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The “New American Policy on Iran” and the “send Hillary to Iran” Campaigns | Out of the closet – Washington’s support for the Iranian Junta


Perhaps it was in acknowledgement of Iran’s ongoing service in support of the Washington elite that prompted Vice President Joseph Biden, while serving as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, to declare:

“I believe tha[t] an improved relationship with Iran is in the naked self-interest of the United States of America…”

He made the statement at a conference in Washington D.C. held by the pro-Iranian government lobby the American-Iranian Council (AIC).

Not surprisingly, the conference, according to a March 2002 Iran Press Service report entitled The Truth About Iran, was “co-sponsored” by Exxon Mobile, Chevron, Texaco, and Cononco.

The same article also notes that, even before this event, the then influential Democratic Senator from Delaware had attended a fundraiser organized by AIC with another Iranian government lobbying outfit in California a month earlier.

Biden, it seems, was on a mission. He was not alone.

Other prominent political figures have likewise gone “naked” in advancing an “improved relationship” with the Iranian Junta.

One such figure is Samantha Power.

Sometimes referred to “Obama’s brain”, Samantha Power was appointed by the President in January 2009 to the National Security Council as Special Assistant to the President. As Obama’s brain, she is said to have been instrumental in persuading Obama to attack Libya, purportedly in defense of the civilians under threat by Gaddafi’s forces.

Her “humanitarian” military strategy, as she purposed it, was elegant, simple, and impressively cutthroat,

“…the level of American and international engagement would ratchet up commensurate with the abuse on the ground. “[30]

Like so many ‘bleeding heart’ liberals, Power has made a rather impressive career out of making the hearts of others bleed—most notably the hearts of the Libyans. Perhaps this is why the Irish born, Ivy League educated “human rights activist”, author, and scholar turned White House presidential advisor, is also thought to be a possible replacement for Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. For this role, she has clearly proven her “imperialist” mettle.

Lest anyone doubt the “authenticity” of her “Leftist” credentials, she has also publicly argued for the use of U.S. military intervention against the State of Israel— not unlike that purposed by Zbigniew Brzezinski should Israel attempt to strike Iran’s nuclear installations.

Brzezinski, who served as President Carter’s National Security

Advisor, is credited with devising the scheme to jointly arm the Afghan mujahdeen to fight the Soviets with Saudi Arabia, an effort that gave rise to Al-Qa’ida and the Taliban—a campaign that paved the way, as General Otto Remer so candidly noted in 1993, for both Germany’s reunification, and the resurgence of Islamic extremism across the former Soviet republics.

Like Brzezinski whose former boss President Jimmy Carter facilitated the “Iranian Revolution” and the Ayatollah’s rise to power, Samantha Power has also come to the defense of Iran, urging a policy of engagement, dialogue, and cooperation arguing that:

“A new Iran policy should start with the premise that any country behind a problem can also be behind a solution.”

Odd that such a startlingly enlightened notion didn’t strike her when dealing with Qaddafi who had shown himself to be only too eager to play ball with the West by accommodating various demands and doing brisk business with major oil giants and Western powers. But than, according to Power, Iran’s clerical leaders have been deemed an essential component of U.S. foreign policy in Iraq. As such, in her view, any discussion of military action simply out of the question. For Iran, military restraint and diplomatic decorum should, as a matter of U.S. policy, should remain the order of the day. Shortly before Obama came to office, Power wrote,

“No aspect of the Iraq quagmire can be resolved without Iranian involvement…we need to broaden the range of policy tools we draw upon. That means refraining from redundant reminders that military force is still “on the table,” which only strengthen the hand of hard-line Islamists and nationalists.”

Ironically, it is precisely “hard-line Islamists” that have been brought into power in Libya thanks to the war Power championed.

Thanks also to the ruthless betrayal of Iranian protestors by the Obama White House, murderous “hard-line Islamists” continue to maintain a grip on power in Iran, a power that is now rapidly expanding into Iraq, Iran’s long time enemy under Saddam Hussein, now delivered, complete with the latest in U.S. weaponry, fighter planes, and airfields, into the hands of Iran’s clerical junta through the combined efforts of the Clinton, Bush, and Obama presidencies.

Others, on both sides of the aisle—and points well beyond, Left and Right—have likewise gone to considerable lengths to shield Iran’s murderous theocrats from the determined, desperate, truly courageous efforts of the Persian people to overthrow them.

Among those leading the charge is the influential Republican strategist and power broker Grover Norquist whose Americans for Tax Reform organization sponsored the creation of the Campaign for a New American Policy on Iran (CNAPI) by way of a second, intermediary organization called the American Conservative Defense Alliance (ACDA) according to Clare M. Lopez and David Reaboi in a recent report they published for the—also conservative—Center for Security Policy.

According to the authors, the American Conservative Defense Alliance (ACDA) is identified as a partner of the Campaign for a New American Policy on Iran (CNAPI) and counts among its supporters Ron Paul, R-Tex, Keith Ellision, D-Minn and Barbara Lee, D-Cal.

According to internal records of the organization obtained by Lopez and Reaboi, the Republican spawned CNAPI also “partnered” with the,

George Soros’ Open Society Policy Center, which paid the salary of a CNAPI staffer; the even more left-wing Institute for Policy Studies; the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) [a Muslim Brotherhood front group and], an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Hamas fundraising scheme; the anti-Israel group J Street [also funded by Soros]; the virulently anti-American and anti-Israel Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII) and many others. […]

And they’ve been busy.

The CNAPI organizations at that January 21, 2009 meeting, hosted at Norquist’s ATR headquarters [Americans for Tax Reform], made it a priority to stop American funding for Iranian resistance groups by “end[ing] the ‘Democracy Fund’ as we know it.”

They’ve also been successful.

The minutes of their March 18, 2009 meeting hosted—this time—by the George Soros Open Society Policy Center (an organization that has been instrumental in overthrowing governments across Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, including the last remaining Socialist government of Serbia in the Former Yugoslavia) announced that “Caroline Coberley, who formerly administered the ‘Democracy Fund’ had been removed from her post.”

In gloating terms, the minutes report “With no plans to replace her, this is basically the death knell of the ‘Democracy Fund’ as we know it”; in effect, they had helped bring about the end of “American funding of Iranian resistance groups”.

In a dramatic turnabout (a fact Iran and Soros worked assiduously, and successfully to obscure), Soros et al were suddenly in the business of “offing” – not a government, as is its forte— but an opposition movement.

And that was just for starters.

At this same meeting hosted by the Soros Open Society Policy Center, the members of the Campaign for a New Policy on Iran put into motion a campaign that could hardly have been more inspired or, given the history, more apropos.

Under item “5.” representatives from the Open Society Policy Center, Peace Action West, American Conservative Alliance, National Iranian American Council, Just Foreign Policy and other members of the coalition launched the: “send Hillary to Iran” Campaign. The minutes note that:

Hillary clinton - albright endorsement
“Just Foreign Policy
[A partner organization of the coalition] has contracted Tom Matzzie to design a campaign for engagement with Iran. The idea is to promote a broader “dialogue” agenda through a nationwide communications campaign, centered around the idea of “send Hillary to Iran” This effort will involve internet outreach, action alerts, blogs, a research component, a community component, and a PR campaign.”


One can only imagine the warm, enthusiastic reception the Secretary of State would receive from the families of Iranian dissidents arrested, tortured, run down, gunned down, raped, disappeared and executed by the theocratic junta in the brutal U.S. backed abortion of the “Green Revolution” in 2009 when she defends America’s seemingly uncharacteristic reluctance to support the Iranian resistance.

To be fair, Secretary Clinton, has already clarified the reasoning behind her less than neutral neutrality as concerned Iran’s Pro Democracy movement when she said,

“we, the United States, had to be very careful not to look like what was happening inside Iran was directed…by the United States.”

Oddly enough, Hillary—like Samantha Powers— was untroubled by such concerns when it came to launching American Tomahawk missiles at Libyan forces in a drive to overthrow Qaddafi.

The successful campaign to crush the Iranian opposition had reached the highest levels of the U.S. administration, the result of a highly coordinated effort led in part by Trita Parsi who, reportedly, serves as one of Hilary Clinton’s advisers on Iran.

Parsi is the president and founder of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC)— a partner organization of the pro-Tehran–Republican spawned–Soros funded Campaign for a New American Policy on Iran (CNAPI).

NIAC is also a long time recipient of “expedited” funding from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED)a sure indication that a group, and therefore its activities, have support from Washington.

Like CNAPI, NIAC’s lobbying efforts on behalf of the Iranian junta also enjoy funding from George Soros. In short, a pro-Iranian government lobbying group is being sponsored by U.S.

It should perhaps come as no surprise than that Trita Parsi’s reportedly railed that the Iranian regime and the United States have long yearned for open, less illicit relations, and would have them already were it not for Israel’s insufferable interference.

The positions Parsi advocates, even as he reportedly dines with Hillary, is called to the White House, takes the podium at the CIA, and champions what he sees as the unfairly maligned Iranian Revolutionary Guard are in virtual lockstep with those of Tehran—sometimes, as some have noted in the Iranian community, with obvious overlap even in the wording,

Perhaps in reward for his special “services” on the part of the Obama White House in crushing the democratic protests of the Persian people, Hillary quietly tapped the Iranian lobbyist to represent the United States Government on a state sponsored junket to Saudi Arabia. The alarm and outrage among Iranian Americans was palpable. An open letter of protest was sent to the Secretary of State by Pro Democracy Movement of Iran (PDMI):

The Honorable Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton,

On behalf of the Iranian-American community, I would like to express our outrage and disappointment on your decision to sponsor, Trita Parsi, President of National Iranian-American Council (NIAC), a known lobbyist for the Islamic Republic of Iran and currently under investigation for alleged embezzlement of federal funds, to speak and share his expertise on US-Iranian relations and Iranian politics in Saudi Arabia.

Trita Parsi is not even a U.S. Citizen who is sent by your department to represent America’s interests using tax payers’ money. Mr. Parsi is disliked by the majority of Iranian-American community and general consensus is that he is a “non-registered foreign agent” representing the interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran and is shunned in Iranian-American circles. Mr. Parsi represents an anti-Semitic and anti-Israel agenda cloaked in dialogue and diplomacy.

Law enforcement experts who have reviewed some of NIAC’s internal document released as a result of a lawsuit, offer evidence that the NIAC has operated as an undeclared lobby and may be guilty of violating tax laws, the Foreign Agents Registration Act and lobbying disclosure laws.

Parsi has been the leading lobbyist in America for the Islamic (non)Republic regime and, at least until last year’s election, was also an apologist for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

He has been opposed to US sanctions against the Islamic Republic and by such definition is an outspoken opponent of your own foreign policy toward Iran. This is yet another example of many duplicitous and short-sighted policies of the State Department under your leadership and President Obama’s administration. We urgently demand an explanation for the wisdom behind sending such a questionable character with known affiliations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, a regime which your own State Department has classified as a “state sponsor of terrorism” and a threat to America’s national security.

Incredibly, the violent crackdown on Iranian protesters in 2009 continues to be widely extolled by many on the “Left”, joined by an assortment of Libertarians of the Ron Paul ilk, as an heroic effort of a small nation to successfully withstand yet another U.S. engineered coup, lauding the same regime who tortured and executed thousands of Iranian leftist dissidents and worked hand in glove with the Clinton White House to destroy Yugoslavia (while simultaneously being exalted by a Nazi General who served as Hitler’s former body guard) as the beleaguered champion of the Muslim world, actively promoting Iran as a courageous, anti-imperialist underdog, perpetuating the perverse fiction of Iran’s “defiance” of western “imperialism” in a deadly, geopolitical confidence game gone global.