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Serbs were battling the early version of “ISIS” in Bosnia : Clinton’s ‘Holy Warriors’ | Mujahideen In Bosnia – El Mujahid Terrorist Unit (Video)


Leading ‘Holy Warrior’ in Bill Clinton’s Bosnian Islamic army

The aims of the Islamic State (ISIS) are virtually identical with those of President Clinton’s Bosnian Jihadi Boys: His ‘Holy Warriors’.

Of course, the slick production values in the recruitment videos of the Islamic State have clearly improved over this crude, if illuminating, earlier example (see below).

Left, “Abu Abdel Aziz, leader of mujahideen terrorist/trainers in Bosnia.

The photo appeared in Newsweek, 5 October 1992, in an article entitled, ” Help from the Holy Warriors.” The London Times wrote that “Aziz claimed to have spent six years fighting in Afghanistan, and had also seen service as a ‘holy warrior’ in the Philippines, Kashmir and Africa.” (9 May 1993).

And nine years later, the Gulf News had him leading terrorists who kidnapped European and Asian tourists in Philippines. (5 July 2002 )

Source : Jared Israel,


In fact, UN Peacekeepers guided newly arriving Islamic terrorists, “accompanied by US Special Forces”, to refugee camps then called “safe havens” from which they  launched many of their murderous raids on Serbian rural communities, slaughtering men, women, and children, razing entire villages.   Iran was heavily involved as well, arming the Muslims and providing terrorist training.

Here’s how it worked:

A 1994 article in the Defense & Foreign Affairs’ Strategic Policy journal entitled US Commits Forces, Weapons to Bosnia reports that thirty of the new Iranians arrivals were dispatched to Bosnia as “instructors” whose activities included transforming “the top floor of the most important hotel in Zenica” into a school for teaching “specialist terrorist (or special operations) units.”

According to U.S. intelligence, which the article notes had “full knowledge of the operation” some of the 400 Iranian Revolutionary Guard contingent deployed in May of 1994 were “detached for future terrorist operations in Western Europe.” 

The Defense & Foreign Affairs’ article also states that from September to October of 1994 alone “there had been a stream of “Afghan” mujahedin –the name now given to the radical Islamist fighters who earlier operated in Afghanistan–“ arriving in Bosnia using faked documents.”

According to the article, upon arrival the Mujahedin fighters were escorted by U.N. peacekeepers “accompanied by US Special Forces equipped with high-tech communications equipment” for the purpose of establishing “a command, control, communications and intelligence network to coordinate and support Bosnian Muslim offensives–with mujahedin and Bosnian Croat Forces.” “Offensives”, the article explains, that were launched ” from within the UN established safehavens…“

…UN “safehavens” like Srebrenica.

In an obscene perversion of the United Nations ‘humanitarian’ mandate, the international arbiters of the conflict—by deploying known Islamic terrorists and Bosnian Islamic militants inside United Nation “safehavens”, transformed U.N. peacekeepers as well as ordinary Bosnian civilians and war refugees into human shields for perpetrators of some of the most grisly atrocities of the war in flagrant disregard of the Geneva Convention.

The practice of harboring Islamic belligerents went on, unabated, for years—with the knowledge of the White House, the United Nations, and the complicity of the international media, engaging as ever in the practice of strategic omission in reports to the public.

Professor Schindler writes that in the case of Srebrenica, Muslim forces “used the U.N.-protected “safe-area” as a staging base for brutal attacks against Serb villages in the Drina Valley since the war’s beginning.”

According to Schindler “noncombatant Serbs including women, children and the elderly” were targeted and “in many cases butchered, tortured, mutilated, burned alive, or decapitated” in murderous raids launched from inside the U.N. “safe haven”.

It was these unspeakable, ongoing atrocities and the regular “black flights” of weapons and ammunition that continued to be delivered to Islamic Bosnian militants inside the officially neutral U.N. “safehaven” that finally led to the Serbian attack on Srebrenica in an “amalgam of strategic calculation and a desire for revenge…” writes Professor Schindler, “borne of three years of mounting frustration and anger”


A concise, yet particularly informative comment offering some insight into Islamic beliefs that effectively appropriate Jewish and Christian figures whom they declare as originally and always Muslim.

Murat Hasicic 7 months ago

Maryam the Mother of jesus/Isa was a muslima and Jesus/Isa was a muslim and Musa was a muslim and Ibrahim was a Muslim all Prophets are muslims and all humans Who Prey only too ALLAH are Muslims. ALHAMDULILLAH

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