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US Blockade on Israel? US, Western Powers Bans all Flights to Ben Gurion


Call it what you will, the decision by the United States government to ban all commercial flights to Israel — joined by Germany, England, France and virtually all other western powers constitutes the beginnings of a backdoor blockade on the Jewish state.

Last February, it was revealed that US Secretary of State John Kerry was behind an impending EU boycott against the state of Israel, which he threatened to impose if  Israel continued to refuse to concede to White House demands to relinquish its defensive positions to PLO/FATAH and the Muslim-Brotherhood-Hamas terrorist militia.

Today Kerry is making good on his threat.

Arutz Sheva reported in February of 2014 that according Galei Tzahal, an Israel military news source, Kerry planned to “open the floodgates and spur on full-blown international boycotts on Israel” if  it would not submit to US – Arab demands and withdraw from those areas it must hold to defend the country, and secure its populations centers.

In much the same way the Obama White House has used the IRS to target political opponents and pro-Israel nonprofits in the United States, it has now devised a way to use the FAA to initiate a blockade against the State of Israel ostensibly because of  the threat posed to aircraft from Muslim Brotherhood – HAMAS rocket fire out of Gaza. However, it is generally understood the Ben Gurion Airport is protected by the Iron Dome, and is one of the most secure in the world.

Concurrent with Washington’s decision to join the boycott against Israel, the Obama White House has also agreed to further finance the Muslim Brotherhood’s war on Israel by giving its Gaza terrorist militia – HAMAS – 47 million dollars to supplement the the billions it already receives from the U.S, the EU, Qatar and Iran among others.

Ben Gurion Airport is a lifeline for Israel. If  allowed to continue, Obama’s backdoor blockade will severely throttle the tiny nation’s thriving economy, decimate its tourist industry, and further isolate the country.

At just 8,000 square miles, Israel is one third the size of the Navajo Reservation.