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“anyone who claims that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam is a liar” | Kuwaiti activist Nasser Dashti (Video)

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All of us have a responsibility to refute the notion that groups like Isil [ISIS] somehow represent Islam, because that is a falsehood that embraces the terrorists’ narrative”  — President Barack Obama

“I think anyone who claims that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam is a liar…They are incapable of proving that ISIS is not connected to Islam…

All the nations progress if they criticize their history. We do nothing but glorify our history. This is inconceivable.

Our present is so wretched because we live in lethal duplicity.”— Kuwaiti activist Dr. Nasser Dashti

Why continue denying the obvious?

There is an aggressive effort afoot to silence secular intelligentsia of the Arab – Islamic world.  With increasing frequency, videos that feature their critical analysis of Islamic ideology, governance, and history are being taken down as seen here.  This is censorship. It is the silencing of dissent. It is repression, through suppression.  Given the position of the governing elite in the Western world, perhaps best exemplified by statements made by President Obama and Hillary Clinton, towards exposing the grim reality of life under Islam, it is essential that these thoughtful, eloquent voices of reason are heard — for their sakes and ours.

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