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PLO Chief Mahmud Abbas Supports US-Led NATO Occupation of “Palestine”

Mahmud Abbas supports Occupation of Palestine.   In fact, he supports it indefinitely.

He said so.

What he’s after is NATO occupation: as in full scale American-led “Great Satan” NATO occupation.

White House mouthpiece Thomas Friedman of the New York Times got it straight from the horse’s mouth last year in Ramallah.  Not surprisingly, Friedman lends his support to the cause– by euphemistically suggesting that a certain “cement” — meaning US – NATO occupation —  is needed to overcome the “distrust” that exists between Netanyahu and Abbas.  As though simple “distrust” and not the openly anti-Semitic, genocidal violence of the Arab – Islamic “Palestinian” movement were the problem.

Friedman  explains,

I and my colleague, The Times’s Jerusalem bureau chief, Jodi Rudoren, sat down with President Abbas in his headquarters in the West Bank town of Ramallah on Saturday afternoon to probe his thinking on this issue. He returned — with greater enthusiasm than ever — to an idea whose time may have come: Summon NATO to provide the cement.

… have the Israeli forces replaced indefinitely by an American led NATO force, with troops throughout the territory, at every crossing and within Arab East Jerusalem — along with, of course, Palestinian police and security units…

Let NATO forces stay, said Abbas, “for a long time, and wherever they want, not only on the eastern borders but also on the western borders, everywhere … For a long time, for the time they wish. NATO can be everywhere, why not?”

Of course Abbas is terribly careful to avoid using the word “occupation” as he’s summoning NATO occupation. Instead, he goes before the United Nations and cries out,

“Protect us. Protect us. We need you”

Nonetheless, what the PLO leader is seeking is clear:  U.S. military intervention.

He called for “strong and decisive intervention,” urging the United Nations Security Council to establish “a special regime of international protection” …

“We need protection and we look to you to protect us,” Mr. Abbas told diplomats at the meeting on Wednesday, convened at the Palestinian Authority’s request and a courtesy never previously shown to a United Nations observer state.

“It is no longer useful to waste time in negotiations just for the sake of negotiations, what is required is the ending of the occupation in accordance with international legitimacy,” he said.

For all those who protested against the OCCUPATION of Iraq and Afghanistan, who protested the NATO bombing of Libya, and former Yugoslavia, exactly how much more in-your-face does this need to be?

It isn’t the “Zionists”,  but PLO – FATAH that is aggressively campaigning for the kind of  NATO military “intervention” that is continually on the receiving end of condemnation and protest from Leftist, Progressive, Muslim, Libertarian,  “Anti-WAR“, “End-The-Occupation“, “From-the-River-to the Sea-Palestine-Will-Be-Free” activists, scholars and journalists like:

Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research,

Diana Johnstone,

Noam Chomsky, 

Amy Goodman of DemocracyNow,

Medea Benjamin  and Jodie Evans of CODEPINK,

Ramsey Clark and Richard Becker of the International Action Center – ANSWER… to name a few…

The aims of PLO – FATAH are virtually identical to those employed by the US – German – Islamic – Iranian backed –  Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA  – UCK).

Kosovo, the cradle of Serbian civilization, is now occupied. NATO (KFOR) forces led by the United States stood by as  Albanian terrorists turned “Security Forces” slaughtered, and ethnically cleansed hundreds of thousands of indigenous Serbs from Kosovo, and  desecrated, burned, leveled ancient Christian Orthodox Churches..

Israelis, Jews, urgently need to study what went on and is still going on in the former Yugoslavia, in Kosovo to understand the war against Israel, and the Jewish people.

It is the same playbook.

Excerpt: Islam as an instrument of Western Imperialism | Lessons Learned from the former Yugoslavia – Recognizing the West’s War on Israel

I have come late to studying the situation in the Middle East. And I regret it more than I can say. I have come by way of the Balkans. And what I have come to understand horrifies me.

When Serbs reported on the documented atrocities committed against them by U.S. backed Islamic militants in Bosnia, the rapes, the mutilations, torture and decapitations of soldiers and simple peasants, the razing of entire Serbian villages, the grisly market massacre in Sarajevo that (as it was later disclosed) had been staged by the Muslims against Muslims to blame the Serbs, that Al Qaeda operatives were in Bosnia along with thousands of Mujahadeen fighters and members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard fighting on the side of the Bosnia Muslims, that the unelected President of Bosnia, Alija Izetbegovic, was regularly receiving huge transports of weapons, munitions and military personnel from Iran eight times a month over a period of at least two years in direct violation of a U.N. arms embargo, as well as enormous transfers of money from the Saudis and other Gulf nations—all with White House approval—they were not believed.

They were not believed because most had come to accept, without question, the official Washington-Muslim version of events: Serbs were branded nationalist, fascists killers, bent on occupying Islamic land in the heart of Europe through ethnic cleansing, the systematic rape of Muslim women, mass murder and conquest—all while the Bosnian Republic of Yugoslavia was undergoing a covert, U.S. sanctioned, invasion from the Middle East.

They were not believed even when the New York Times reported on the Bosnian President’s 1992 visit to Iran –that country the Left in the West is so committed to defending today – that:

Senior Iranian officials who have repeatedly denounced Serbian attacks on Muslims as a genocide and “a new Crusade of Christians against Muslims” recently called for “retaliatory measures against the Serbs by Muslims across the world.”

Irrespective of the evidence, irrespective of the documented complicity between the White House, Iran and other wealthy Gulf nations, Serbian assertions were branded shameless, even outlandish invention, and dismissed.

It was near to impossible for the Yugoslav Socialist government and the Serbian people, to get a fair hearing – most notably on the Left, especially among liberals, progressives, academics, and human rights activists thanks to the efforts of so many leading lights in the “alternative” world of progressive group-think.

What I see now is that the policies the Left is championing are less oppositional, than aligned with the western elite, if unwittingly, although increasingly I wonder.

What I see is that the accusations, the threats, and the demands made against Israel and the Jews bear an uncanny resemblance to those made against Yugoslavia – before it was destroyed […]

If Yugoslavia is any guide, once these “activists” have served their purpose in both demonizing and destabilizing the only Jewish state, they will no doubt suffer the same, untimely fate of so many of their disillusioned Serbian, ‘opposition’ counterparts: an early grave. But not before first condemning their fellow countrymen – Arab and Jew alike – to the nightmarish horrors that cannot but follow the taking down the State of Israel.

If there are any Israelis who have earned the label of “Nazi” it is those Israelis.

The links to the situation in the former Yugoslavia are many, and in some instances direct. Both must be viewed in historical context.

The analysis must be conjoined.

Serbian leaders in Republika Srpska [Bosnia] continue to protest Iran’s continuing collusion with Sarajevo, the Croatian leadership and the Westerns powers in seeking to destroy the small refuge of Serbian life in Bosnia.

“Leftists” continue to turn a deaf ear, having taken up the cause of those who helped the Clinton White House, Germany and other Western powers destroy Yugoslavia: the Iranian regime.

The goal in Bosnia, as openly stated by a high-ranking Muslim Brotherhood leader in Europe — the previous Grand Mufti of Bosnia Mustafa Ceric–is to place the remaining Serbs in Bosnia under majority Muslim rule.

The strategy differs little from the aims of the “single state solution” promoted by the Albanian “Kosovars” with respect to the remaining Serbs in Mitrovica and the Arabs in relation to Israel.

For Serbs and the Jews alike, both are death sentences.

The Arab Palestinians– who receive hundreds of millions of dollars in “aid” from the European Union, the United States among others, as well as intelligence and military training from the U.S. military, have lent their support to the Bosnian Muslims in their current campaign to sever Srebrenica from Republika Srpska—an intermediary aim they share with NATO member Turkey as well as the most powerful figures inside the Muslim Brotherhood, representatives of whom have been given key, influential positions in the Obama Administration.

The PLO leadership is also openly calling for occupation of Israel by NATO—the same NATO that bombed Yugoslavia for 78 days, the same NATO that occupies Kosovo, the same NATO that bombed Gaddafi, the same NATO the Left claims to abhor. […]

As ever, the “Left” is worse than silent, occupied as they are marching in solidarity with White House backed Muslim Brotherhood front groups like Hamas, Muslim Student Association (MSA) and the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR), agonizing over the threat Israel poses to Iran’s nuclear ambitions and Iran’s proxies—even as Iran continues, in league with the Muslim Brotherhood, its campaign, against the Serbian people as well as Leftists, labor leaders, moderate Muslims, Christians, feminists, and gays while Iran’s longstanding cooperation and collusion with the United States is becoming publicly formalized and now even lauded in Iraq, just as Samantha Power proposed back in 2008.

The situation could hardly be more perverse, the “Left” in the West more deluded, if not now complicit in the grim, horrifying events that are yet unfolding.