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Belgrade Under Threat | Serbia Faces Grave Security Risk From Sharia Governed Muslim Enclaves | Dzevad Galijašević

Islamic extremists now comprise 5% of the population of Bosnia posing a serious security risk to the Balkans, according to security expert, Dzevad Galijašević.  Muslim extremists have whole communities operating outside the law and are financed from abroad.

The money comes from Al Qaeda and ISIS, and all others whose intent is the redrawing of borders in the Middle East and the Balkans – said Galijašević and adds that the network of Islamists that exists in Bosnia and Herzegovina was not made for BiH, but for the region and the EU

They have access to weapons stores brought into the Balkans from the 1990s Galijašević explains, which he describes as “the Balkans warehouse of weapons”.  During the 1990s both Iran and a newly reunited Germany  were deeply involved in smuggling armaments into Balkans on a massive scale in violation of the U.N. arms embargo, and with the quiet sanction of the Bill Clinton White House.

The Iranians delivered eight flights of arm and munitions a month over a period of two years.   Germany’s role was largely to arm the Croats, though it has been reported that much of the arms brought in by the Iranians was in fact acquired from Germany.  In his 1997 book, The Beast Reawakens, Martine Lee explains, 

Between 1992 and 1994, Germany exported $320 million of military hardware–including MiG fighter jets, surface-to-air missiles, and later model tanks–to Croatia, despite the United Nations arms embargo forbidding such commerce. Convoys of up to fifteen hundred military vehicles from former East Germany were discovered en route to the Balkan farrago. Germany also trained Croatian pilots and provided intelligence reports in an effort to vanquish their mutual enemy [the Serbs]. Heleno San, an expert on German defense issues, commented on the psychological underpinnings of this policy: “In their ‘historical consciousness,’ the Germans have resented the Serbs since World War II, because despite the fact that Hitler sent in thirty divisions, he was unable to defeat the antifascist guerrillas led by Tito” (pg. 299)

The secular, Partisan, fiercely anti-fascist nation of Yugoslavia had the third largest military in all of Europe.  The United States, Germany, Iran, Turkey and other Gulf nations cooperated in a concerted campaign of incitement, terrorism, demonization, and eventually war to destroy and dismantle the nation.  Serbia has been rendered largely demilitarized.

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, and once the capital of Yugoslavia was heavily bombarded by NATO warplanes once the wars of the 1990s moved on to the Serbian Republic in support of a the KLA, a known Albanian terrorist organization operating in the Serbian province of Kosovo.   Now, according to Galijašević, Belgrade is threatened once more.


ALARM Serbia threatened by terrorism, especially BELGRADE

Samo u Bosni i Hercegovini islamisti čine pet procenata stanovništva. In Bosnia and Herzegovina Islamists constitute five percent of the population. Oni nisu opasnost po kulturni identitet, ali su opasnost po bezbednost. They are not a danger to cultural identity, but they are a safety hazard.

Dževad Galijašević Dzevad Galijašević

Dževad Galijašević, stručnjak za borbu protiv terorizma, kaže za „Blic“ da na Balkanu postoje legalni kampovi islamista, čitava naselja koja funkcionišu izvan ustavno-pravnog poretka države. Dzevad Galijašević, an expert in the fight against terrorism, says for “Blic” that the Balkans are no legal campsites Islamists, entire settlements which operate outside the constitutional and legal order of the state.

– Oni su pretnja pre svega po bezbednost BiH, ali i čitavog Balkana.They are primarily a threat to the security of the country, but of the entire Balkans. Nesmetano se finansiraju spolja, tokove novca niko ne kontroliše. Untethered externally funded, cash flows are not controlled. Novac dolazi od Al Kaide i ISIS-a, ali i svih drugih čija namera je prekrajanje granica na Bliskom istoku i na Balkanu – navodi Galijašević i dodaje da mreža islamista koja postoji u BiH nije napravljena zbog BiH, već zbog regiona i EU. The money comes from Al Qaeda and ISIS, and all others whose intent is the redrawing of borders in the Middle East and the Balkans – said Galijašević and adds that the network of Islamists that exists in Bosnia and Herzegovina was not made for BiH, but for the region and the EU. Islamistima u Sandžaku i na Kosovu, tvrdi, koordinira upravo ta mreža. Islamists in Sandzak and Kosovo, he claims, is coordinated precisely this network.
Društvo u BiH, kao i bošnjačka politička i verska elita, samo se protokolarno zalaže za deradikalizaciju. Company in BiH and Bosniak political and religious elite, only the protocol stands for deradikalizaciju.
– Imate čitava naselja poput Gornje Maoče, Dubnice, Ošve, Mehurića, Orašca, Bočinja, Jezera, Šerića u kojima makar po 20 porodica živi po strogim šerijatskim pravilima i bezbednosne službe ih ne kontrolišu – tvrdi Galijašević.You have the whole village like Upper Maoce Dubnica, Refresh, Bubbles, Orašca, Bočinja, lakes, Seric in which at least 20 families live under strict Sharia rules and security services do not control – hard Galijašević.

Na pitanje koliko je Srbija ugrožena, on kaže: Asked how Serbia is threatened, he says:
– Ugrožena je i može biti meta, pogotovo Beograd. Endangered and can be a target, especially in Belgrade. Metropole od po nekoliko miliona stanovnika je daleko teže zaštititi – ističe Galijašević i dodaje da Srbija treba svoje potencijale da nadredi globalnim. Metropolis of several million people is far more difficult to protect – said Galijašević and added that Serbia should their potential to Node global.
– Tu mislim i na migrantsku krizu, ali i na ambiciju da se može arbitrirati i pomagati u rešavanju sukoba širom Evrope – objašnjava on. I am thinking and the migrant crisis, but also the ambition to arbitrate and can assist in conflict resolution in Europe – he explains.
Većinu migranata čine ljudi koji beže od strahota rata, ali sigurno ima i prikrivenih vojnika Al Kaide i Islamske države. Most of the migrants make people fleeing from the horrors of war, but certainly there and undercover soldiers of Al Qaeda and the Islamic state. Oružje im je, tvrdi, dostupno budući “da je Balkan magacin oružja još od ratova devedesetih”. Their weapons are, he claims, is available as “the Balkans warehouse of weapons since the wars of the nineties.”
– Način na koji se prilazi toj krizi je nepromišljen jer ako je na 100 izbeglih samo jedan vojnik, to je već dovoljno za terorističku akciju – objašnjava Galijašević. The way to approach this crisis is thoughtless because if the 100 refugees only one soldier, that’s enough for a terrorist action – explains Galijašević.

NAPAD Forwards

Akcije u Parizu izveli su domaći islamisti. Shares in Paris were carried out by local Islamists. Puno bombaša samoubica ukazuje na način borbe Al Kaide, a ne Islamske države, koja je brutalna vojna sila. A lot of suicide bombers indicates the way to fight Al Qaeda, not the Islamic state, which is brutal military force.

Migrantskom krizom je napadnuta ekonomija Nemačke, terorističkim napadima bezbednost Francuske, na Balkanu se zagovara destabilizacija. A migration crisis has attacked the German economy, the terrorist attacks security of France, the Balkans advocated destabilization. Na delu je totalna destabilizacija Evrope. There has been a total destabilization of Europe.

“ISPOD RADARA” “Under the radar”
Provlačenje islamista „ispod radara” moguće je na taj način što su povezani sa obaveštajnim službama. Threading the Islamists “under the radar” is possible in this way to be associated with the intelligence services. Zapadnim obaveštajnim službama se obilo o glavu razumevanje islamista koje je postojalo godinama unazad. Western intelligence agencies backfired understanding Islamists that had existed for years.