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John Loftus | The Nazi Origins of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood

John Loftus, a former United States Attorney with the Department of Justice and author of several  highly acclaimed books including The Belarus Secret (1982),  spent decades investigating and exposing Washington’s covert policy of allowing thousands of known Nazi war criminals to escape prosecution for war crimes and quietly settle to the United States. His extensive research led him to discover the little known Nazi origins of the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikwan) and Hamas.  He offered a brief summary of his findings in a speech he gave in 2011:

The Arab Nazis were the intelligence arm of the Third Reich. They had an organization called the Muslim Brotherhood…It was recruited for covert operations, to use Arab Nazis to offset Arab Communists during the Cold War…The Muslim Brotherhood splintered. It became Hamas, which still uses the Nazi salute, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Egyptian Islamic Jihad and, of course, Al Qaeda…To this day, America is the only modern Western nation that does not designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group.