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Operation “TEUTONIC SWORD” – GERMANY RESPONSIBLE FOR ASSASSINATION OF YUGOSLAV – SERBIAN KING ALEXANDER………Nazi German Officer EXPOSED for Organizing Murder, Promoted to Commander-in-Chief of the NATO Ground Forces for Central Europe

“…in 1934, Captain Hans Speidel, as an assistant to the German military attaché in Paris, carried out the super-secret operation “Teutonic Sword” on Goering’s orders. The goal of this endeavor is to organize the assassination of the Yugoslav king…”


King Alexander Assasination NYTs 1934


ENCOUNTERING HISTORY – WAR CRIMINALS AS FIGHTERS FOR PEACE IN EUROPE: How the Americans hired Nazi officers in the Western Alliance

Ivan Miladinović 15. 05. 2022. at 15:22
EVERY major historical event, which has caused international upheavals, is subject to different interpretations at different times. And that is exactly what happened in East Berlin, on May 23, 1957, when an unusual text appeared on the front pages of the morning edition of the New Germany newspaper. East Germans, almost 23 years after the assassination of King Alexander in Marseilles (October 9, 1934), are reopening this, so to speak, forgotten page of history
The essence of this newspaper article was in the claim that in 1934, Captain Hans Speidel, as an assistant to the German military attaché in Paris, carried out the super-secret operation “Teutonic Sword” on Goering’s orders. The goal of this endeavor is to organize the assassination of the Yugoslav king, an operation in which the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Louis Barthou, was also killed. The whole operation, writes the journalist of “New Germany”, was organized by Speidel, with the help of his agents who closely followed all measures to secure the king’s visit to France and thus enabled the Ustashas [Croatian Fascists] and VMRO to carry out the assassination. No traces or memories of contemporaries have been preserved about the immediate effect of this text. What is it that has intrigued the East German services so much that they suddenly want to solve the “Marseilles knot”, that only after more than two decades, they discover who was behind the liquidation of the Yugoslav sovereign?
THE GOAL of the complete action on the east side of the Berlin Wall was Hans Speidel. A former captain and assistant attaché from Paris, he meanwhile became a West German lieutenant general, and in April 1957 became commander-in-chief of NATO’s ground forces for Central Europe, based in Fontainebleau, France.
Before his dizzying post-war career in West Germany and NATO, Speidel will achieve an enviable rise in Hitler’s army. He was a general and chief of several staffs. His short biography would look like this: “As a graduate, he volunteered for the army during the First World War. In the period 1933-1935, he was an assistant to the German military attaché in Paris. During the Spanish Civil War, he was appointed military attaché. trained the saboteurs of the Frankish army. Hans Speidel and General Rommel in 1944. War career: 1940 – Chief of Staff of the Military Commander in Paris (under German occupation); 1941 – promoted to the rank of colonel; 1942 – Chief of Staff of the 5th Army Corps on the Eastern Front; 1943 – Major General; 1944 – Chief of the General Staff of Army Group B. Post-war career: Since 1950 – military adviser to Chancellor Adenauer; 1954-1955 – representative of the Federal Republic of Germany in talks on its accession to NATO; 1955 – Lieutenant General of the Bundeswehr; 1957-1963 – Commander-in-Chief of the NATO Ground Forces for Central Europe, based in Fontainebleau, France. 1964 – retires and becomes president of the Science and Politics Foundation. In 1977, he published a memoir, entitled “From Our Time”.
The East Germans accused him, in addition to organizing the assassination in Marseilles, of the following war crimes: against the civilian population in occupied France; Organization of “scorched earth” tactics in the occupied Soviet territory. Under his command, fires, destroyed factories, bridges, hospitals, schools and railway stations remained in the Voronezh, Belgrade, Kharkov and Kirovograd regions. Terrible crimes against the civilian population were also recorded … LIKE this four-star general, many Nazis who supported the German regime and Nazi satellite creations in Europe in carrying out the Holocaust, crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity have never been tried for killing Jews, Poles, Greeks, Russians, Serbs and others. European nations, have already been appointed to leading positions in the Alliance, the West German government, the army, society …
One of the biggest beasts among them was Adolf Heusinger, during the war from 1940 to 1944, Hitler’s chief of the Operational Department, ie the General Staff. He actively participated in the planning of the invasions of the Third Reich on Poland, Norway, Denmark, France and, of course, Yugoslavia. He was the third man in the Nazi hierarchy when it comes to planning and strategy. However, after the war, this criminal, whose strategic interventions in several European countries led to the death of millions of people, has not been tried. On the contrary, he became the leader of the newly formed army of West Germany – the Bundeswehr, and finally in 1961 he was appointed chairman of the NATO Military Committee. In other words, he actually performed the duty of the Chief of the General Staff. He remained in this position until 1964.
Unfortunately, in addition to Speidel and Heusinger, there is a long list of German Nazis and war criminals who continued their careers in the West German Army or the Military Alliance after 1945. Such is the case with Johannes Steinhof, the war pilot of Goering’s “Luftwaffe” and the bearer of the Iron Knight’s Cross – the most valuable decoration in the Nazi Wehrmacht. Like Adolf Heusinger, he became chairman of the NATO Military Committee. He held this position from 1971 to 1974. He previously held lower positions in the Alliance. On this occasion, we will mention only those Nazis who held command positions. Count Johann Adolf Count von Kielmanseg was an officer in the General Staff of the Wehrmacht High Command from 1942 to 1944 during World War I

The assassination of the “The most threatened man in Europe” King Alexander I of Yugoslavia by Croat Terrorist (1934) – Historic film footage and reporting

“At the termination of the World War, Alexander brought about a political union creating a powerful and resourceful State. This was hailed with joy by all the Slavs of the Balkans, but it took time before the people found themselves in the new conditions. […]

It was the Serbians who fought the battles for freedom and the price of liberty was paid in Serbian blood. All true Croatians and Slovenes remember that gratefully. They also know that the Serbians have an unequaled aptitude and experience in warfare and are best qualified to direct the forces of the country in a crisis.

Ever since united Yugoslavia came into being through Alexander’s efforts, political enemies have done all they could to disrupt it by sowing seeds of discord and disseminating malicious reports. […]
Alexander will live long in the memory of his people, a heroic figure of imposing stature, both the Washington and Lincoln of the Yugoslavs; like Washington an able and intrepid general who freed his country from oppression; like Lincoln a wise and patriotic leader who suffered martyrdom.”

Nikola Tesla, New York, Oct. 19, 1934 Continue reading

GERMANY’S GENOCIDAL SERBIAN “OBSESSION” – – – “Serbian resistance contributed to German defeat… These people were to be punished.” | Retired Brigadier-General Pierre Marie Gallois attended Germany’s secret meetings in the 1970s plotting Yugoslavia’s destruction and Serbia’s annihilation

“It should be noted that the dismemberment of Yugoslavia was an operation long prepared in Germany…

So, Berlin, at the time it was Bonn, thought that Serbian resistance contributed to German defeat in world wars. These people were to be punished.

Secondly, the next German idea was to reward Croats and Muslims who joined Germany and occupied certain positions in France during the war, to thank them because they chose German side…

[W]e today reflect upon with great sorrow because the Western world demonstrated it capability of utter perversions in order to conform to a German obsession…”

Brigadier-General Pierre Marie Gallois

Continue reading

OPERATION HALYARD | “what little I might be able to do would not even pay the interest on my debt to the Serbian people” | John E. Scroogs, First Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Corps

” Unfortunately those of us who lived with these people are few and far between, but believe you me, never will we forget how the men and women of Serbia unquestioningly risked their very lives for us, clothed us, and gave us shelter when they themselves were ill-clad, cold and hungry… I vowed to myself that if I could ever possibly begin to replay these people for all they had done for me, I wouldn’t hesitate to do so. Unfortunately, what little I might be able to do would not even pay the interest on my debt to the Serbian people. I suffer with them in their present plight, and in the injustice rendered to them by the American press as well as the American and British Governments.”

Letter of John E. Scroogs, First Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Corps, Wyandotte St., Kansas City, Mo. Continue reading

NATO’s secret Nazi past. | DISPROPAGANDA
Deutschland / genocide / Germany / Holocaust / NATO

NATO’s secret Nazi past. | DISPROPAGANDA

“For decades former Nazis and German war criminals served at the highest echelons of NATO.

Most of them were highly decorated Nazis, who later served in top positions in the Western German army, and were later promoted to serve as Commander and Chief of all NATO forces in Europe.

This was not a unique event, but a very common phenomenon in post WW2 western Europe and especially in Western Germany.” Continue reading

SVAKI veliki istorijski događaj, koji je izazvao međunarodne potrese, podložan je u različitim vremenima različitim tumačenjima. I upravo to se dogodilo u Istočnom Berlinu, 23. maja 1957, kada se u jutarnjem izdanju lista “Nova Nemačka”, na prednjim stranama, pojavio jedan neobičan tekst. Istočni Nemci, gotovo 23 godine posle ubistva kralja Aleksandra u Marselju (9. oktobra 1934), ponovo otvaraju ovu, takoreći, zaboravljenu stranicu istorije.

СУСРЕТ СА ИСТОРИЈОМ - РАТНИ ЗЛОЧИНЦИ КАО БОРЦИ ЗА МИР У ЕВРОПИ: Како су Американци ангажовали нацистичке официре у западној алијанси


Adolf Hojzinger, levo od Hitlera, 1942. godine

Suština ovog novinskog štiva bila je u tvrdnji da je kapetan Hans Špajdel 1934. kao pomoćnik nemačkog vojnog atašea u Parizu, po Geringovom naređenju izveo supertajnu operaciju “Tevtonski mač”. Cilj ovog poduhvata je spomenuti atentat na jugoslovenskog kralja, operacija u kojoj je stradao i francuski ministar inostranih poslova Luj Bartu. Celu operaciju, piše novinar “Nove Nemačke”, organizovao je Špajdel, uz pomoć svojih agenata koji su do tančina pratili sve mere obezbeđenja kraljeve posete Francuskoj i na taj način omogućili ustašama i VMRO da izvrše atentat.

O neposrednom efektu ovog teksta nisu sačuvani tragovi ni sećanja savremenika. Šta je to što je istočnonemačke službe toliko zaintrigiralo da najednom hoće da razreše “marseljski čvor”, da tek posle više od dve decenije, otkrivaju ko je bio u pozadini likvidacije jugoslovenskog suverena?

Udarne vesti




CILJ kompletne akcije sa istočne strane Berlinskog zida bio je Hans Špajdel. Nekadašnji kapetan i pomoćnik atašea iz Pariza, u međuvremenu je postao zapadnonemački general-lajtnant, i u aprilu 1957. godine postao glavnokomandujući kopnenih snaga NATO za srednju Evropu sa sedištem u Fontenblou u Francuskoj. Špajdel će, pre vrtoglave posleratne karijere u Zapadnoj Nemačkoj i u NATO, ostvariti zavidan uspon u Hitlerovoj vojsci. Bio je general i načelnik nekoliko štabova. NJegova kratka biografija bi ovako izgedala: “Kao maturant, za vreme Prvog svetskog rata stupa dobrovoljno u vojsku. U periodu 1933-1935. pomoćnik je nemačkog vojnog atašea u Parizu. Za vreme građanskog rata u Španiji imenovan je za vojnog atašea gde je pored obaveštajnih poslova obučavao diverzante Frankove armije.


Hans Špajdel i general Romel 1944.

Ratna karijera: 1940 – načelnik štaba Vojnog zapovednika u Parizu (pod nemačkom okupacijom); 1941 – unapređen u čin pukovnika; 1942 – načelnik Generalštaba 5. Armijskog korpusa na Istočnom frontu; 1943 – general-major; 1944 – načelnik Generalštaba Armijske grupe B.

Posleratna karijera: Od 1950. – vojni savetnik kancelara Adenauera; 1954-1955-predstavnik SR Nemačke u razgovorima o njenom stupanju u NATO; 1955 – general-lajtnant Bundesvera; 1957-1963 – glavnokomandujući Kopnenih snaga NATO za Srednju Evropu, sa sedištem u Fontenblou, Francuska. 1964 – odlazi u penziju i postaje predsednik Fondacije Nauka i politika. Godine 1977. objavljuje memoare, pod naslovom “Iz našeg vremena”.

Istočni Nemci su ga optužili, pored organizovanja atentata u Marselju, za sledeće ratne zločine: protiv civilnog stanovništva u okupiranoj Francuskoj; Organizacija taktike “spržena zemlja” na okupiranoj sovjetskoj teritoriji. Pod njegovom komandom u Voronješkoj, Belogradskoj, Harkovskoj i Kirovogradskoj oblasti ostala su zgarišta, porušene fabrike, mostovi, bolnici, školi i železničke stanice. Zabeleženi su i strašni zločini nad civilnim stanovništvom…

POPUT ovog generala “sa četiri zvezdice”, mnogim nacistima koji su podržavali režim u Nemačkoj i nacističke satelitske tvorevine u Evropi u sprovođenju holokausta, zločina genocida i zločina protiv čovečnosti, nikada nije suđeno za ubijanje Jevreja, Poljaka, Grka, Rusa, Srba i drugih evropskih naroda, već su postavljani na čelne položaje u Alijansi, zapadnonemačkoj vladi, vojsci, društvu…

Jedna od krupnijih zverki među njima bio je Adolf Hojzinger, za vreme rata od 1940. do 1944. godine Hitlerov načelnik Operativnog odeljenja, odnosno Generalštaba. Aktivno je učestvovao u planiranjima invazija Trećeg rajha na Poljsku, Norvešku, Dansku, Francusku i, naravno, Jugoslaviju. Bio je treći čovek u nacističkoj hijerarhiji kada je reč o planiranju i strategiji. Međutim, nakon rata ovom zločincu, čiji su strateški zahvati u nekoliko evropskih zemalja doveli do smrti miliona ljudi, nije suđeno. Naprotiv, postao je čelni čovek novosnovane vojske Zapadne Nemačke – Bundesvera, da bi konačno 1961. bio imenovan za predsedavajućeg Vojnog komiteta NATO. Drugim rečima, faktički je obavljao dužnost načelnika Generalštaba. Na ovom položaju je ostao do 1964.

Na žalost, pored Špajdela i Hojzingera, poduži je spisak nemačkih nacista i ratnih zločinaca koji su posle 1945. nastavili karijeru u Zapadnoj Nemačkoj vojsci ili u vojnoj Alijansi. Takav je slučaj i sa Johanesom Štajnhofom, ratnim pilotom Geringove “Luftvafe” i nosicem Gvozdenog viteškog krsta – najvrednijeg odlikovanja u nacističkom Vermahtu. I on je, poput Adolfa Hojzingera, postao predsedavajući Vojnog komiteta NATO. Ovu dužnost je obavljao od 1971. do 1974. Prethodno je bio na nižim položajima u Alijansi.

Ovom prilikom spomenućemo samo one naciste koji su zauzimali komandne položaje. Grof Johan Adolf Graf fon Kielmanseg je u Drugom svetskom ratu bio oficir Generalštaba Vrhovne komande Vermahta od 1942. do 1944. da bi kasnije u okvirima NATO struktura postao glavni komandant za centralnu Evropu, 1967. i 1968. Major Vermahta Ernst Ferber i šef grupe organizacionog odeljenja Vrhovne komande Vermahta 1943.-1945, nosilac Vermahtovog Gvozdenog krsta Prvog reda, u NATO je bio isto kao i grof Johan Adolf Graf, ali pet godina kasnije, od 1973-1975. Na ovom istom komandnom mestu Ernsta Ferbera su nasledili i bivši nemački nacisti Vermahta Karl Šnel 1975-1977. (nosilac Gvozdenog krsta Drugog reda, komandant baterije na Zapadnom frontu 1940. i načelnik štaba 74. Pancer korpusa 1944.), Franc Jozef Šulce 1977-1979. (nosilac Gvozdenog viteškog krsta 1944.) i Ferdinand fon Zenger Eterlin 1979-1983. (poručnik 24. Pancer divizije nemačke 6. armije, učesnik Staljingradske bitke, ađutant Vrhovne komande Vermahta i nosilac zlatnog Nemačkog krsta).


Rajnhard Gelen kao direktor BND

U PROLEĆE 1945, dok se rušio Treći rajh, Amerikancima se predao nacistički general Rajnhard Gelen koji je bio je zadužen za Rusiju u vrhovnom štabu Adolfa Hitlera. On je organizovao brojne obaveštajne operacije u istočnoj Evropi i SSSR. Bio je savetnik u projektima istrebljenja Jevreja i Slovena. U strahu da bi Rusi, koji su tragali za Gelenom kako bi namirili stare račune, mogli saznati za činjenicu da je on u američkim rukama, vojska je odlučila da ga pošalje u Vašington na produženo isleđivanje. Gelenu je verovatno bilo zabavno što su ga Amerikanci obukli u uniformu američkog generala dok su ga krišom ukrcavali u avion u pokušaju da ne privuku pažnju sovjetskih agenata. Pokrovitelj Gelena bio je lično budući direktor CIA Alen Dals. Postavljen je na čelo odeljenja CIA za Rusiju, pa je tako nastavio da radi posao koji je započeo kod Hitlera. Promenio je samo uniformu. Međutim, ono što je najznačajnije, Rajnhard Gelen je po povratku u Nemačku svoje bliske saradnike naciste preporučio Amerikancima, među kojima su bili i već pobrojan komandni kadar u Glavnom štabu NATO u Evropi.

Dr Ebarharta Tauberta, koji je za vreme Drugog svetskog rata bio jedna od glavnih poluga Hitlerove antisemitske propagande, pravio je filmove u kojima su satanizovani Jevreji i bio je jedan od glavnih promotera zakona kojim je nametnuta obaveza Jevrejima da nose žute trake, Gelen je angažovao da radi za američku obaveštajnu službu. Nedugo zatim Taubert postaje savetnik Francu Jozefu Štrausu, nemačkom ministru odbrane, takođe bivšem nacisti. Iz Ministarstva odbrane Taubert prelazi u novu vojnu alijansu gde postaje savetnik u Odeljenju za psihološko ratovanje.

General Rajnhard Gelen, savetnik za istrebljenje Jevreja i Slovena je postavljen za direktora Nemačke obaveštajne agencije – BND. I to će biti sve do 1968. godine.


Šef nemačkih obaveštajnih službi Hajnrih Himler

Zahvaljujući SAD, nacisti tako bivaju pokretačka mašina NATO i CIA i postaju borci za mir i slobodu u Evropi! Amerika i Severnoatlantski savez pružili su priliku nacistima za “drugi” nezasluženi život i otvorili im put da Zapad oblikuju prema svojoj izopačenoj ideologiji.


PRE neku godinu Tanjug je preneo vest “Bilda” da je Gudrun Burvic, ćerka šefa nacističkih Zaštitnih odreda (SS) Hajnriha Himlera kratko radila u nemačkoj obaveštajnoj službi nakon Drugog svetskog rata. Nemački list je objavio da je Burvicova, koja je nosila muževljevo prezime, radila u BND kao sekretarica. Navodi se da je to bilo u vreme kad je službu vodio Rajnhard Gelen. Himlerova ćerka, koja je umrla u 89. godini, nikada se nije odrekla nacističke ideologije i nikada se nije distancirala od očevih zločina.

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