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Hamas members brutally beating civilians of Gaza who leave their homes following IDF warning [German Report]

Does Hamas really care about the people of Gaza?  Hardly. Hamas spent vast sums of “aid” from the U.S., Iran, the EU, and Qatar intended for the construction of a supposed “Palestinian” state, to stockpile thousands of missiles and build an enormous,  subterranean military complex, of reinforced concrete — not under open farm land of which there is much in Gaza — but densely … Continue reading


Depuis plusieurs jours, de nombreuses pages Facebook ont été créées pour appeler à la violence physique à l’encontre de jeunes juifs. Des photos ont été publiées, avec les identités les numéros de téléphone, et les coordonnées.

  What I see is that the tolerance for Jewish bloodletting is soaring to levels not seen since World War II, finding validation, and encouragement from so many progressive, liberal minded “activists” all too ready—in a perverse demonstration of their heightened commitment to “social justice”—to empathize with a depraved killer of tiny preschoolers even as … Continue reading

160 Arab children killed building Hamas (Muslim Brotherhood) Tunnels in GAZA
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160 Arab children killed building Hamas (Muslim Brotherhood) Tunnels in GAZA

“At least 160 children have been killed in the tunnels, according to Hamas officials”

The author, Nicolas Pelham, explains that Hamas uses child laborers to build their terror tunnels because, “much as in Victorian coal mines, they are prized for their nimble bodies”.
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Prof. Salim Mansur | Hamas’s Absurd War Against Israel
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Prof. Salim Mansur | Hamas’s Absurd War Against Israel

“It is this denial of the “other,” the refusal to recognize that the “other” also has equally legitimate rights and claims in history, which has made the history of Arabs and Muslims in dealing with “others” – regardless of whether the “others” are ethnically or religiously different – a hideous travesty right into our time. Continue reading

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John Loftus | The Nazi Origins of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood

“The Arab Nazis were the intelligence arm of the Third Reich. They had an organization called the Muslim Brotherhood…It was recruited for covert operations, to use Arab Nazis to offset Arab Communists during the Cold War…The Muslim Brotherhood splintered. It became Hamas, which still uses the Nazi salute, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Egyptian Islamic Jihad and, of course, Al Qaeda…To this day, America is the only modern Western nation that does not designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group.” — John Loftus
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US Blockade on Israel? US, Western Powers Bans all Flights to Ben Gurion

  Call it what you will, the decision by the United States government to ban all commercial flights to Israel — joined by Germany, England, France and virtually all other western powers constitutes the beginnings of a backdoor blockade on the Jewish state. Last February, it was revealed that US Secretary of State John Kerry was behind an impending EU boycott against the … Continue reading