’ counterparts: an early grave. But not before first condemning their fellow countrymen – Arab and Jew alike – to the nightmarish horrors that cannot but follow the taking down the State of Israel.

If there are any Israelis who have earned the label of “Nazi” it is those Israelis.

The links to the situation in the former Yugoslavia are many, and in some instances direct. Both must be viewed in historical context.

The analysis must be conjoined.

Serbian leaders in Republika Srpska continue to protest Iran’s continuing collusion with Sarajevo, the Croatian leadership and the Westerns powers in seeking to destroy the small refuge of Serbian life in Bosnia.

“Leftists” continue to turn a deaf ear, having taken up the cause of those who helped the Clinton White House, Germany and other Western powers destroy Yugoslavia: the Iranian regime.

The goal in Bosnia, as openly stated by a high-ranking Muslim Brotherhood leader in Europe — the previous Grand Mufti of Bosnia Mustafa Ceric–is to place the remaining Serbs in Bosnia under majority Muslim rule.

The strategy differs little from the aims of the “single state solution” promoted by the Albanian “Kosovars” with respect to the remaining Serbs in Mitrovica and the Arabs in relation to Israel.

For Serbs and the Jews alike, both are death sentences.

The Arab Palestinians– who receive hundreds of millions of dollars in “aid” from the European Union, the United States among others, as well as intelligence and military training from the U.S. military, have lent their support to the Bosnian Muslims in their current campaign to sever Srebrenica from Republika Srpska—an intermediary aim they share with NATO member Turkey as well as the most powerful figures inside the Muslim Brotherhood, representatives of whom have been given key, influential positions in the Obama Administration.

The PLO leadership is also openly calling for occupation of Israel by NATO—the same NATO that bombed Yugoslavia for 78 days, the same NATO that occupies Kosovo, the same NATO that bombed Gaddafi, the same NATO the Left claims to abhor.

Should the Muslim Brotherhood—long recognized and feared as a ruthless, fascist organization by Leftists and secularists of the Muslim world—succeed in their efforts and Srebrenica is placed under Muslim control, it will likely be used once again as a base of operations to launch future raids on Serbian villages and towns inside of Republika Srpska.

As before, any response by the Serbs would almost certainly be branded a war crime – to be taken up by Samantha Power— only too ready to trigger the “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine she crafted in close collaboration with the P.L.O, the Arab League, and her generous patron George Soros.

The maneuver is virtually identical to that employed in Gaza when – under pressure from the Bush Administration—Israel expelled all Jewish civilians, police and military personnel—only to be bombarded by Arab rockets hours later from positions now deep inside Israeli territory, positions relinquished to the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist militia Hamas, positions that now serve, courtesy of the Bush White House, for easier targeting of populations centers inside the tiny state of Israel.

By their own admission, the aim of a separate Palestinian state has never been more than a pretext to enable the Arabs to import arms and munitions unhindered into the Gaza Strip; to use it as a staging area to launch attacks on Israelis at close range, to use the civilian Arab population as human shields by firing out of schools, hospitals and homes in a unrelenting campaign, not to coexist with Israel, but destroy it in stages, and exterminate its people.

With the Washington orchestrated ascension of the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza, followed by Egypt, the Sinai has become overrun with armed militias. Weapons and terrorists are pouring into Gaza as never before, many arriving from the newly “liberated” Libya now also under White House backed Islamist tyranny and terror.

The Islamic world is once again amassing for war on Israel. The Obama Administration, like the Bush and Clinton Administrations before it, are seeking to cripple Israel’s defenses through bogus peace negotiations while actively arming and inciting its enemies.

Secretary of State John Kerry, is threatening Israel with violent chaos and coordinating the boycott and financial sanctions of Israel by the EU if it does not concede to U.S. demands and surrender its defensive positions—positions, according to the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, it must hold if the tiny nation is to survive.

Worse still, the Obama White House is now openly financing Hamas in violation of U.S. law via the newly created unity government of PLO/FATAH and Hamas as Hamas continues to subject Israel to rocket fire.

As ever, the “Left” is worse than silent, occupied as they are marching in solidarity with White House backed Muslim Brotherhood front groups like Hamas, Muslim Student Association (MSA) and the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR), agonizing over the threat Israel poses to Iran’s nuclear ambitions and Iran’s proxies—even as Iran continues, in league with the Muslim Brotherhood, its campaign, against the Serbian people as well as Leftists, labor leaders, moderate Muslims, Christians, feminists, and gays while Iran’s longstanding cooperation and collusion with the United States is becoming publicly formalized and now even lauded in Iraq, just as Samantha Power proposed back in 2008.

The situation could hardly be more perverse, the “Left” in the West more deluded, if not now complicit in the grim, horrifying events that are yet unfolding.